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Caeleste Mods [userpic]

I doubt any one would read this, but I am taking some things down from the geography section that I wrote. Things that are mainly for the Free Cities. I'd like to use them in something else. I'll leave the markers up.

Maybe some time down the road when I'm feeling more nostalgic, I will finish doing the memories. I won't delete this place any time soon. I never really stopped loving it.

Thank you all for writing with me.

Posting to say that I quit. This game used to be fun, now it's not, on account of people repeatedly taking three weeks to reply to posts.

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

I know we are at somewhat of a standstill right now and I am certainly not going to pressure anyone to post, since I disappeared for a bit myself. I am, however, updating today where I can not write more in hopes of inspiring some more activity.

- Tags in the main community are updated.

- The memories for A Ruined Way and Close to Home are current. I am working on The Heir right now.

- I have revamped the tiny description of the Rider's Castel in the Simanel section of Geography to be more detailed than before. If you have anything that you would like to add, please let me know through email or by posting in comments below.

As always, any questions or concerns can be sent to my private email or to the mod email. I still regularly check both.

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
New Character

Ali will be picking up Bébhinn Haarthen, a Sylvan Elf, after many months of laboring over her application. :P Her journal is here so please make sure you friend it. I was too lazy to add her to the cast list tonight. I might do it this weekend.



Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Post

I replaced the banners for the communities and info in Caeleste and Adusta, if you haven't noticed yet. I tried to make them as pretty as I could.

I will try to knock out some memories this weekend. We've racked up a lot of posts since the last time I did it. Thank you for keeping up on your tags! I appreciate it greatly.

Caeleste Mods [userpic]

Forgive the lack of the Caeleste banners, I'm not really sure what happened! But I will work on new ones when I get back from vacation, I guess?

Keep writing awesome stuff! :D

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

I finally posted a geography profile for Charisat. I will eventually fill in the other holes.

Eventually. >.>

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

I am officially back from October @ Party City. I will begin doing memories and tags again as soon as I settle in. You guys have finished another month of awesome posts, by the way! I have been catching up on all of my reading and love what you're writing.

Celebratory unicorn picture!


Just thought I'd share because it amused me so.

[00:35] coffeecandyrush: damn he was fast
[00:35] AliciaApricot: who
[00:35] coffeecandyrush: bryce
[00:35] coffeecandyrush: you are tagged
[00:35] AliciaApricot: NO
[00:35] coffeecandyrush: yep
[00:35] coffeecandyrush: lol
[00:35] AliciaApricot: no no nooo
[00:36] AliciaApricot: augh

Blame it on Fae


Caeleste Mods [userpic]

If you are currently involved in Where Stars Go, then just know that there is a limit on the time you get to post. You have 24 HRS from the last post to put yours up. Otherwise you will be skipped.

This is being done to move things along. And yes, I am crazy. And yes, you can say so.

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

1) We have two new additions to the game. Petra Fortis, an Immortal alchemist by Ali, and Adward Sharaf, an Immortal tracker guy by Bryce. You can add them to the friends list of your character journal by using our lofly F-List Button.

2) I finished memories for A Ruined Way, Chosen and The Heir. Slowly, but surely, I am getting everyone's story lines put in there.

3) If I have slacked off in tags, or anything else, please just let me know! I have missed a couple of things and appreciate the help spotting them. I am an absent-minded mod.


Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

There has been a new country, Perava, added to the Geography section and the game map has been updated (thank you Bryce and your Photoshop too).

The Crew page has been updated with nice, shiny coding from Jan (who is doing nice things for me lately...I hope she doesn't want monies >.>).

The F-list was also updated, I just neglected to tell anyone. :D

There will hopefully be another addition or two to the Geography section tomorrow, as well as some more memories. I have been graced with a long weekend and have dedicated a lot of it to our lofly game and video games. <3

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

I have been asked if it is possible for people to have more than four characters in the game. BEING THE SUPER MOD THAT I AM I hadn't read the rules in a long while. So, after two years, I have updated the rules to say that any more than four characters (edit for Ali: or five or six or seven...) will be at the mods' discretion.

What does it mean?!

It means Hasna won't frown at you if you send more character applications to my modly inbox, so long as you are an active member of the community. If you haven't figured it out yet, kids, I am pretty easy to get along with. Just remember: no unicorns. I know, you like unicorns, but there are costumes for that. And therapists.


Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

Hey guys.

We have some great writing going on lately! I have been neglectful in my admin responsibilities and I am trying to whip myself into shape by cleaning house. I have started work on memories again. I will be going through memories this week and will have more story lines archived so that all of you can go back and read more easily.

The Cast page has also been revamped. The lovely Jan did all the coding work for me (rather than working on her application). Now only the active cast is displayed on the page. There is another page linked at the end for inactive cast. I will be adding to that page when I get through everything else, so that everyone knows the characters we still reference in game.

I've also picked up a new character, Thalion, that I'll be writing for soon. I encourage everyone else to app for characters, if the inspiration strikes.

Yay! <3

Ranulf Ilyien [userpic]
So This Is...

More than anything, I'm just sad about this.

Regardless of my attempts, I cannot drum up enough usable interest in the storylines that my characters can be involved in - and it seems I can't quite manage to make my characters stick with other peoples' storylines -- they all seemed to evolve away from my characters or my characters evolved away from them. I'm not pointing fingers or assigning blame, unless I'm pointing fingers and assigning blame to myself. But however you put it, whatever you call it, I'm not enjoying myself here. It's time for me to invest in more fruitful prospects.

Shade & Mila, if you need me, go ahead and get in touch with me outside Caeleste. I don't expect to be responding here.

Thanks, guys, for giving Caeleste so much of your time. It was nice to see the game work so well for most of us. Now go blow Kenyon up, LOL. Tag that storyline "THE FALL, PART III" or something equally lulz-worthy. Heh...

Caeleste Mods [userpic]

For this thread there will be a 24 hour window for you to take your turn. Otherwise, you're going to get skipped. This is being done to keep the action fast and fresh, so don't get offended...just post!


Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Update

I have updated all tags in Adusta and Caeleste. I will be doing memories in Caeleste this week, hopefully completing a few more story arcs.

As always, you can email me with any questions.

Caeleste Mods [userpic]
Mod Note

Hey guys,

I just wanted everyone to know that I have no intention of letting this game die. I have loved this place too much and it inspires me so much to write with all of you. And I am in desperate need of inspiration. So it's staying open.

I am going through a really hard time. So if you're in a main storyline that I am in too, just know that my responses are going to come in slowly for a while. I will do my best, but I can't promise speed. If you are getting impatient, I suggest opening up some threads in adusta.

Thanks for your patience. You guys are all writing addicts, I know, so I appreciate it.

- Meg

Ranulf Ilyien [userpic]
The Exiled

That was a ridiculous amount of time for you to have to wait.

I could make excuses. I could explain why I haven't been around. In the end, though? It still meant you had to wait on my ass, and I'm really really REALLY sorry about that.

It won't happen again.

The group thread's up -- and as with any group thread in this storyline, two days wait and you're skipped and the next person goes. This way, we aren't waiting a year for someone. Like you just had to wait for me.

I'm an ass. I'm such an ass. I'm sorry.

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