April 25th, 2009

[info]chimerawinds in [info]walkingcity

Where did you walk today?

Was it the mall, the park, the neighborhood?

We walked in downtown Duluth, GA for the MARCH OF DIMES! 4 miles! We feel great! I had been away from walking but now the weather is nice. Time to form those walking groups! I'm going to see if a friend from school wants to walk with me. OH, yay....I'm a collge student now! LOL

I hope to create a student club for walkers and enviromentals! We'll see how it goes.

Happy walking!

I now have the internet at home, finally! I'll be on nightly to check on the community and participate more. As a matter of fact, I'll be posting topics that will include walking resource web pages, I'll be posting about safety while walking (hydration, etc) and how to buy proper shoes. I heard so many folks complain about ankle pain today and I bet they had the wrong kind of sneakers. Yeppers, not all footcovers (as my DH calls shoes) are created equal.

Blessed Be and happy walking!