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Feb. 19th, 2009


Couples in the park (Everyone - Cupid)

The day was crisp and clear. Only a slight warm breeze made the leaves of the trees move, making the dappled light on the ground below shimmer and dance. Playing shadows over the faces of the playing children and the walking couples in the area.

The Valentine's day spirit had taken up residence in many, and was showing thusly in the store windows. Nobody had yet taken down their decorations. The sales for jewelry and candy went on, with the hope that more would be bought and lavished upon those who were loved and loving.

There was a man carrying balloons for sale. A woman carrying a basket of assorted flowers that never seemed to empty, no matter how many of her beautiful wares were bought. Another man pushing an ice cream cart, and a lady in a colorful outfit giving out free cotton candy and selling roasted nuts. There were performers of every sort. People on stilts, people juggling. A fire breather, yes, right in the middle of it all, carefully showing what she could do. A belly dancer dancing around in a circle, a sword swallower doing his thing in the middle of that circle. It was almost like a circus, this show for the lovers.

It seemed as if everything was greener. The sky bluer. The flowers more radiant and filled with scent. The water of the lake clearer, with paddle boats and row boats gliding over it's surface easily. The birds sang sweeter. All was perfect.

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Feb. 14th, 2009


Much more than meets the eye(Claire/Cupid Challenge)

After the kind and gracious assistance of the gentleman Wash, Much was back on his way out. The chill had nearly left he air and he was feeling all the better for it! Freshly bathed, a 'shower!' what a magnificent device, letting one stand and rinse so efficiently. Still it was not the relaxing soak of a bath but it was refreshing indeed! But such wonders as he had been shown would have to take second to his priority, he had to know if his Master was here.

Robin was his first and foremost concern and if he was here in this City, as Wash had informed him it was called, then he had to find him. So now with the absence of snow, a full belly and a good bit more knowledge of the place than he had, had before Much set out into The City!

He strode into the towering sight of this place with no fear, ok well perhaps some. He was after all quite used to living as an outlaw for these past ears and that tended to make one rather cautious. But he kept his mind focused as he walked, his garb getting him more than a passing strange glance. He had also been educated that people of this place were from many times and what was the norm for him might well be freakish for others.

He would persevere! He would. And perhaps get some lunch.

Feb. 3rd, 2009


Out for a walk [Open to anyone]

Claire was glad that the whole snow ordeal was over. She didn't particularly like it, though without the experience she probably wouldn't have met Dexter, who seemed to be in a way just as fucked up as Claire herself was. She wondered if she'd see him around again. There was just something about him, Claire didn't know what, but he was different. He tried to hide it, but he was.

Just like Claire. Claire was different, and as much as she tried to hide it, she couldn't. But in this place, it seemed a lot of people were different, so maybe she would be okay here. She had just decided to take a walk, she didn't have much to worry about. What could harm an invincible girl? Maybe there were people here in this City that might need help. Claire wanted to help people, she suspected that she got that mostly from Peter. Nevertheless, people might need it and Claire was here to provide it if she could.

Jan. 14th, 2009


Anyone for Attack of the Ant People? [Snowed in]

(For Dexter, Ace, Dean, Claire, Venkman, Firekeeper, Logan E.)

It'd been fun for a little while. Traipsing through the snow. It became a little more difficult as the snow kept coming; it simply wasn't physically possible for this much snow to drop like that. And, when she noticed the dog fighting to get free of what had to have been a little old lady now turned lump of ice and snow, Fred decided it was time to get inside. Well, only after trying to free the little dog from its frozen mistress, which didn't work out so well, seeing as the damn dog tried to bite her rather than let her help.

Fred didn't want to leave the little yapper out in the snow, now falling in clumps, but she couldn't stay out in it either. No, she started looking for some place that was still open and could take her. Unfortunately, the only place she found that still had its doors open, figuratively speaking, was an old movie house. Actually, Fred didn't mind it; she remembered her mom and dad talking about places like this, and she supposed it could have been a lot worse. She even giggled at the posters hanging up; yeah, it could have been a lot worse.

She didn't seem anyone around quite yet, and supposing that concessions weren't open, she settled down on one of the velvet like couches in the theatre's lobby - sure, it'd seen much better days, dust rising as she sat, but there was something reassuring about a place this old still standing. Plus, the place was a lot warmer than it was outside. She just hoped she wasn't about to be all alone, or maybe that wouldn't have been a bad thing. She'd done alone in bad times before...

Jan. 4th, 2009


The cheerleader arrives, open to anyone.

Claire was confused, she didn't know what was going on. It was entirely possible that she'd zoned out. She had a lot on her mind, what with Meredith being gone now and all. She had even more reason to want to hurt Sylar now. He'd killed her mother. Her biological mother. She'd never even gotten to know Meredith, and now she never would. Yes, she was grieving, but there had to be more.

She was not where she'd been before and everyone that had been with her was gone. Claire was alone right now. Alone, but she wasn't scared. She was more than confused, but she wasn't scared. She didn't need to be scared, right? She was invincible.

Still, she needed to know where she was and what was happening. How had she even gotten here? And where exactly was here?

Claire wasn't sure what to do next, maybe find someone with some answers. She knew one thing though, if Sylar ever showed up here, she would make him pay for what he did to Meredith.