Apr. 29th, 2009


Buying shoes for walking

A good pair of sneaks can be your best friend. When purchasing shoes take your time and shop around. While not like buying a car or something consider several things:

What are your walking habits? Do you like a treadmill or hiking in the woods? A paved park? If you like hiking go for hikers and I like to recommend hitops for those who may need a little more ankle support like I do. Low tops are fine for a treadmill walker or the park.

How long do you typically walk? You want good arch support! I cannot stress this enough. If you walk 4 or more miles at a time, buy an additional arch support to put in your shoes. Your arches will thank you for it!

What other forms of exercise do you like to do? I personally like any exercise I can do berefood, hence my love for bellydance and Indian folk dance. If you like to do cardio, jazzercise (yeah, it's still around), then maybe cross trainers would be better for you.

I'm huge for bargins but in this, don't be afraid to pay more. I'll spend $10 to $15 bucks on a pair of sandels for heels for work or play but my sneaks I will pay top dollar for. They'll last you longer and protect your feet better.

Happy walking!