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Mar. 5th, 2010


Free time in Tampa!

Who: Adrenalite kids (OPEN)
When: Sunday night
Where: Tampa
Content: SFW
What: Enjoying the break.

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Mar. 1st, 2010



Feb. 28th, 2010


Who: Vocal Adrenaline
What: Absolutely Tampastic First Performance!

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Feb. 27th, 2010


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Feb. 21st, 2010


Regionals Log

Who: Vocal Adrenaline
When: Saturday
Where: An auditorium

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Feb. 19th, 2010


Extra Training

Who: Lucy Coase, Dominic
When: Thursday, fifth period
Where: Rehearsal room
What: Extra vocal training. SFW.

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Feb. 16th, 2010


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Feb. 11th, 2010


Who: Katie, open.
Where: Auditorium.
When: Friday after school.
Content: SFW.
Summary: Taking a little extra rehearsal time.

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Valentine's Dance

Who: Amberleigh, Madeline, Phoebe, open
When: Saturday Night
Where: School gym, then Amberleigh's home
Content: Work safe for now (warning for alcohol use and possibly suggestive themes)
Summary: Let's party like it's 2009.

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Feb. 10th, 2010


Putting in some extra effort

Who: Dominic and Charlotte
When: Tuesday, third period
Where: One of the smaller rehearsal rooms
Content: SFW
Summary: Mutual coaching

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Feb. 9th, 2010


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tuesday, lunch time

Who: Irena & Open
Where: Cafeteria
When: Tuesday, lunch time
Content: SFW
Summary: Irena is sitting alone at lunch. Anyone brave enough to approach?

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Feb. 8th, 2010


Who: Cat, open.
Where: Jenny's Cafe.
When: Monday night, after rehearsal.
Content: SFW.
Summary: Cat is on the waitstaff, just like any other night.

Feb. 6th, 2010


Who: Luke, teacherfolk
Where: Teacher's Lounge
When: Friday during the day
Content: No Adult Content/Worksafe
Summary: Just another break from class...

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Jan. 31st, 2010


Girl Chat

Who: Amberleigh, Madeline
Where: Their respective houses/on the phone
When: Sunday evening
Content: No Adult Content/Worksafe
Summary: Just a little, "harmless" girl chat.

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Sunday Vocal Rehearsal

Who: Dominic, open
Where: Auditorium
When: Sunday, just before vocal rehearsal at noon
Content: Just socializing

It's the weekend- there's rehearsal. Just like any other day... )

Jan. 25th, 2010


Hanging Out Before Practice

Who: Michael, Cookie, Dominic
Where: Auditorium
When: Monday, after school and before dance practice
Content: Some of the Vocal Adrenaline members decide to take it easy before the stress of dance practice.
Summary: No Adult Content/Work Safe

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Dec. 26th, 2009



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