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November 14th, 2008

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She is - for lack of a better set of words - David's fag hag. Just a girl he can hang out with that's easy going, not overbearing, and likes to listen to him talk about everything. Someone he's known for a long time preferably. I don't really care what age or PB so long as she's clever, upbeat, has a good heart and is willing to talk about anything and everything.


David's band - Spinning Plates (ie: Radiohead) - consists of four other members aside from him. I'd really like to keep the PBs the same as the real life band for photo shoots and videos and the like, but names/backgrounds/personalities don't matter so much.

1. Harmony Guitar/Back-Up Vocals - Picture

2. Lead Guitar/Keyboardist - Picture

3. Bassist - Picture

4. Drummer - Picture <-- This is debatable. You can change the PB if you like. :)


October 3rd, 2008

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Need character and storyline ideas? Here are a few you can use. Comment this post if you want to take one.

The Oops

: This girl is a huge star in the celebrity world and she's engaged to another celebrity who is also really big. She likes him, he's a nice guy, but she wouldn't exactly call them soul mates. This has caused her eyes to wander and stray and in doing so she found interest in another man. After doing the deed, however long later, she finds herself pregnant with his child. The problem is, she's supposed to be engaged, and to be married sooner or later to her appointed fiance. The additional problem to this is that she has never once been intimate with her chosen mate, so there is no way to explain the unwanted pregnancy on him, especially with his talks of a pure, true, white wedding. Something that she is trying to convince him of otherwise so that she can get her pregnancy explained without getting into even MORE trouble. She wouldn't feel so bad if her fiance wasn't so incredibly devoted to being with her. She feels as though she's kicked a puppy, but she can't help the lack of chemistry between them. Or rather, she'd much prefer to deny the idea of chemistry between them to justify her actions further.

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Band Mates

: This one is pretty self explanatory. I'm thinking about 1 other guy and 1-2 girls to be in the group with Page. Whether or not they get along is completely up to natural chemistry. They should be somewhat close to his age.


: The people that raised Page. 'Nough said I think. They're not his real parents, but his adopted ones. Page was orphaned as an infant and has never known anything of his real family. he knows he's adopted, and he has no desire to really learn of where he came from.

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