Jul. 6th, 2009


My inspiration

The hot weather has kept me in. However, on my days off, Elora really *does* need to get outdoors and frankly so do I. I plan to do set a goal of 3 miles on Friday at Rhodes Jordan Park and treat us to a nice swim afterwards. Setting a reward for us will be our incentive to get out there.

Now in between times, I do the equivalent of 2 miles on an indoor walking exercise video. It takes 30 minutes. I like it. It's a Leslie Sansone Video package where I got 3 different ones for $20. One is a 2 mile walk, one is toning and one is muscle building. All involve indoor/livingroom/walking.

Also alternating w/ 30 minutes Shimmy episodes. Gotta brush up on my basic moves for dance class!