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September 23rd, 2011

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Clean up (Dean)

Dinah had spent the day after the storm scouring the City for those who needed help. The storm had absolutely devastated some buildings. The City was in poor shape and she briefly wondered how something that could move streets around and generate buildings out of thin air wouldn't have been able to reform those buildings once they were damaged.

Unless the City didn't want to reform the buildings, she supposed. Or unless... the storm had just felt wrong. Powerful and even magic, perhaps?

Dinah wasn't sure, but she knew that everywhere she looked there was damage.

She had left messages for those she cared about, hoping to hear back from them and make sure they were all okay. She had even left a message for Harry. They might not have been on speaking terms, but she still wanted to know he'd survived the storm.

As she was winding up the day, Dinah found the Sherwood Florist. She hadn't had much time to think about the shop or wonder about how it had fared during the storm. If she had, she supposed she should have expected this.

All the same, it was like someone had punched her in the stomach when she came upon her shop. The building itself was still intact, which was something. All of the windows had been blown out though, and winds had ravaged the inside of the shop. Glass display cases were shattered, wilting flowers were everywhere.

She'd seen worse damage, she had to remind herself. The first Sherwood Florist had burned to the ground. Back then, she hadn't had the financing to rebuild it.

It would be better this time, she promised herself. It was just a temporary setback, and she'd rebuild and it would be better than ever. Perhaps she was thinking about more than just the flower shop with that.