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    Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
    7:59 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 12
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 12

    [x] [some kind of title] - Vid Recs (Mmm, pie.): I have pie and wine and vid recs. Merlin: Beverly Hills by giandujakiss. That's where Merlin wants to be! Supernatural: Happy Alone by danegen. Incredibly adorable and fun Jensen & Jared behind-the-scenes vid. (Fine, ok! J2 RPS. Dear RPS-loving flist, you'll never take me alive!) I dare you to watch this without smiling. Torchwood/Doctor Who: Tristan by such_heights. The storm is come and I am following. Jack Harkness in all his fucked up glory. I am so in love with the editing style of this vid.

    [x] elisi's humble abode - Bits & pieces.: Break My Fall by mirien3 is the best Jack/Ianto vid I've seen so far. It doesn't sentimentalise the 'ship in any way, and manages to show just how complex the characters are. (And still brings out the tenderness that we sometimes get. Oh and the song is *perfect*!)

    [x] elisi's humble abode - I bring you good things! :): Finally a Doctor Who/Torchwood vid rec: I Know Him So Well is the most perfect Jack/Doctor song & vid I've ever come across - and Jack (JB) singing it just adds that extra level of heartbreak ("Isn't it madness - he can't be mine."). Go watch!

    [x] Xanthe - Iz crazy Tony fangirl!: Changing the subject completely to Dr Who, this music vid is hilarious - so wrong and yet so very right *g*. Fanvid: Doctor/Master -Mamma Mia (crack!vid)

    [x] Bluespirit - Recs & squee: I loved this Dr/Jack song vid done to John Barrowman & Daniel Boys singing 'I know him so well'. Thanks to xanthelj for the heads up.

    [x] Molesk(onl)ine - Vid Rec: Happy Alone (J2, RPS) by danegen: Happy Alone (J2, RPS) by danegen. I've been sitting here for like 20 minutes trying to compose a rec that adequately describes HOW FREAKING ADORABLE this vid is. Yeah. Uh, I can't. So you just have to go watch it! You won't be sorry, I promise!

    [x] Bibbles - Vid Rec: NCIS Clapping Song by Lithium Doll = ♥: Clapping Song by Lithium Doll = ♥. Seriously! I replayed this vid a ridiculous amount of times.

    [x] obsessive24: merlin insta-rec... again: Beverly Hills by giandujakiss, Merlin, comedy. Cracked-out goodness. This is exactly what that show is.

    [x] [some kind of title] - Insta-Vid Rec: Crusoe!: Freedom by talitha78. Crusoe/Friday set to a George Michael song. 'Nuff said. This show looks like it's full of gleeful, cracktastic slash. I stopped watched after the 2nd episode, but, um, I may need to remedy that. I do love my cracky slash. This video just makes me so happy. I can't stop grinning.

    [x] heyiya: links to vids and a pornographic meta rec: kiki_miserychic's Closer (for Jamie). This is a vid about vidding, although that might not be immediately apparent on first viewing to those of you who are easily distracted by hot naked people. That they may not be familiar hot naked people doesn't mean they don't signify the hot people that fandom likes to imagine naked,. If you're familiar with the NIN song, and particularly with TJonesy and Killa's Star Trek vid to Closer, the music will be the first clue. The vid wants to violate, desecrate, fuck up and make new like vidders do. It wants to get inside the gaze: to objectify and perform and fetishize and cut and edit. Characters fuck and wank and watch, staring at themselves and performing for each other and mirrors and being bemused and elated by the weirdness that is sex, commodifying it for the movies and the viewers and the money and each other. The pornographic source makes literal vidding's--and fandom's--erotics of media manipulation. It's not fluffy. But it is stunning.

    [x] sunryse00: Vid Rec: Legend of the Seeker: It's so hard to find Legend of the Seeker vids and even harder to find good ones, so imagine my excitement to find one worthy to show off. This also goes to show that good vids can be made with WMM. Your Guardian Angel.

    [x] thingswithwings: Best vids of 2008 - MEME TIME: Extremely Honourable Mentions: How Much Is That Geisha in the Window? by lieurdoma. Scarlet Ribbons, by Hazel K. Red Moon, by sol_se. Here It Goes Again, by sisabet. Channel Hopping, by Ash. What Is Eternal by Gnine. Sons and Daughters, by heyiya. Hera Has Six Mommies by tallulah71. I'm Your Man, by charmax. giandujakiss's vid "Hourglass, Teeth in the Grass, by sapote3:

    [x] thingswithwings: Best vids of 2008 - MEME TIME: In Exchange For Your Tomorrows, by lim: Snape's life is mapped out for him, and he's trapped in a series of moments from his past. Handlebars, by flummery. Usually Doctor Who vids operate either in the realm of the playful or the realm of the creepy - what I think is truly groundbreaking about this vid is the way that it puts them together, reveals them as two parts of the same incredibly scary man. there's a war going on for your mind, laura, by beccatoria: It's fast and associative and something like a ride through Laura Roslin's subconscious - except better than they did it on the show. Does Cameron Dream of Electric Sheep? by kiki_miserychic: it attempts to capture humanity and technology from the perspective of the robot. Origin Stories, by giandujakiss: It really sells me on a completely new interpretation of LMPTM. The way that the whole vid asks, with its title, "Who gets an origin story on this show? On whose backs are those origin stories built?" is just masterful.

    [x] eruthros: Top Five Vids of 2008 ... so far: Honorable Mentions: laurashapiro's awesome Doctor Who vid Shut Up and Drive. thingswithwings's multi-vid The Glass. kiki_miserychic's Sarah Conner Chronicles vid Does Cameron Dream of Electric Sheep? lierdumoa's Firefly vid How Much Is That Geisha in the Window? fan_eunice and greensilver's Doctor Who/Torchwood vid Papa Don't Preach. giandujakiss's X-Files vid Hell of a Place. gnine's SGA vid What Is Eternal. Honorable honorable mentions: heyiya's post-apocalyptic multi vid The Future Stops Here. sol_se's SGA vid Red Moon. giandujakiss's multi vid Hourglass.

    [x] Excitement! Adventure! Really boring posts! And other stuff! - Top Five Vids of 2008 ... so far: giandujakiss's Buffyverse vid Origin Stories. The editing's awesome, the clip choice is awesome, the narrative is brilliant, and I'm always finding something more. Absolutely one of my favorite vids of the year. charmax's multi-fandom vid I'm Your Man. she finds such joy in all the cliches of women in drag and in all the cliches of queer women in television, and she does it beautifully. sisabet's SGA vid Here It Goes Again. She found so many amazing physical moments in the series that I'd never really seen before and turned them into something that is simultaneously an amazing character study and completely hilarious. Seah and Margie's Doctor Who vid Handlebars. It's a perfect song choice, and then it's so incredibly beautifully cut. The transitions throughout the verses are so perfect that it hurts. lim's HP vid In Exchange For Your Tomorrows. I read this vid as a commentary on the cyclical story of Harry Potter; that this all happened before, and is going to happen again.

    [x] talitha78: Calling All Clark Fans: Here's a vid rec for you: I Kissed a Girl by bop_radar (Who, by the way, is totally famous now. Check out this New York Magazine article, where her "Clint Eastwood" BSG vid is listed as one of the 5 best of 2008. And just think, she started out right here in Smallville fandom! *is so proud*): "I Kissed a Girl" sparkles just like my icon. It's funny, sharply edited, and as an added bonus, HOT LIKE FIRE. Any Clark fangirl worth her salt will be swooning by the end. Seriously, don't forget to bring your drool bucket. :DDD

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Starsky and Hutch/The Real Slim Shady: The Real Slim Shady by Gianduja Kiss. Musical artist: Eminem. Starsky/Hutch. Yes, I'm a few days early with the vid rec, but I'm leaving town for the rest of the month early tomorrow. This rec also concludes my month here at Crack Van. Why this vid kicks ass: It’s a spot on love song for this fandom, and fandom in general. It's nice, so nice. The Real Slim Shady.

    [x] Merlin, Supernatural, and Sarah Conner Chronicles Vid Recs: Non Lievi Alchun by halcyon_shift (vid:recs:merlin) I loved the song and the pacing and the story told. Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts (vid:recs:spn) I liked the song and clip choices. Dance With The Devil by wolfpup2000 (vid:recs:spn) I really liked the song and clip choices. This was a good Sam and Dean vid for season 4. So Cold by azuremonkey (vid:recs:scc) I liked the song choice and clips.

    [x] Useless Talent #46 - Vid rec: Supernatural: Some days, it's worth being a SPN fan just for the vids. Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts. Belly. HELL yes.

    [x] rm: sundries: I can't stop singing "I Know Him So Well" because of hllangel's vid

    [x] vidding: NY Magazine's Best Vids of 2008: I've kept up a friendly correspondence with the editor, and he asked if I'd be interested in contributing a little something to their year-end entertainment roundup. Would I pick my five favorite vids of 2008, write up a little something, and he'd see what he could do. So, this year? I dragged five of y'all over to NY Magazine with me. First off, I had way more than five favorite vids in 2008, but I have esoteric tastes, and I felt a responsibility to present five fantastic vids that were generally accessible and easily available to the general public but that wouldn't dilute the artistic power and stunning craft that goes into excellent fannish vidding. So, without further ado, The Best Fan Vids of 2008. I picked these from a pool of 35 vids, all personal favorites. I wrote up my reasons why they were so great and submitted it to NY Magazine at the end of last month. They ran with it and also gave me the compliment of putting Fifth Circle at the end of the Top Five slideshow.

    [x] The Best Fan Vids of 2008 -- Vulture -- Entertainment & Culture Blog -- New York Magazine: Let It Die by AJ. The Crow. Technically superb exploration of Eric Draven's descent into madness, using film footage and images from the graphic novel. It's a beautiful, angry, and romantic vid. Piece of Me by obsessive24. A powerful and sympathetic editorial about Britney Spears's public breakdown in 2008. Gloria by sweetestdrain. In what looks like a classic slash fan vid, sweetestdrain seamlessly combines outside source with The Sarah Connor Chronicles to create a sexy, yearning constructed reality between the show's two leads. Tear You Apart by bradcpu. A disturbing look at relationships aboard Serenity. Brad has a deft touch and a great eye for internal movement in this vid about Simon and Kaylee, with a savage twist at the end. Clint Eastwood by bop_radar. BSG. The definitive Gaius Baltar character study, hilarious and kind of terrifying. Gaius is the unreliable narrator who takes himself quite seriously, which allows me to be amused at his antics, afraid for him and of him.
    7:58 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 11
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 11

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - Vidding in the News: Lum is back in NY Magazine again - this time, they asked her to list her five favorite vids of 2008. Here's the article, with links to the vids. Awesome! :-)

    [x] Alchemy without Moles -: Is there anyone in SPN fandom or Vidding fandom who hasn't yet downloaded Melymbrosia's new (first!) vid, Low Red Moon? Because holy cow, it's gorgeous. Also spooky and smart and creative, just like Mely's other fanwork. This is Ruby and Sam and Sam-and-Ruby, and what Ruby sees in Sam, where Sam is coming from and where he might be going. No S4 footage, btw. Seriously, this may be the most beautiful SPN vid I've ever seen. Go watch it, now!

    [x] with my freeze ray i will stop the world - drive by rec: Rodney's Despair by chayiana. Music: Gravity of Love by Enigma. SGA. I spoiled myself a bit by watching this video there were lots of scenes in here I haven't seen indeed, but watching the vid as a whole, I really didn't mind as much as I thought I would. I think the editing in this was wonderful and enhanced the song in a way that really gives you chills. I also really loved seeing a Rodney character study that showed a lot of different aspects to the character. I admit that so far I've viewed him as only the super-genius scientist who has his bitchy streaks - even if they are cute ones. I enjoyed that this vid went way beyond that side of Rodney and really highlighted the more angsty parts of him - his love for his team, what he'd give for them and what they'd do for him in return. A really touching vid and beautifully edited. Go watch!

    [x] with my freeze ray i will stop the world - holy crap awesome vid rec: low red moon by untrue_accounts. So if I'm not mistaken this is their first vid. WOW! You could have fooled me, that's for darn sure. The pacing and movement throughout are spectacular. The whole thing flows beautifully and she doesn't miss a beat. The imagery and visual parallels within the vid are awesome. Plus, Ruby! (the original Ruby) What's not to love?

    [x] untrue_accounts: Ohmygod, people, I am so behind on every: danegen, Used to Love Him (Heathers) - up until BtVS, I did not think there would ever be another work of art that ever captured the American high school experience so well. This vid gets Veronica and everything about Veronica and GODDAMN why can't we have more smart, sharp, mixed-up female heroines like her? halcyon_shift, Non Lievi Alchun (Merlin) - Arthurian myth is not helping me parse this vid, which is not a surprise. I do not care. Windows and fair maidens at windows, facing horrors and turning away from them -- so gorgeous. halcyon_shift, Sea Lion (Supernatural) - I actually have Deep Thoughts about this but am running out of time, so I will just say, "WOW". proofpudding, Pretty (Supernatural) - This gets at the essential wrongness of Sam/Ruby in a profound and profoundly sexy way. I love the claustrophobic close-ups, the tight shots, the chain link backgrounds emphasizing the dead-endedness and entrapment that drive the participants into the relationship. Short, sharp, killer.

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Low Red Moon and On The Darkest Side Of The Sun: Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts. Song/Artist: "Low Red Moon"/Belly. It's beautiful! Not only just pretty with it's bright clips, but it's like a free flow of thought from one scene to the next. Just really quite different. :D On The Darkest Side Of The Sun by Loki (secretlytodream): Song/Artist: 37 Stitches/The Drowning Pool. Genre: AU. Why you’re reccing the vid: Wonderful vid! The colouring, the editing... the use of the typewriter clips and the transitions... It's beautiful and I love it! :D

    [x] [some kind of title] - Another Merlin Insta-Vid Rec: House On Fire by the_orange_nin. Episode 10, Merlin/Arthur. Two insta-recs in one day? *hugs this fandom*

    [x] Merlin, Supernatural, and Supernatural Vid Recs: Born under a bad sign by proofpudding (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song, the pacing, the clip choices this was highly entertaining to watch. :) Still Alive by counteragent (vid:recs:spn) I'm not actually sure what this vid is saying but what I really loved was the use of motion and the song choice. :) Also really loved the montage of the SPN artwork near the end.

    [x] Merlin, Numb3rs, and Supernatural Recs plus Merlin 1 vid rec: Merlin Vid Rec: Every Fear You've Ever Faced by the_orange_nin (vid:recs:merlin)

    [x] Supernatural and Vid Recs: Vids: The Epic Love Story by proofpudding (vid:recs:spn) (SPN vid rec) I really liked this vid. sundrenched world by proofpudding (vid:recs:GilmoreGirls) I keep coming back and re-watching this vid. I love the song, the clip choices, and the effects. It's also without doubt my favorite Rory/Dean vid.

    [x] Iron Man, Merlin Fic & Vid, and Supernatural Recs: Merlin: Only In My Mind by merlinxarthur (vid:recs:merlin) (VID REC) I really liked the song and the clip choices and the effects worked for me.

    [x] Why would you let Starsky talk to Hutch?! - wishlist meme fun! and vid rec: AHAHAHA. One thing I can cross off the ol' wishlist because bop_radar is a MAGNIFICENT HUMAN BEING: I Kissed A Girl - yes, Clark Kent kisses girls. And no, Lex does not like it. (OH MY GOD CLARK KENT IS HOT.) I am using this icon in his honor. If you've ever wondered why perfectly reasonable people continue to watch Smallville...well. This is a very good starting point.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Monday, November 24th, 2008
    10:16 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 10
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 10

    [x] Annotations of an Anomaly - Vid Recs from Mister A? The hell you say!: Just a Dream by castorsfate (Matrix Trilogy). Castor really has hit a home run with this vid. With a focus on Neo & Trinity’s relationship, he also ramps it up with the music to some stunning action set pieces inbetween, all the while maintaining the story. An excellent example of really capturing the emotion of a song with shot selection & great editing. Stray by balistik94 (Bourne Trilogy). First he gives us a fantastic Crank vid - and then delivers this action/romance love-in, centered around Bourne & his love interests. This one could have easily been included on the official Bourne DVD’s. One Caress by aka_deadman (BSG). This guys LJ may be a little hard to understand unless you know Russian pretty well, but he certainly made his intentions crystal clear in the Giaus/Six vid. The simplistic editing & longer shots just seem to melt into the music, and the 2 virtually become an audiovisual symphony. This one may not be for everyone, but I do think at the very least its worth a look.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - I am totally not vidding Merlin: Oh, and whether or not I'm vidding it, halcyon_shift absolutely is vidding it - except she makes it look like a beautiful, epic romance, instead of the crack it is. It's really quite an amazing feat; everyone needs to check it out.

    [x] [some kind of title] - 2 SPN Vid Recs: Stuck In The Middle With You by deirdre_c. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to right. For episodes 4x09 & 4x10. I love the lyric interpretations. *g* Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts. Now I got strong arms. Ruby, Sam. The imagery & movement is stunning.

    [x] Lies to Tourists & Lists of Demands - Dr. Whorrible Master list of vids!: qkellie and jetpack_monkey are systematically losing their minds... to the soundtrack of Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. With visuals by Dr. Who. The Master List of Mysterious Evvvvil! Four vids so far, two more in progress. Ranging from angst to dark humor to pure silliness to over-the-top cheeeese. Please to be going and feeding them feedback, so they will continue their quest of questionable sanity and silliness!

    [x] Lies to Tourists & Lists of Demands - Instead of content, I bring you links.: Update to the Dr. Whorrible Masterlist! qkellie and jetpack_monkey have updated their site with 3 new vids -- the one to "Freeze Ray" is my personal fave, I think. Schmoopy and silly with great visuals.

    [x] frogspace: Vid Recs: Merlin, SPN, SGA: The Bitch Prince von wistful_fever (MERLIN, Merlin/Arthur). Aus mir völlig unerklärlichen Gründen habe ich diese Vid noch nicht gelinkt, obwohl ich es on- und offline schon einigen Leuten empfohlen habe. Ich bin all meine Merlin-Einträge durchgegangen, konnte es aber nicht finden. Wie kann das sein?! Mit anderen Worten, für die zwei Merlin-guckenden Leute auf meiner Flist, die es noch nicht gesehen haben - das Vid macht Spaß. What About Us? von chayiana (SGA, John/Rodney, a bit Keller/McKay). Eines der besten John/Rodney-Vids, die ich gesehen habe, und es bricht mir das Herz! Nicht, weil es so traurig wäre (das ist es noch nicht einmal), sondern weil das so nahe am Canon dran ist, dass die John/Rodney-Beziehung hier nicht wie Slasher-Realität wirkt sondern echter, weswegen ich umso mehr mit John mitleide, wenn das Vid die Probleme in seiner Beziehung zu Rodney anspricht. *Meep* Das Vid endet hoffnungsvoll, aber dem derzeitigen Canon traue ich das nicht zu, und das macht mich fertig.

    [x] frogspace: Vid Recs: Merlin, SPN, SGA: Non Lievi Alchun von halcyon_shift (MERLIN, Morgana/Gwen, AU). Das erste Femslash-Vid des Fandoms. Erhaben, bewegend und voller Schmerz und Anmut. Klingt nicht nach Merlin, ich weiß, kommt hier aber trotzdem so rüber. Alle Achtung. Low Red Moon von untrue_accounts (SPN, Ruby). First-Time-Vidder mit erstklassigem Vid, auf das ich gleich durch zwei Recs hintereinander auf meiner Flist hingeweisen worden bin. Ich habe die dritte Staffel nie gesehen und dementsprechend auch nicht eine einzige Folge mit dieser Ruby, aber das Vid ist einfach nur faszinierend, wunderschön und bringt eine sinnlich demonischen Ausstrahlung rüber, die einen dazu verführt, es immer wieder von vorne zu schauen. You Will Be Loved von bimosexual (SPN, Dean/Castiel). Eigentlich eher ein Dean-Vid, weil es sein Leben in ein bestimmtes Licht rückt. Irgendwann wird auch er geliebt werden und Castiel ist eine unbekannte Größe, auf die Dean noch nicht zu hoffen wagt.

    [x] c'est dur de mourir au printemps - kill me with the awesome, why don't you!?: top of the food chain - ring by serrico . why hasn't everybody watched this yet? (or have they?) this is so completely awesome, even if you (like me & so many others) have never heard of that movie. it's still all kinds of awesome - with aliens, threesomes & murder myseries on top. this vid makes me so happy, hee... i need to get my hands on this movie somehow! torchwood. tristan by such_heights. oh jack... this is my favorite jack vid, ever. i think. it's so dark & desperate and packed with emotions and awesome edit, and just.. *flails & rewatches* doctor who. shut up and drive (or 'martha > you') by laurashapiro yesss, THIS! why have i only seen this now !!??! it is pure ♥! i really don't often have these girlcrushes, but martha is pure WIN! & so is this vid... crazy fun, action, kickass!martha - and so pretty too.

    [x] obsessive24: vid rec: Insta-rec! Non Lievi Alchun by halcyon_shift, Merlin, Morgana/Gwen. I'm very amazed by the narrative that halcyon_shift was able to coax out of the miniscule amount of available footage. Smart and thoughtful and heartbreaking.

    Locked Post: Vid rec, and vid silliness: Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts (Supernatural, Ruby-centric). (incredibly) a first-time vidder telling a story that has been building since early season 3, but that's seldom gotten this much attention from the show. Gorgeous song choice, and a wonderful job of highlighting the dark, dangerous, tragic but oh-so-hot nuances of Ruby's dance with Sam.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - The only flaw in this unique interpretation of Citizen Kane: is the misspelling of Joseph Cotton *sighs* Otherwise, it's fairly brilliant. (via kassrachel)

    [x] thevirtualjim: 2 videos: These were two of the videos talked about at the 'subversive cartoons' panel that I really liked.

    [x] filkertom: Loveless (Accidentally In Love): I've mentioned that Anne has gotten big into anime and manga. This morning, she aimed me at this music video. From what she tells me, the creator (VicBond007) is a professional video editor whose girlfriend is into anime. Annoyed by some of the, how shall we put this, enthusiastic but unimaginative editing jobs on many fan videos, he's decided to show everybody how it's done. This is one of several you can find on YouTube. And I fuckin' love this song anyway. NSFW -- nothing any of us can't handle, but a few boys-kissing and girls-touching moments.

    [x] Comment to post-- filkertom: Loveless (Accidentally In Love): Bustin' is a plus, and you'll recognize the source material. A couple of pretty cool Gurren Lagann videos: completely over-the-top to My Chemical Romance, or if that's not your style, try Disney-style. When Kamina says "I'll make a man out of you" he's not kidding around. An old classic: Neon Genesis Rammsteingelion. And here's one beyond the normal: Singin' In The Rain to Lannigan's Ball.

    [x] Comment to post-- filkertom: Loveless (Accidentally In Love): Ah, a few recs... Om Mig Nu (Hold me Now). It's crammed with spoilers for the entire plot, but it's the only way I've been able to convince people (as I was convinced myself) that Princess Tutu is not the Pink Sugar Tweepocalypse everyone expects when they see the cover art and read the title. The Boy Was A Puppet Good ol' Potter. Give it a try past the first minute of video wizardry.... oh, dear. I swear that wasn't a pun. Anything Obsessive24 does tends to be worthwhile both conceptually and technically. The Firefly vids left me gobsmacked (Post-Blue and Body, specifically), though caveat emptor, they are more about subtext in some cases than text (slash, incest, etc.,).

    [x] Comment to post-- filkertom: Loveless (Accidentally In Love): For beauty and editing, I have to go with the boys at kaosandkarnage: Samurai Jack - "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" (Their SJ video to Static-X's "Push It" is also good, but doesn't stir my soul in the same way the other one does.)

    [x] Comment to post-- filkertom: Loveless (Accidentally In Love): does great work in the later years. They haven't made many more AMVs lately, but Appetite for dynamite is what I would consider one of their best ones. (Warning: its on Youtube so its not as top notch if you actually download it and watch.)

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    6:36 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 9
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 9

    [x] [some kind of title] - Merlin Insta-Vid Rec!: Non Lievi Alchun by halcyon_shift. Morgana/Gwen. Really beautiful. (Morgana/Gwen, yaaaay!)

    [x] 12_12_12: Vid Rec and Review: Into the Groove by keewick [Gossip Girl]: Into the Groove by keewick. It's a Blair Waldorf Vid, and I love it to bits. Why I love this vid: Because it focuses on one of the most interesting characters on the show, and three of the most interesting relationships on the show (Blair/Nate, Blair/Chuck, and Blair/Serena), and how these relationships affect Blair herself, and what they mean to her. That's pretty much the single *biggest* hook and draw of Gossip Girl for me, so this vid was like a concentrated package of everything I love about GG in a 3-minute blast. I also love the structure: ... showing what each of these characters means to Blair, paralleling and contrasting them with each other, showing how she changes as a result of each of these relationships. I also love that this vid is playful and fun in a way that is very Blair, i.e. sophisticated and with a girlish touch at the same time, and yet has very complex and layered things to say throughout. [MORE]

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Dance With the Devil by Wolfpup: Dance With the Devil by wolfpup2000. Song/Artist: Breaking Bejamin. It's just perfect for the song and, while I know this song has been done before, I love how well it fits and takes on new meaning with the S4 clips she chose. This version really works for me. Great stuff! :D

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Insta Rec: Stuck in the Middle With You by deirdre_c. Song/Artist: Stealers Wheel. Comedy. I just love the wit and humour shining through this vid. Perfect song choice, excellent use of clips to lyrics. Absolute joy!

    [x] [some kind of title] - vid recs: firefly, bsg, dw/tw: Firefly/Serenity: Legend of a Cowgirl by shati. Zoe is made of awesome. Battlestar Galactica: Sweet Religion by nnaylime. Laura Roslin has her religion. All These Things That I've Done by kiki_miserychic. Tory Foster's Manifesto. (major spoilers for the last season). Televangelism by beccatoria. Broadcast your brain. Doctor Who/Torchwood: All That I Am by TorchyJH (YouTube) Jack/Doctor. I'm a blind man for a watchdog. I am primed for giving in. Brianstorm by such_heights. Torchwood, yay! I love the frantic feel to the editing. Stripped by mischief89. Martha/Doctor. Shine by humansrsuperior. A feel-good Doctor Who enemble vid. I dare you to watch this without smiling. Glorious by rhoboat. Martha, Donna, and Rose are all awesome. Behold their awesomeness. How Far We've Come [Retrospective] by LinworthNewt (YouTube). A fun, all-encompassing video. The majority of it is New Who, but it does also incorporate some Old Who and some behind the scenes footage.

    [x] daybreak777: Lost Fic Recs: Jawyercita: The Secrets That We Keep by dayln03. Summary: (AU)- Jack, Sawyer, and Claire are in a relationship that they feel they need to keep secret. However, as time goes on, the same secret that once kept them bound together is the same secret that tears them apart. Miles From Where You Are by dayln03. Summary: i pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms - Jack spins further and further into a downward spiral of desperation and despair, praying only to be back with Sawyer and Claire. Excellent, excellent vid people. I can believe this is happening. Hell, Lost takes so long to air, I believe in anything. Oh, and it's sexy as hell. :-)

    [x] tomomichi: [ Avatar, Bleach, GundamW, Hanadan, Kiva, MoB, Nabari, OP, RK, Tutu, XS, YST ]: Avatar Fanvid - What Have You Done - fantastic look at Katara's character and how massively epic she was in the course of the series. Avatar Fanvid - The Rhythm of Battle - Avatar has such great fighting sequences that you can watch a dozen different videos and hardly feel like you've seen the same scenes over and over again, Avatar Fanvid - Remember the Name. Avatar Fanvid - Water Bending: Concurso. Avatar Fanvid - It's My Life. Avatar Fanvid - Nara. Avatar Fanvid - Unstoppable. Avatar Fanvid - Grease, Avatar Style: Summer Nights. One Piece Fanvid - Just Lose It. One Piece Fanvid - Caramelldansen. One Piece Fanvid - Caramelldansen. One Piece - What Have You Done. One Piece Fanvid - Phenomenon. One Piece Fanvid - Bad Boy. One Piece Fanvid - Can't Help Falling in Love. One Piece Fanvid - Listen to Your Heart.

    [x] j00j: Antique vampire killing kits! Fake, but: Oh, speaking of horribleness... Here's an amusing Doctor Horrible and Doctor Who vid.

    [x] Useless Talent #46 - Vid recs: Supernatural: deirdre_c's Stuck in the Middle with You. Her fabulous take on 4.9 and 4.10. I'm still giggling and wiping happy tears out of my eyes. Really, I can't even. Classic Dean:]sisabet's Staying Alive. One of my favorite Dean vids. I started singing every time that WoW ad with Ozzy Ozbourne came on during Thursday's ep.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - SPN Vid Insta-Rec - "Stuck in the Middle With You": deirdre_c took the angst of SPN 4x9 and 4x10 and turned it into a sparkly, adorable romp. Now I'm all a-glee.

    [x] ktnb81: Relinked from random_serious: A Newsies: Relinked from random_serious: A Newsies vid set to "Where the White Boys Dance" by The Killers And! Even better, from the same person: Newsies meets Caramelldansen!.

    [x] WWdN: In Exile: 'tis a silly place: If you live in that part of the Venn Diagram where Star Trek and Monty Python overlap, (as I do) I suspect you will be glad you watched this.

    [x] skybound2: HAH!! *loves to Wil Wheaton*: For he hath provided the link to the following clip, which, if you are human, and sane, you will love. It combines both Monty Python and Star trek (TOS) and you should all watch it - RIGHT NOW!

    [x] filkertom: With My Freeze Ray, I Will...: With My Freeze Ray, I Will... ... stop....

    [x] Just Because - Congratulations to my lovely flisters!: leviathan101 for her awesome BtVS vid, Thrown Away, which received runner up for Best Video, winner for Best Editing, winner for Best Character (Spike! Woo! \o/), winner for Best Action, winner for Best Effects, and winner of Judge's Choice. ageless_aislynn for her beautiful Torchwood vid, Winder Sun, which won the Award of Special Merit. kj_svala for Stargate SG-1 vid, Planet Hell, which received runner up for Best Ensemble.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - The thing I love about laurashapiro's Martha vid: Shut Up and Drive is that it mines the source to give Martha a lot of the power that was taken from her in the actual show. I find Season Three of Doctor Who to be painful to watch at times because of the way Martha is humiliated by her feelings for the Doctor. laurashapiro gives us a Martha who says, "Fuck that, if you can't see my awesome, I've got other things to do."

    [x] kassrachel: Citizen Kane: The Remix: Beneath the cut: embedded video of the movie trailer for Citizen Kane: The Remix. Hee.

    [x] [some kind of title] - Dr. Whorrible Vid Project: So, a little bit ago I recced The Master and the Bad Horse Chorus by jetpack_monkey. Turns out, it was part of a bigger vid project. jetpack_monkey & [info]qkellie are vidding all of (or at least, a lot of) the Dr. Horrible songs to Doctor Who. Here is their Dr. Whorrible masterlist which lists all the vids so far. My favorites are: Brand New Day - Season 4 finale with intense Ten (yikes). The Doctor's Freeze Ray - "The Girl in the Fireplace" and an adorkable Ten. A Man's Gotta Do - "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances"...Captain Jack = Captain Hammer (hee!).

    [x] angstslashhope: Torchwood vid for the episode "Adam" ...: Torchwood vid for the episode "Adam" ... to Hanson's Mmmbop. BEST SOURCE/SONG COMBO EVER!

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Friday, November 21st, 2008
    7:34 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 8
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 8

    [x] You look like an angel - this week in what: Merlin: Everything about this show makes me want to type in capslock for ever and ever. Last night I watched wistful_fever's The Bitch Prince vid approximately a billion times in a row, because everyone is this show is so pretty, but Arthur especially looks good in red and also makes some hilarious faces, and wow, does Merlin spend a lot of time dressing him. It's like a fandom made entirely of glittery crack

    [x] qthewetsprocket: things that make me irrationally happy, #948: a fanvid to the ridiculously sombre torchwood episode 'adam', set to the ridiculously perky hanson song 'mmm-bop': you like it too? then go forth and pay worship to the mighty volitaire.

    [x] tencrush: Torchwood Happy Dance: Via qthewetsprocket on my f-list, I bring you my first ever linkage to a FANVID. I never thought I'd see the day I linked to A FUCKING FANVID, but there you go. volitaire creates a fitting ode to the drama and emo depths of Adam, by editing the episode down to a mere four minutes and setting it to Hanson's Mmmbop. Sometimes this fandom makes me smile way too much. Give me more pop/emo Torchwood vid crossovers NOW!

    [x] kassrachel: FNL vid rec: I was poking around in search of notable FNL fanworks to add to the FNL page at Fanlore (which -- psst, go read the page and add stuff!) and found Life for Rent, a Tyra vid made by bop_radar which is so lovely I had to run back here and rec it now. :-) They all feel so young to me, watching this; it's clearly an S1 vid, and I feel like they've all come such a long way since then. (I would actually love to see a Tyra character study done now in S3! I think it would be a gorgeous illustration of how much she's grown. How much they've all grown.) But it's no less beautiful for being a bit dated, canon-wise, and it makes me happy, so I figured I'd share.

    [x] zebra363: House recs, and Fry and Laurie on religion: I discovered a vid on Sunday that I pretty much watched on and off all day: Slow Show by isaytoodlepip (YouTube). I love the song, especially the final third of it. "You know I dreamed about you...for 29 years before I found you." That would just about work with their canon timeline as per episode 5.04, too. I'm a sucker for a deep voice like this. Another rec from the same vidder: This Year's Love, which looks at House's relationships with Wilson, Cuddy, Cameron, Chase and Stacy.

    [x] filkertom: Brand Who Day: Brand Who Day: jetpack_monkey's been busy again: (WARNING: VERY SPOILERY for Doctor Who Season 4 Episodes 12 & 13)

    [x] eye_of_a_cat: House fans, WATCH THIS: It's a House and Wilson vid by stephantom, starring Ethan Hawke as Wilson's brother. No, really. No, you'll see. Recommended viewing for everybody ever, especially that subcategory of Everybody Ever who've dealt with that sibling too.

    [x] madripoor_rose: Doctor Who/Horrible vid: Doctor Who/Horrible vid [by qkellie]. ETA: Doctor Whorrible II: Brand New Day.

    [x] Creature of Mad Enthusiasms -: Remember that brilliant Who/Dr. Horrible crossover vid of jetpack_monkey's? There's a master list for doing ALL the Dr. Horrible songs!

    [x] Scottish Ninjas Love Joe Dick -: So, I don't actually watch American Idol and my entire knowledge of David Cook comes from the rather adorable ramblings of friends. But, greensilver made a vid. Which I watched. And now I am bouncing and grinning and informing you that if you need to be all smiley, point and flail, at absolute ADORABLENESS, you totally need to go watch her David Cook vid. There are hugs! And smiles! And sparkly shinies. Did I mention the hugs? SO MANY HUGS! Some of them involving small children, even. And while it's never going to be my fandom, I now totally get why some of y'all are clappy hands gleeful over this boy. He is precious. So, yes...need cheering up today? Go watch this vid. Then try to wipe the permagrin off your face. I dare you.

    [x] astolat: recs! spn and david cook!: Okay, so first, I am putting greensilver on the spot, because I had to seriously SHRIEK AND PULL TEETH just to get her to post this awesome vid: Dream Big, David Cook/American Idol RPF. It is just pure fun, a rollercoaster ride through all the ridiculousness that is Idol, set to the kind of fabulously super-cheesy coronation song (the one he picked to sing in the finale and not the treacly Time of My Life magic rainbows and kittens song). It is ♥.

    [x] starrylizard: I needed some laughter in my day:: I needed some laughter in my day: Fandom provided!! I think I just literally fell off my chair laughing! *huge grin* Doctor Who (Ten) - Caramelldansen misheard lyrics

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Thursday, November 13th, 2008
    11:44 am
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 4

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 4

    [x] such_heights: Recs of Yay!:Glorious [Rose, Martha, Donna] by rhoboat. Epic does not even BEGIN. This is entirely perfect and shiver-inducing and wow - oh Rose, oh Martha, oh Donna. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Scattered [Tenth Doctor] by di_br, to 'Map of the Problematique'. Oh man, you should have seen me after I watched this through for the first time, I was the living embodiment of flail. Oh, Ten, you and your epic cosmic angst will be sorely missed. And also Shine by humansrsuperior, which is just SO HAPPY after the angst of the previous two. Pushing Daisies vids: Angel With An Attitude and Modern Nature by charmax, and Open Your Eyes by di_br all capture the joy of the show so well. And so pretty! ♥ SGA vids: 2 atoms in a molecule by zoetrope - this is so neat, with animation and arty bits and so on! There's even a singalong section. Grace Kelly and I Won't Say I'm In Love [John/Rodney] by dkwilliams - two classic examples of 'you're using what song now?' that work absolutely beautifully and fill me with yay. *

    [x] c'est dur de mourir au printemps - oh dear: started watching merlin, even though i didn't want to at first... the promo pics didn't convince me at all. but the vids did... well, & now i actually love it to pieces enjoy it. it's fun, it's slashy and magic-y (which is always nice), it's got anthony head, a hot arthur plus a cute, dorky merlin. & there are cgi-dragons & such... which makes everything even more fun ;) bitch prince by wistful_fever. 'i'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one' - oh yess. this is it! arthur/merlin... merlin is such a cute kid & arhur is a total bitch. but no worries, he is an angel underneath ;) (or at least, that's what merlin thinks). 10'000 nights by mamoru22. 'you're irresistable & i'm insatiable' - some more arthur/merlin, oh that cute, dorky pairing, ♥ (i wonder if you call it marthur or maybe arlin, *lol*) a bouncy, sweet vid, very wonderful.

    [x] boom_queen: SPN, SGA, BSG and other vid recs: SPN: Proofpudding- Epic Love Story. Such a perfect job of capturing every moment of delight and wonder and affection and LOVE between them. Gembat- Runs in the Family. A very intense and well-crafted vid! Deirdre-C -Be My Yoko Ono. Funny and perfect beat-work as always. SGA: Clucking Belles- Stress. I've rewatched this like a MILLION times. Sol-Se- Red Moon. A John/Ronon vid with so many great parallels drawn between their experiences/losses as soldiers. Diana Williams- I Wish I Could Go Back to Atlantis. Funny and sweet gen vid. Wistful_fever - Four Years. Put on your slash-goggles! BSG: Nicole-Anell- Electrical Storm. A visually lush and achey vid about how Sam was made for Kara. Really amazing editing and narrative in this one. Sabaceanbabe- Blue On Black. Slow, gorgeous and emotional--pure awesomeness. Canadiangirl_86- Liar. An angsty and beautiful vid about Adama/Roslin, Lee/Kara, Baltar, and the Final Four. Jarrow - Paul McCartney. And this vid is so adorable and dance-able!

    [x] Camerado - A trio of recs for your Wednesday: First, kassrachel's vid Old Brown's Daughter is - well, I stink at describing vids, but it's just so clever and heart-twisty and lovely, and it has the added bonus of Great Big Sea.

    [x] kuwdora: Rahmabama-ding-dong + vid recs: Girlfriend, Chuck/Casey by durantia42. We've all seen Avril Lavgine for slash vids, um, but let me say that I've never seen a better use of bumper tapping utilized in a video before. I might've peed myself laughing, too. I think this is (and not just because it's new and shiny and fun) one of my more favorite versions of this vid. Something to Talk About, Chuck/Casey, as done by heatheneyes. Um, this vid pretty much pwns. Um, Chuck/Casey pretty much pwns. eeeeee! I have seen the Chuck/Casey light, you guys. I'm sorry it took me so long. Another vid that has totally helped me feel a little fluffy and good and gleeful is Fabella's Arthur/Merlin vid Bitch. I've never seen the show, but oh dear god, the gay, and the jackassery of Arthur is SO CLEAR here. AH, just the clips-- Arthur being a tease, not wearing anything in between, him just being a prick. The show looks absolutely adorable and hey--I saw King Giles in there! Awesome. *clutches vid* My happy!

    [x] Must you pistol whip everyone, Emmett? - Vid rec: This Is Matrix Life: This Is Matrix Life (Matrix trilogy) by mranderson71 -- This isn't a new vid and I know many on my flist have probably seen (and recommended!) it ages ago. I'm not much of a Matrix fan (still haven't seen the last movie) and saw the vid for the first time at Vividcon in August and just got around now to leaving feedback...thus the very late rec. But it's so awesome that I can't NOT plug it, late or not, on the off-chance that someone who hasn't seen it already will read this. Such a perfect balance of dry humor, musicality and effects so well-chosen that I'm not even sure whether or not some things are effects or already in the source (which is ideal effect usage in my eyes)...masterful editing and fun to boot.

    [x] sunryse00: Merlin Slash Vids: 10,000 Nights by mamoru22. OMG it doesn't get any better than this. Those two crazy kids at their dysfunctional best. Only In My Mind by lightofshadows6. this vid just makes me all warm and fuzzy. I love Merlin/Arthur. The editing is tight using the subtext and chemistry these two characters bring to the screen. It just has the best of the show all condensensed into a little over two minutes. Let Me Be Myself by bleu4bleu. This vid is what happens when you take some of the cutest Arthur scenes, add Merlin being Merlin, with a touch of the domineering royal father, and even when Merlin isn't doing anything but standing there you can't help but love him. Can I just say I love Bradley James at his most awesome making Arthur just the cutest prince eva. This vid is just made of goodness. Codeword: Chapstick by sajee82. use of a song I've seen. The Bitch Prince by wistful_fever. While I'm not crazy about the song it's by fabella and it's Merlin. 'nuff said.

    [x] obsessive24: vid rec - merlin: I pretty much fell down dead with joy when I found out that wistful_fever is into Merlin and is working on a vid. And, being the speedster that she is, it's already up, and as to be expected from her it's GLORIOUS. It's exactly what you'd expect from a Arthur/Merlin vid: semi-ridiculous conceptually (in the most positive, glitter-and-love-filled sense) yet somehow terribly right at the same time, hits all the sweet spots and of course extremely, extremely gay. The Bitch Prince, Merlin/Arthur. WIN!!!!!!

    [x] The True Story of Matilda Sweetfuck - A half cannot truly hate that which makes it whole. Or: Merlin/Arthur Recs to Soothe the Sappy Soul: Merlin/Arthur VIDS: 10,000 Nights by mamoru22. Great intro vid! Cute, bouncy, and full of rampant subtext. The song -- and the vid -- will be stuck in your head for weeks. The Bitch Prince by wistful_fever. Just posted! You see, Prince Arthur is a bitch. He's a lover. He's a child, he's a mother. Who knew? wistful_fever knew. This vid is a lot of fun, veering between insightful and unapologetic crack with style.

    [x] destina: On Veterans Day: Every Veterans Day, I make myself cry with vagabondage's vid 1916. What really touches me about the vid is the reminder that there are millions of men and women buried across the world whose sacrifices, and names, have been forgotten. And I think that makes it all the more important to honor the sacrifices of those who are still with us.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Sunday, November 16th, 2008
    4:27 pm
    Vid Recs posted in November, Part 5

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs posted in November Part 5

    [x] [some kind of title] - Merlin Vid Recs! Oh yes, indeed.: The Bitch Prince by wistful_fever. Oh, how do I love this vid? Let me count the ways. No, there are too many. Code Word: Chapstick by nixwilliams & sajee. The music is a cover of that Katy Perry song, but this version puts a different slant on the song just by virtue of a male singer. Chasing Cars by peri7766hhyeg. Gwen/Merlin. Aw, my 2nd favorite pairing. The Choice by nel_ani. Gorgeous instrumental music. Only In My Mind by lightofshadows6. Love the texture of this one. 10,000 Nights by mamoru22. Merlin/Arthur. Utterly adorable! It makes me grin. All Fall Down by bleu4bleu. OH BOYS. Everything You Want by anime_fangirl_3. Merlin/Arthur. I think this has some interesting lyric choices, such as "places you might have turned" for Gwen. Open Your Eyes by summersparkle2. Gwen/Merlin, Morgana/Arthur. Rehab also by summersparkle2. A pairings extraveganza! Gwen/Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Morgana, Gwen/Lancelot. I've just seen Merlin by jedicathy. Arthur/Merlin. Fun & charming! Yay!

    [x] A Dreamer's Paradise - Weekly Fandom Ramble...A bit heavy on Mars & Simm with Vid Recs: I've been a bit obsessed with Life on Mars and John Simm in general this week. The first one is set to Viva La Vida and is made by petrat76. Featuring the AU that has Sam remembering when he ruled the world as a psycopathic Time Lord. This song fits the Master so well, it even mentions the sound of drums. One more for the Master. Don't Play Nice by crycraven. And now for a Life on Mars video by loz4321 set to Maybe Tomorrow (with some dialogue). And one more Life on Mars vid by lilonion79 done to Walk Through Fire.

    [x] Xina Marie Uhl - Vic Rec and Fic - Castiel!: I love this Castiel vidlet by vespertanmer: Missionary Man.

    [x] [some kind of title] -: The Master and the Bad Horse Chorus by jetpack_monkey. Doctor Who. The Master really wants to be in the Evil League of Evil. Titanic: The Sequel by mrderekjohnson (YouTube). Fake movie trailer. This is the craziest crack I've seen in a long time. it all the way through. I think my favorite part is the visor that says "Diamond Finder." I really love this person's brain.

    [x] RabidRaeann - Doctor Who Vid Recommendation, too!: Since I was over on YouTube anyway...I thought I would check on how my vids were doing...and that led to surfing...and surfing led to this lovely Rose/Doctor vid...which many of you have probably seen...but not enough of you have, I bet. Queen of my Heart by NightTimeWish.

    [x] RabidRaeann - Eccleston Fans...HELP!: I am looking for a vid featuring Eccleston in his many roles and set to the music of Suzie B. Hawkins, "Damn, I wish I was your lover."

    [x] lexandros: Okay, I need to go babysitting in a minute: I just have to rec this Merlin vid by bleu4bleu first. It's Merlin/Arthur (duh) and pretty angsty - emphasis being on the pretty (duh). How so damn gorgeous, Mr Bradley James? Man, I can't wait to see all those amazing Arthur-vids that are bound to surface as the series progresses.

    [x] lexandros: Drive-by Merlin vid recs:Choise by nel_a: Drive-by Merlin vid recs: Choise by nel_ani uses Yann Tiersen's song "Comptine d'un autre été" from the Amélie soundtrack. It's a really gorgeous, angsty vid that didn't entirely work for me on the first viewing but which I just fell in love with when rewatching - such a beautiful and touching vid! Code word: Chapstick is an episodic vid of "The Gates of Avalon" by nixwilliams and sajee. The song is "I Kissed A Girl" but what makes it awesome is that this time it's sung by a guy, Max Vernon. I honestly don't think the Katy Perry original has anything queer about it but this version makes the song work on a whole new level. The vid is pretty damn queer, too. I find myself enjoying it more each time I watch it. The vid has a fresh and original feel to it compared to a lot of Merlin/Arthur vids simply by concentrating on that one time Prince Arthur kissed a girl.

    [x] bironic: Garak/Bashir resurfaces in my life.: I found some Garak/Bashir vids on YouTube. Here's an example that isn't half bad: Flawed Design, by diftorhehsmusma. The music is perfect for Garak, the clips fit the lyrics even if they don't always cut away soon enough or match the beat the way I'd like them to, and the footage is astonishingly suggestive. It shouldn't be, I suppose, when at least one of the actors (Robinson/Garak) was deliberately playing his character to be attracted to the other. Silencing the dialogue, which is usually snappy and requires concentration, might make the difference ... Obsidian Order Man. (Garak gen, humor, set to "Secret Agent Man.")

    [x] sunryse00: Vid Rec:The Lies of Handsome Men: The Lies of Handsome Men by dkwilliams. Multifandom. This is a love letter to all of us slash fangirls that marvel at the men of our dreams while separated by a computer monitor, television or movie screen.

    [x] Just Nel - Things that make me happy: This version of I Kissed A Girl and the vid attached to it. [code word: chapstick by nixwilliams and sajee].

    [x] c'est dur de mourir au printemps - oh dear: started watching merlin, even though i didn't want to at first... the promo pics didn't convince me at all. but the vids did... well, & now i actually love it to pieces enjoy it. it's fun, it's slashy and magic-y (which is always nice), it's got anthony head, a hot arthur plus a cute, dorky merlin. & there are cgi-dragons & such... which makes everything even more fun ;) bitch prince by wistful_fever. 'i'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one' - oh yess. this is it! arthur/merlin... merlin is such a cute kid & arhur is a total bitch. but no worries, he is an angel underneath ;) (or at least, that's what merlin thinks). 10'000 nights by mamoru22. 'you're irresistable & i'm insatiable' - some more arthur/merlin, oh that cute, dorky pairing, ♥ (i wonder if you call it marthur or maybe arlin, *lol*) a bouncy, sweet vid, very wonderful.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
    3:11 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 6

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 6

    [x] The Taste of Insanity is Butter-Flavored - I has recs!: Standing in the Rain by milena_d. Last night I watched this very very cool AU Sam/Cam video by milena_d that is phenomenally put together. While I'm not a Sam/Cam shipper I simply had to tell folks about this because of the awesome job she did of creating this AU and it has to be seen. Blitzed over on TF had submitted a fun Farscape video to the Burbank Con that I absolutely adore and I'm laying bets that if you give it a chance you'll be boppin' along with it just as much as I do. I think she has an LJ but I'm not actually sure what it is or else I'd link to that instead. UP by Blitzed.

    [x] kassrachel: Morning miscellany: allow me to rec zoetrope's latest vid, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, which shows that SGA is really just The Wizard of Oz in spaaaace! ::beaming::

    [x] dsudis: my weekend!: It is possible that iuliamentis and I both still get choked up every time we see destina's vid about space, okay? My love for absolutedestiny's "Heart of Funkness" vid remains unholy and ridiculous.

    [x] See, Vera? -: OMGYAYVIDSQUEE!!! MIT and OTW made a series of short vids about vidding for school kids. It is truly awesome and full of the love of vids. Hi vidders! It's so nice to see your lovely faces and hear your 'joy of vids' voices.

    [x] annakovsky: Recommendations: Brand New Day fanvid for Life -- This vid is so PEPPY and happy and has stuff from season 2 in it and it basically made my life this weekend when I found it.

    [x] frogspace: Merlin Vid Rec:Oh mein Gott, so wunderschön! ♥ Every Fear You've Ever Faced von the_organge_nin (MERLIN, Merlin/Arthur). Poetisch, fesselnd, hypnotisch, märchenhaft. Selten gab es einen treffenderen Titel für ein Vid. Was ihre Ängste über sie sagen, ist bezeichnend, und vom tiefsten Punkt ausgehend wird man auf der Woge der Gefühle mit empor gehoben, wenn die beiden wie Magneten voneinander angezogen werden und man denkt, jetzt, jetzt ...

    [x] c'est dur de mourir au printemps - misc vid recs.: invisible man. stunna glasses by talitha78. bobby & darien are being cool. and i can't believe i haven' recced this yet! it's i-man, which is pure ♥. & so is this vid... oh i miss the slashy h/c fest that was this show so much sometimes, *sigh* merlin. every fear you've ever faced by the_orange_nin. a beautiful, melancholic merlin/arthur vid. beautiful edit & song.. aww, i looove my new fandom! james bond (casion royale). skin by chasarumba. if you haven't seen this yet, you've definitely missed something vital in recent vid history ;) one of the smoothest, shinest vidsi've ever seen, wow. x-files. the rainbow connection by abby82 another old, but treasured fandom of mine, my first big love :) a beautiful, epic vid about mulder's search & struggle, very sweet (well, the song is from sarah mc lachlan), but still filled with a quiet melancholy - wonderful.

    [x] WinterEvanesce @ Lj -: because of this vid.. I want to go and watch the rest of Skins, right this second!!!!! and vid it :D The vidder can be found here: She's very good!! Please take a moment to check out her vids. They are worth the watch.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - winterevanesce linked to a vid: winterevanesce linked to a vid here, and now I am obtaining "Skins." Wow.

    [x] sunryse00: Vid Rec: Merlin/Arthur: Vid Rec: Merlin/Arthur. I can't get enough of these two crazy kids. When I surf YT looking for vids I know I've got it bad. All My Loving.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - This vid seriously needs more love: Skin, by chasarumba. Casino Royale. Gorgeous, gorgeous cutting. Gorgeous everything. A stunner, seriously.

    [x] shati: but I did not go to Manderley: Topical vid rec: Hourglass, a multifandom vid by giandujakiss, which expresses the inner pain of my soul.

    [x] [some kind of title] - Insta-Vid Rec! (Prison Break! Eek!): Paralyzer by sdwolfpup. Alex wants to make Michael move. Because he's standing still. It's a season 3 dirty, sweaty, crazy Alex vid! YAY! I have watched this so many times, I've lost count. Good times!

    [x] [some kind of title] - One more Merlin vid rec: Another insta-vid rec tonight. Every Fear You've Ever Faced by the_orange_nin. There is room beneath your bed just for me. Merlin/Arthur. Absolutely gorgeous! I adore this person's style of cutting & sense of timing. Beautiful. (This is going to be one of those fandoms where the greatness of the fanworks far outweighs the actual show, isn't it? *g*)

    [x] The True Story of Matilda Sweetfuck - When fandom pimping goes horribly awry...: So, I was just attempting to repay sdwolfpup's pimping of Prison Break (and her foul, enabling ways! P.S. check out her hot new vid)

    [x] laurashapiro: Shiny pretty things: Also, if you haven't yet caught zoetrope's "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," you're missing out.

    [x] dr_horriblesing: Crossover vid: I've got a crossover vid rec to share- Doctor Who/Dr. Horrible crossover video by jetpack_monkey. Title: The Master and the Bad Horse Chorus. Song: Bad Horse Chorus from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog. Fandom: Doctor Who. Summary: The Master receives a long-awaited phone call. (0:39)

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Sunday, November 16th, 2008
    8:50 pm
    Meta Vidding Newsletter: Issue 78 (Weeks October 25 to November 16,2008)

    Original poster: morgandawn

    Note: [info]the_reel  is looking for vid review volunteers.

    Although we aim to be as comprehensive as possible, with categories as broad as these it is inevitable that some vids and news items will be overlooked. If you have something you would like included, please don't hesitate to comment and we'll add it to the next newsletter.

    Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
    8:08 pm
    Vid Recs posted in October, Part 7

    Original poster: par_avion

    I keep thinking that I'm done with October, and then I find more recs. Here's some more, with some from September for good measure.

    Vid Recs Posted in October

    [x] The Wanderings and Ramblings - Fandom on Fandom: Hey guys, I (or my journal, the tiger meta, rather) unknowingly ended up in a SPN fandom vid (a fanvid about fandom) a couple of times. It debuted at Winchestercon this past weekend. Wow, am I a dork or what? Also, my fellow flister-fangirls, kentawolf and erinrua, are in the vid, too. Thanks to maharet83 for the heads-up. You can leave comments for the vidder here.

    [x] boom_queen: Vid recs (and a bit of angst): bop_radar just posted an AWESOME Gaius Baltar vid that really highlights both the humor and the evil of his ego-driven and schizophrenic character arc. Hip-hop vids ftw! kiki_miserychic posted an AMAZING S4 VID to Handlebars by Flobots back in June that I am just now bonding with. It explores how power, need and duty corrupt both humans and cylons in season 4 through some absolutely brilliant lyrical interpretations and editing. This vid packed even more of a punch for me than flummery's much-lauded use of Handlebars for a DW vid. dayln03 has a beautiful season 1 Veronica Mars character vid that is both warm/fuzzy and aaaaaangsty. Pure awesomeness.

    [x] Xina Marie Uhl - HAPPY SUPERNATURAL DAY!!!: To celebrate, here's a vid rec snagged from tahirire and janglyjewels (spoilers for all of Season 4 that's been aired already). It was made by maichan808 - comment on it here.

    [x] Xina Marie Uhl - Recs - Supernatural and Dark Angel: Supernatural: counteragent made this amazing vid about the show and fandom and women and it must have taken her a gojillion hours. Go and watch and flail - here.

    [x] Xina Marie Uhl - Fic & Vid Recs - Supernatural/Dark Angel and Dark Angel: Dark Angel Vid Recs: 20th Century Boy by crazywritinfool Summary: Transgenic Action Alec--he's your toy, your 20th century boy. Well, 21st century, but who's counting? All Alec, practically every frame. Beware! Your ovaries may explode from his gorgeousness. Girlfriend by bunniqula Summary: Alec thinks Logan needs a new girlfriend... as long as that 'girlfriend' is him. (Logan/Alec and Logan/Max) Gratuitous use of balls, sticks, Jensen Ackles' mouth and other phallic and sexual innuendo. A clever, upbeat slashy vid that made me smile.

    [x] oxoniensis: They make me happy, that's why: Two Supernatural vids to watch: Be My Yoko Ono by deirdre_c and Born Under A Bad Sign by proofpudding. Good stuff!

    [x] misty_writes: epic love story: Ugh, I was trying to get started on a book review that's due tomorrow (on a book I haven't read, wahhh), but then I watched this music video. BRB CRYING. Oh, SamnDean, why do you do this to me. T__T [edit] Here is a nice Wincestuous Sam/Dean video to cheer you up.

    Recs from September 2008

    [x] Xina Marie Uhl - Castiel Recs - Comm, Vid, & Fic: Vid: gembat made a wonderful Castiel vid here. I love the style and the song and of course the visuals.

    [x] Ran away and joined the circus -: I think most of you have seen this Sam/Dean vid but I'm posting it anyway. Whenever anyone uses Sarah McLachlan's music I'm basically sold. This is SAM/DEAN *g*

    [x] kittyzams: 'cause i love you more than i could ever promise: AWWWWWW! If you need a heart-happy moment go watch this Sam-n-Dean vid by killabeez. I was sad-faced because I thought it was f-locked and I couldn't share it with you but I just found out she posted it here, too! SO GO. If you do not feel your heart schmooping in your chest by the time it's finished then I am convinced YOU ARE A ROBOT. That is all. <333!!!

    [x] I Need To Be Under Your Skin - SPN vid rec: So, if you haven't seen amazing wincest vid by proofpudding, - run and download it. Wonderful vid. And now the vid's song "Centrefolds" by Placebo is eating my brain.

    [x] I Need To Be Under Your Skin - SPN vid rec:Okay, one more vid I want to rec. It's wincest, coz what else would I rec ya?)) The vid is amazing and you should totally see it. It's Stanford' time, you might take the vid as AU but for me it's the canon. As the result: I enjoyed beautiful song '9 Crimes' by Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan (one of my faves), I loved every piece of the vid, and my bleeding wincestish heart was on the plate.Thanks to liv_niggle for the great job.

    [x] I Am Establishing A Position On The Internet - it's a bird! it's a plane! it's a politician!: Another thing that is awesome about meeting voiceofkiki: she ends up giving you links to the greatest things ever, including--but not limited to--a vid set to Holding Out For Hiro, the greatest Heroes filk ever, and one of the greatest vids ever. How great is it? I am actually excited about Heroes again. Yeah. Bitch yeah.

    [x] Reality Is For Those Who Lack Imagination - Rec: SGA: 2 Atoms In A Molecule by zoetrope. Pairing: John/Rodney. Summary: 2 atoms in a molecule (or Why John Sheppard is an Emotional Simpleton) *pumps fist in the air* The kick ass sequel/companion to the awesome 'Absolutely Cuckoo' vid that I made my 2 year old nephew watch the other day (he loved it). [info]zoetrope is in a league of her own when it comes to vids, check it out:)

    [x] torchwood_house: VID: Robot Heart by kel_reiley: Robot Heart by kel_reiley. Song/Artist: Sort of a Protest Song by Matthew Good Band. There are lots of fics which examine the results of the events of 'Exit Wounds' on Jack; this vid does something I've wanted to see for a long time -- it provides that examination in a gorgeous and eloquent visualization. Elegantly showing us the connections between the moments of Jack's life as well as his most precious relationships, and how they've all led him to this point, kel_reiley uses the repetition of like images to communicate a staggering sense of weight and the passage of time. The song is an excellent choice for Jack, and this vid absolutely does it justice, giving us a window into Jack's immortality, and the shattering burden of all his history.

    [x] torchwood_house: Vid: Torch Bears, by samantharichter: Torch Bears by samantharichter. Song/Artist: The Gummi Bears Theme sung by The Brown Derbies. This is a combination that most people would take one look at and think, "Oh come on! That'll never work." But it does. Somehow, the clips and cuts fit together with the song to provide us a G rated version of Torchwood. It's funny, it's cute, it's probably fluffy, but it's so worth a viewing... or two or three. Vidders appreciate your comments! Feel free to let them know if you liked their work.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
    1:44 pm
    Vid Recs posted in September (Part 1)

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs posted in September, Part 1 )
    ETA: links fixed.

    Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
    8:22 pm
    Vid Recs posted in November, Part 3

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in November (Part 3)

    [x] yuletide: Help the needy! (fandoms that is) AKA Pimp Your Fandoms Here: The Motorcycle Diaries is one of my favorite movies. The two main characters are Ernesto Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado. The two of them travel around South America together first on a motorcycle and then on the back of trucks, ferries, prop planes, etc. You guys, it's young Che Guevara being all idealistic and noble and humble and sexy and played by Gael García Bernal, and the Ernesto/Alberto is slashy as all hell. Ernesto has asthma and there is seriously beautiful canon hurt/comfort. The scenery is breathtaking and the guys get to meet and learn from people from all different walks of life in the countries they visit. There's a great score by the composer Gustavo Santaolalla (who also did the music for Brokeback Mountain and Babel) and a song by Jorge Drexler that won the Oscar for best original song that year. Here's a YouTube video with some good clips.

    [x] yuletide: Help the needy! (fandoms that is) AKA Pimp Your Fandoms Here: True Colors is a 1991 film starring John Cusack and James Spader. Cusack plays a morally-grey politician, and Spader is the District Attorney he went to school with. The film follows their relationship from law school onward. Oh, and this youtubed fanvid is great if you need slashy incentive to watch this film--I especially love the creator's comments in the description. <3

    [x] pheebs1: Fall Fandom Free For All Master List: This is the master list for the contributions to the Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Vid, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Dance Commander = Electric Six by such_heights for green_wing Vid, Stargate SG-1, Scientists by sg_betty for sg_fignewton Video, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Become by in_the_bottle for jadesfire2808 Video, Firefly, Paper Cups Video by lovelyhera for zooey_glass04 Video, Supernatural, Damaged by thandie for gekizetsu Video, Supernatural, Lucky Man by el1ie for pdragon76 Video, Supernatural, Iko Ikoby el1ie for kimonkey7 Video, X-Files, The Rainbow Connection by abby82 for juniperphoenix [N.B. Not quite a rec, but I wanted to pass it along anyway]

    [x] ubixtiz: Links to stuff! Absence of original content!: thesamefire just posted with a reminder of how awesome thejumpcut's Frank/Gerard vid to Toxic is. Which is a fairly high level of awesome. It's kind of mesmerising to watch Gerard Way appear to sing Britney's lyrics. And do, er, other things.

    [x] daybreak777: Do You Need Cheer?: What else? Crack vids! Chewbacca/Han Solo.

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Runs in the Family by gembat: Runs in the Family by gembat. Song by Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls). Holy wow. In 56 seconds, gembat manages to pack in so much about Mary and the cycle of Winchester martyrdom. Great editing, great clip choices, and particularly great use of the song. All and all, a skillful and dead on character study.

    [x] [some kind of title] - youtube vidder recs (sg-1/dw): Stumbled across a couple vidders I'm liking. By polvoice on YouTube: Stargate SG-1: Fluorescent Adolescent. Vala, (Vala/Daniel) Doctor Who: Mr. Brightside. Jack/Doctor/Martha/Tom/Master/Lucy craziness...a love hexigon? It's like insane POV musical chairs! (Ow, my brain.) Black and Gold. Doctor/Donna. Smiley Faces. Ninth Doctor. (Aw, I miss Nine. He was my first Doctor.) And the vids below are all by valamd on YouTube. Stargate SG-1: The Story. Cam/Sam. I love that this is from Cam's POV. Aw, he was made for her. (Note: The music for this was pulled. Look in the sidebar there for a download link.). Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Vala/Cam, Vala/Daniel. No Sleep Tonight. I'll just make this a little more obvious. Vala/Daniel.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Friday, November 7th, 2008
    10:04 pm
    Recs posted in October, Part 6

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in October, Part 6

    [x] Love makes you do the wacky - Vid Squees and Requests for more in Supernatural: Watch the Sky by astartexx. Has she done any others in Supernatural? Next is my favourite vid in all the land; of any vid I’ve ever seen. Morgan Dawn’s ‘God Says Nothing Back’. I cannot over emphasise how much I have fallen in love with this, and how many times I have watched, listened, and just *loved* it. How can you not love something put together so beautifully, and which has lyrics like.. “To be in your heart I failed my own, Love says nothing back but I told you so.” (Also there is ‘Hotel California’ by MD there, can I watch it yet?) Bricks by Luminosity. (Also noticed Women’s Work, Shuffle Your Feet and Two Step – can I watch them yet?) All That I Am by Lithium Doll. Brilliant. Haunting, amazing.. words fail me. My second favourite vid ever, just after God Says Nothing Back, I reckon. Any other Supernatural ones by LD out there?? I also have a link for ‘Run’ by Brighette, but that’s end of S3, yes? So I’ll wait.

    [x] Love makes you do the wacky - Vid Squees and Requests for more in Supernatural: Yes, astartexx has done lots of SPN vids - her most recent was Jesus Christ, which is about Dean and I think goes through all of S2 (so you'll want to finish the season before you watch that one - check the date it was posted). I'm sure you can follow her tags at her LJ. Lithium Doll also has more - surf around on her site charmax has a couple of good SPN vids; follow the tags at her LJ. You can watch greensilver's Ghost Song now. Luminosity's vids - I think you can probably watch WW, Shuffle Your Feet, and Two Step, but WW ... it isn't what you're expecting. She's also got an amazing vid that relies on S3, The Fifth Circle, so you can look forward to that. When you finish S2, you can watch Windowsill [sweetestdrain], Want [destina], and The Six Between Us [winterevanesce]. Obviously, there are a billion more - SPN is a very active vidding fandom.

    [x] Love makes you do the wacky - Vid Squees and Requests for more in Supernatural: Have you seen Absolutedestiny's Too Much Light in this Bar (LoM S/G), t.jonsey and Killa's Closer (Star Trek K/S) or the fantastic Lim's Us a meta vid about the tribe of fandom...

    [x] jared padalecki is ruining my life - jesussss alkjdlfkjsdlkfsl;a;: Sorry for spamming, but do you guys remember when I was begging for this? Well. proofpudding, who is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, went and DID IT. And it. Is. AMAZINGGG. This is my Sam Winchester, y'all. UGH BB. Like I told Melissa, it's so dark and introspective and unnervingly true to Sam's character...and you still can't help but feel SO sympathetic to his cause. Which is SO FREAKING TRUE. He doesn't know what's happening anymore than WE do, and OH SAM. OH MY SAMMY SAM SAAAAAM. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TOPPY SUMBITCH. :( Watch it here: Sam Winchester :: Born Under a Bad Sign. Summary: "I'm a whole new level of freak." AND PLZ TELL HER HOW SHE ROCKS. ♥

    [x] I Am Establishing A Position On The Internet - i never felt this far away from home: Insta-rec: OMG!, a Doctor Who vid by obsessive24. It's all the main New Who companions plus bits of Torchwood spliced in because--well, you'll see. And it is just so very happy and made entirely out of love, yes yes.

    [x] I Am Establishing A Position On The Internet - also, hella chills.: Man. This is one of those times where I feel like I should make a journal entry, because it's something I want to share, but--for a writer, I'm not actually that good with the words, so. Was bored, rewatched a couple first-season Heroes vids--Sawatte Kawatte and People Get Ready--started crying, couldn't quite figure out why. That about covers it.

    [x] Reality Is For Those Who Lack Imagination - Rec: Doctor Who: Signed, The Doctor by hollywoodgrrl. Fandom: Doctor Who. Summary: The Other Doctor leaves Rose a note.'s not a happy note. Last night I dreamt of regeneration. Not happy but it really is beautifully thought out and put together. Much more than just a mash up of clips.

    [x] Reality Is For Those Who Lack Imagination - Rec: Torchwood: Set The Fire To The Third Bar by SE. Pairing: Jack/Ianto. For starters: I *adore* this song. And this vid made me fall even more in love with Ianto, S1 Ianto at that. The the way this was put together is brilliant and even though the story it's telling isn't anything new, it still looks and feels fresh and exciting. And of course, S1 Ianto was all about the man pain, so get your tissues ready.

    [x] _bettina_: Life is just one damned thing after another.: Merlin Songvid Rec: All Fall Down. Awesome vid, very beautifully done! ♥

    [x] _bettina_: No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately.: mamoru22 posted her Halloween songvid. I don't really like Halloween, but this vid is just awesome. Zombie Dance!

    [x] unlovablehands: tender lumplings everywhere: Here, have some thematic videos: Goodnight Moon (Heroes), by bradcpu. Zombie Jamboree (multi-fandom), by giandujakiss. From comments: sol_se's Halloween (Heroes).

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Sunday, November 9th, 2008
    11:48 pm
    Vid Recs posed in November, Part 2

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 2

    [x] frogspace: Merlin 1x08: Zum Nachtisch: Only In My Mind von lightofshadows6 (Vid, pining!Merlin).

    [x] _bettina_: We learn something every day, and lots of times it's that what we learned the day before was wrong.: Yet another Merlin songvid rec: Only In My Mind by lightofshadows6.

    [x] World's Finest - Marvel/DC Season 2: Happy Hour #3: I almost missed itsjustsomerandomguy's next installment of his hilarious Marvel/DC parody, which was posted a few days ago.

    [x] I Am Establishing A Position On The Internet - and how awesome is it that there's a male cover of that song in the first place: Given how awesome the Merlin fandom is despite its youth, I should not be surprised at all that the first Merlin vid I come across is so awesome it must be seen to be believed. Go. Now. Spoilers up to 1x07, and really, just about all of it is from that episode, so--OH WHATEVER JUST GO SEE IT. code word: chapstick (merlin fanvid) by sajee82.

    [x] bonibaru: "Plus you can’t underestimate the power of being such an entirely huge nerd":laurashapiro and Francesca Coppa made a series of short (~3 min) documentaries about vidding for MIT's New Media Literacies program. They're here. The audience is - I think - high school and college age students, so they're pretty accessible to everyone. Start with "What is Vidding?" I was trying to explain vidding to someone the other day and I wish I'd just been able to say go watch those. The "collaborations" piece gives a nice plug to [info]vidding (of which moi am a co-moderator, although [info]morgandawn does most of the heavy lifting - I just quell flamewars, police tagging, grant permissions and smack rule violators :D :D :D

    [x] [some kind of title] - [3 vid recs & a reminder]: Lost: Miles From Where You Are by dayln03. Jack/Sawyer/Claire AU with a compelling story and some truly amazing manips. (Personal side note: I always love to see how other people have interpreted a song I've vidded myself. It's like seeing it from a fresh perspective.) Doctor Who: The Scientist by mischief89. Doctor/Martha I adore when it hits about 3 minutes in. OH MARTHA. Battlestar Galactica: Easy Silence by maidmarian158. Helo/Athena. There's something soft and understated about this video that just really appeals to me.

    [x] ivorygates: VIDREC: THE PENDULUM SWINGS [SG-1, J/D]: The Pendulum Swings‎ by kazbaby. Music: Waltzing's for Dreamers by Keith Hancock. Jack/Daniel. You all know that learning to vid is on my do-list for after I become Galactic Emperor, right? Well, thanks to kazbaby I don't have to wait. She took my babbleicious ramblings and created this gorgeous, painful, ultimately awesome vid. And it actually reduces me to incoherent flailing, so now you have to see it...

    [x] [some kind of title] - More H:LotS vids exist! (woohoo!): This Is Such A Pity by ILovePartnerLove. I know how to pick on you. You push me over the edge. Frank/Tim. Push by befriendsomeonetoday. I wanna take you for granted. Frank POV, Frank/Tim. I love this one so much. Oh, Frank! ♥ And the same vidder seems to have a Bayliss counterpart vid: Bent. I know you think I need a lot. Tim POV, Tim/Frank. Tim is so needy. Oh, Timmy! ♥ How to Save a Life by quietandsneaky. As he begins to raise his voice, you lower yours. Frank/Tim. Over My Head again by ILovePartnerLove. She's on your mind. Tim Bayliss, Tim/Frank. And for a change, this one is not a Frank or Tim vid: Evidence by Uncletim. Ensemble, gen.

    [x] Molesk(onl)ine - Go watch the vid documentaries!: laurashapiro , with OTW, produced vidding documentaries!!! about vid-making - with interviews of vidders and clips of vids. They are each very short, so even if you only have a few mins, go check them out. They are LOVE. :D :D :D#

    [x] loony_moony: Pieces of fandom love: proofpudding's new Wincest vid. It's GORGEOUS, and it's SO, SO ACCURATE. You can't NOT see the Wincest after this. Amazing. (warning though: I don't know about other people, but imeem didn't load for me, and sendspace took FOREVER to download completely. have patience, young padawan)

    [x] Xina Marie Uhl - Dark Angel Fic, Vids, & Podfic Recs Master Post (Gen, Slash, Other & Crossovers): Vids: I Like the Way You Move by thandie - Kick ass in the BEST possible way. I've watched this vid time and time again and it never gets old! ETA - it looks like this vid is still available in .avi, but not on youtube. One Jump Ahead by backinblack made this funny, awesome Alec vid. 20th Century Boy by crazywritinfool Summary: Transgenic Action Alec--he's your toy, your 20th century boy. Well, 21st century, but who's counting? All Alec, practically every frame. Beware! Your ovaries may explode from his gorgeousness. Girlfriend by bunniqula Summary: Alec thinks Logan needs a new girlfriend... as long as that 'girlfriend' is him. (Logan/Alec and Logan/Max) Gratuitous use of balls, sticks, Jensen Ackles' mouth and other phallic and sexual innuendo. A clever, upbeat slashy vid that made me smile.

    [x] CRYSTALchain - With You (This World Is A Better Place): I just found this video and I have to rec it cause it is without question, and this is really not an understatement, the most beautiful Sam & Dean musicvideo I've ever seen. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, no kidding. Just...Wow! I love the song and the scenes fit so well with the lyrics and just... god, it's so gorgeous!! I could watch it over and over again ♥ this is the reason why I love this show so much. "The epic lovestory of Sam & Dean Winchester" made by proofpudding.

    [x] Night & Day - SPN vid rec: This video is my new happy place: The Epic Love Story of Sam&Dean by proofpudding. It's not a Wincest video despite the title.* It's just a look at how much they love each other and how much they mean to each other and it's just beautifully done. Beautiful colours, wonderful editing and it just made me smile and feel all good inside. *happy sigh* *Unless you like it to be. Then it's the greatest tribute to their gigantic incesty gay love EVER! Ehem.

    [x] honeyone: OH MY HEART.: Found this through hoveringon. Their love is... vid rec: spn. sam+dean. "epic love story" by proofpudding. Only I ended up watching it as Jared/Jensen. JUST. OMG. gypsy_sunday : YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. IT FITS. IT FIIITTSSSSSSS. T__________T IT FITS RIGHT *IN* IT'S AMAZING. OMG. We must squeal over this tonight. D:

    [x] I Need To Be Under Your Skin - SPN vid rec: If you're wincest fan - you should totally run and download the gorgeous vid "Epic love story" by proofpudding.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Saturday, November 8th, 2008
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    Vid Recs posted in November (Part 1)

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in November, Part 1

    [x] [some kind of title] - Vidding Is My Fandom!": If you weren't aware, there's been a vidding documentary in the works for a while now. And it's now officially online here, YAY! Go check it out! It's a series of 6 short segments. laurashapiro (who put so much work into this, thank you) has a suggested order of viewing here. I did not film myself for it (although now I kinda regret that), but I must admit...that when it showed people dancing to "Filthy Mind" at the end of "I Like To Watch"...I may have shouted "hee!" out loud and flailed at my screen. Dancing! To my vid! Mostly, I was left with an overwhelming love for vidders and vidding fandom. Vidding is totally its own fandom. How are you guys all so awesome??? Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who put time and effort into this documentary. It is truly wonderful!

    [x] Howling at the Sky - A couple of very cool links to entertain yourself with this weekend, and other stuff: Via laurashapiro: A vidding documentary produced by fans (and starring fans!) is available online. Relevant viewing and other information provided at that link. We saw a preview of it at Vividcon this year and it was fantastic. Anyway, go watch the documentary! Laura and Ces did an amazing job putting it together and it's fun and funny and full of love for this hobby we're all devoted to.

    [x] Talking Back to TV - writing about vids for a film studies audience: Oh, and speaking of representing vids, vidders, and vidding to the outside world: the MIT/OTW New Media Literacies documentary series on vidding that Francesca Coppa and laurashapiro put together is now online, and it's terrific. The audience, as Laura points out, is middle school and high school students, so bear that in mind as you watch. I think the series is terrific, and I am delighted to have been able to participate.

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - So that's what you all look like!: laurashapiro, with OTW, produced these marvelous little videos about vid-making - with interviews of vidders and clips of vids. The credits at the end tell me that most, if not all, of the interviewees are people I know through LJ, but I mostly can't tell who is who (well, Ian's accent kind of gives him away, so that's one down, and there are others I can figure out by various clues. Like having a hard drive named "Starsky."). Anyway, these are great fun, if a bit disorienting - I generally tend to assume that in real life, everyone looks like their default icon :-).

    [x] The Lesser of Two Weevils: being the writings of two nice ladies - On the loaf: PS: Watch this HLOTS video on YouTube. It will make you tear up and remember why it was the best damn show on TV.

    [x] keepaofthecheez: rec rec rec rec rec:YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. I actually just SCARED MY CHILD SQUEALING LOUDLY OVER THIS: The epic love story of Sam&Dean. music: with you. natalie walker. by: proofpudding. FIVE FUCKING STARS. BEST EVER. Ten seconds into it and I was a WEEPING, SCHMOOPY MESS. Go. Watch. FLAIL WITH MEEEE! I think Melissa is my new favorite vidder EVER. And she has single-handedly convinced me WITH THIS VIDEO EVIDENCE, that everything will TURN OUT OKAY. BECAUSE, JUST LOOK AT THEM. OH GOD. ♥ ♥

    [x] deirdre_c: And people wonder why we love the Wincest....: This vid is such perfection, I can't stop watching it. The epic love story of Sam and Dean by proofpudding. Utterly amazing. ♥

    [x] superduperkc - with the! omg! and the!!!: How do I deserve THIS? I don't know. I don't think I actually do! This isn't a true rec. This may be actual gloating. Dayln made me a (very early) birthday present and I am so in awe that I can't even talk about it yet. I can't even comment! (And I don't even know how she managed to keep it a secret from me all this time!) miles from where you are, a Jack/Claire/Sawyer vid, LOST

    [x] Only by leaving our past behind can we then push onward - Shameless Song and Vid Plugging: A few weeks ago, brokenbacktango introduced me to Cobra Starship's remix of Katy Perry's song "I Kissed a Girl." It is now "I Kissed a Boy." The song is sexy and raw by itself, but it is SOOO much better when listened to with the pretty eye candy of Sylar and Mohinder and all of the "honeys" who just cannot have Sylar. In all honesty, I don't know any Heroes vid that is hotter. I wish I had a link to said vid because that would help, wouldn't it? *L* I found the vid, but the maker, kuwdora, is no longer on LJ.

    [x] Fabu's Fantastical Confabulations - Wednesday is for Recs (non-SGA edition): [SPN] "Still Alive" by counteragent is an absolutely fabulous vid about Season 3 SPN fandom. i recommend watching the vid, reading the commentary and then watching the vid again. [House] "Call and Response" by schismuse is a wonderful House/Wilson vid. The clips used in this are interesting, but the affects really make this vid, giving it a weird voyeuristic sense - there's a feeling of great intimacy between House and Wilson, but as a viewer, I felt removed from that intimacy.

    [x] _bettina_: I was the kid next door's imaginary friend.: Once again a Merlin songvid rec: In Praise of a Vulnerable Man [by elandrialore].

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - Polls are tightening in battleground states: watch boom_queen's hilarious multifandom vid, Acceptable in the Eighties.

    [x] obsessive24: vid rec: Insta-rec: Skin by chasarumba, Casino Royale. As I was just saying to Chasa, this is my favourite vid of hers to date. It's a delightful cornucopia of images and sounds, and I never cease to be amazed at Chasa's cutting skills and how that plays off her sense of musicality. (Would be interesting to discuss at some point the boundaries of these two elements and how they interact.) At a base level it's a perfect retelling of the film, but it's also more than that. The scenes are clipped and put together in a way that makes the emotional content seem dizzyingly fresh and new, and her colour selection work at the end, in particular, is sheer perfection. Highly recommended.

    [x] [some kind of title] - 2 Vid Recs: TW & SV: Torchwood: Butterflies & Hurricanes by such_heights. Gwen Cooper's gonna take charge and change the world. I adore this video so much. Gwen is one of my favorite characters, and this video captures everything I love about her into 4 kickass minutes. The cuts, flow, and movement of this vid is fantastic. (The gunshots at 1:20 make me so happy.) Smallville: Intergalactic Friends by bananainpyjamas. Clark/Lex. I stopped watching Smallville in season 3, but this video makes me wish I had stuck with it. My reaction after watching it for the first time was a stunned WOW. First off, she uses an awesomely amazing mash-up of the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" and The Dandy Warhols' "We Used to be Friends" and makes use of every beat. The editing is crisp and extremely clever. She uses a comic book-esque set of panels--often with different sections of the song matching different panels simultaneously. I'm so impressed with this video.

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - 3 Vid recs: All in Your Hands by secretlytodream (Song: False King by Two Steps From Hell). This is a beautifully made video. It tells an amazing AU story.. The vidder manages to make the story very clear and the vidder's skills just shine. Quite incredible. None of My Fears are as Dear to Me by thandie (Song: The Wild Son" by The Veils). A wonderful look at season four - showing the history of sacrifices the Winchester family has made. The vidding is beautiful, as is the song. Be My Yoko Ono by deirdre_c. This is just so delightful. Guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
    9:51 pm
    Vid Recs posted in October (Part 5)

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs posted in October, Part 5

    [x] unlovablehands: tender lumplings everywhere: Here, have some thematic videos: Goodnight Moon (Heroes), by bradcpu. Zombie Jamboree (multi-fandom), by giandujakiss. From comments: sol_se's Halloween (Heroes).

    [x] torchwood_house: Vid: Silent Night, by Silent Night by Song/Artist: Damien Rice's Silent Night. Jack/Jack. I would not have believed a video of one episode, to a slow song of less than two minutes, could move me so much, but it does. The only fanvid I've seen done in such a heartbreaking, desolate style, the mix of black-and-white and colour, with the constant fade-ins and outs, manages to capture the emotion of loss and regret of the episode so well. Even if you aren't a vid-watcher, watch this. You will be impressed. Vidders appreciate your comments! Feel free to let them know if you liked their work.

    [x] torchwood_house: Vid: Who Does Jack Really Want?, by clarityisback: Who Does Jack Really Want? by clarityisback. So, who does Jack really want? This vid poses the question and answeres it! The visuals and audio are excellent and the song choices (there are multiple) are poignant, hilarious and often both. The musical choice for the Ianto section is hilarious for it's cheesiness. I think clarityisback got it right on the nose when they answered this question. A fun vid to watch.

    [x] torchwood_house: Vid: Song to Save a Life by thedivinegoat: Song to Save a Life by thedivinegoat. Song/Artist: These Are the Songs by Amy Wadge. Torchwood and Doctor Who are both about families; in this one, we see Jack's family - not the one he was born with, but the one he's found along the way. I love the way the metaphor of songs works through this vid; we all know our lives' little soundtracks: the songs that raised us, the characters who befriended us, the daydreams and fancies that keep us alive. [info]thedivinegoat takes this musical metaphor and applies it to Jack's chosen family, so while it's about the relationships that save Jack's life, it's also a subtle little love letter to fandom -- which does the same for so many of us. It's hard not to smile; it's also hard not to get a little choked up as you watch the kind of vidding that looks effortless even though it's so obviously not.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Supernatural - Windowsill: Windowsill by sweetestdrain. Musical artist: Arcade Fire. Because SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. Ahem. Sorry. But especially with the emotional storyline focusing so much on Dean in the past season or so, a vid like this, which does such a beautiful job of showing us everything Sam's been through, and everything he's struggling with, and everything he's lost, and how hard he's trying anyway, pretty much reduces me to SAAAAAAAAAM. (With some bonus DEEEEEEAN and JOOOOOHN on the side.) And it is, of course, gorgeously made—we showed this last year at a con to a room full of mostly non-SPN fans, and a lot of them commented afterward on being moved by it. Just a brilliant, brilliant vid.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I'll Be There: I'll Be There by millylicious. Musical artist: Duran Duran. I'm going to shock you by not reccing something Xander-focused, but it's for a good reason. The thing that draws me most to Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn't the witty dialogue or the ass-kicking or the clever use of horror tropes as metaphors for life issues. It's the Scoobies. They love each other, support each other, take one another for granted. At times, each and every one of them has been foolish or selfish, but they forgive one another and come back together. They're a family and a team, and I love that about them. This video captures all of that by looking at Buffy's burden and how it is shared by Giles, Willow, and Xander. I think it's lovely. Go. Watch. Love. Tell the vidder.

    [x] crack_van: Vid Rec: Please Forgive Me by Mya Scarlet: Please Forgive Me by Mya Scarlet. Musical Artist: David Gray. Anakin/Obi-Wan. I’ll admit right up front that I’m not big on fanvids. No offense meant to those who create them – they’re just not my personal cup of tea, regardless of the characters/pairing involved. That said, it takes something rather special and/or highly recommended for me to take a look. And that’s exactly what this vid rec is. The things I especially liked about this were all the cross-cuts and fades, beautifully blended with the music. The vidder also chose a song that really, really works well with the scenes she uses. I also appreciate that as someone who quite enjoys Anakin/Obi-Wan but does not primarily ship them, the vid can be viewed through both a slash and a gen point of view.

    [x] crack_van: Vid Rec: Friday Night Lights, New Slang, The Shins: New Slang by Obsessive24. Musical Artist: The Shins. Tim Riggins/Lyla Garrity/Jason Street. I didn't rec any Jason/Lyla/Tim fic because I knew at the end of the month I could point you to this vid. FNL gives us all the OT3 we could ever need and Obsessive24 puts it together beautifully. New Slang, The Shins.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.

    Many thanks to [info]thedivinegoat for telling me about the community [info]torchwood_house. It's primarily a fic community (which means it's not on my radar) but they also do vid recs. Yay, vid recs!

    Also, we have a new affiliate! [info]spn_sceneit is a resource community for all Supernatural vidders.
    Saturday, November 1st, 2008
    10:06 pm
    Recs posted in October, Part 2

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in October (Part 2)

    [x] obsessive24: vid recs: Sea Lion by halcyon_shift, SPN. Raw emotional power and AMAZING editing. I'm going to have to watch this multiple times before I can grasp the full extent of it. Masterful. Counting Bodies redux by millylicious, Angel&Connor. Been waiting for this. It retains all that was spine-tingling and amazing about the original (this was one of the first vids ever that made me completely fall off my chair in awe) but now it's so much tighter and cleaner, both in terms of execution and content, and arrgghh. I just have so much love for this vid. Intergalactic Friends by bananainpyjamas, Smallville. DC and Clark/Lex. Does it get better than that? I DON'T THINK SO. FABULOUS comic panels and insane musicality - I especially love how she visualises the synths. New Soul by buffyann, Edward Scissorhands. This is THE perfect vid for the movie. The editing is, for lack of a better word, completely delightful. You can't fault it at all - everything lands exactly the way that it feels it ought to.

    [x] laurashapiro: A rec and a request, both to do with time-travel: REC: OMG! - obsessive24's super-fantastic, hilarious, hug-filled Doctor Who companions video for the fucking win, baybee.

    [x] superduperkc - if lj dies before I can post this, someone's gettin' a throttling!: I recently watched the best Claire (LOST) character study I've ever seen. It's called My Skin and is by FadingSpark of YT and LVI. So many Claire vids tie her inextricably with Charlie, or are AU relationship centric (Desmond, Sawyer, Locke, Ethan, KATE, you name it.) But this is the first vid that I have seen that's ever done real justice to the character and all that she's been through. I'm trying to get my hands on a downloadable copy, but for now I'll have to settle for watching it on youtube. FadingSpark has done a number of Claire vids, and from viewing My Skin you can tell she really and truly loves the character. I'll link you to another vid of hers that I especially liked called Evening on the Ground it's Jack/Claire (that way, sort of?) and I love the song. She's done others for them as well.

    [x] cryptoxin: Catching up: Speaking of vids, a bunch of VidUKon premieres have been posted -- I'll just single out LithiumDoll's SPN vid Sea Lion as one of many really awesome vids.

    [x] hafital: things made of pure awesome: Awesome #1: I'm a bit embarrassed how often I've watched obsessive24's new Doctor Who companion vid of companion awesomeness OMG!. It's somewhere in the double digits. You don't have to be a fan of DW to enjoy. Be sure to read the notes.

    [x] Howling at the Sky - "You must be like the wolf pack, not a six-pack.": I spent all day ... surfing random YouTube videos (here's my rec for the day: The One, a William Fichtner Is Awesome vid),

    [x] rustydog: Good things: fandom edition: Doctor/Master vid: Gay Bar [by postal152] [DW s3 spoilers] ("The part of season three you missed: after killing one tenth of the world's population, the Master converts the Earth into a massive gay bar. Because he wants the Doctor. Jack is kind of okay with this.")

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - Vid Rec! (Highlander): Blackbirds by killabeez. It's sweet and sexy with great motion and over the top, wonderful storytelling. I don't want to say anymore for fear of spoiling the vid; but seriously, this was terrific fun.

    [x] Alchemy without Moles - Monday linkage: Fannishly, y'all need to watch counteragent's new SPN vid, which is all meta and squeeful and stuff. I'm still pondering my response to it, frankly, and I'd love to see someone smart like untrue_accounts talk about this vid and cesperanza's remarkably-similar SGA vid (similar thematically, I mean!) from VVC this past summer. Because I am having a hard time articulating my very different reactions to the two of them.

    [x] femmenerd: I am, as usual, drowning in work: Still Alive by counteragent - meta/SPN (fandom) - Here was my feedback: "You know, I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything like this, exactly. A vid that's meta-reflexive on a specific fandom. Very cool and very well done, and - though I have no way of actually confirming this myself - far more accessible to someone not in SPN fandom than I'd have thought possible given the subject matter and how v. in-joke (and in-wank, sigh) we can be."

    [x] laurashapiro: Insta-rec: "Still Alive" - SPN meta vid: Go here to admire counteragent's genius.

    [x] giandujakiss: Massive flaily OMG watch now vid rec! (SPN): counteragent just posted her beautiful, brilliant, and absolutely delightful SPN meta vid Still Alive. It's an examination of fandom as only counteragent can do it, and I swear to god, it brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Watch now!

    [x] starrylizard: I can't believe I've never recced this!! O_O: Seriously, this is my favourite vid of all time. Filthy Mind By sol_se. Summary: A fandom free association, stream of consciousness. With dancing. This vid is made of awesome! The sheer number of fandoms and the way they flow from one to the other so flawlessly that you almost don't notice! It's... it left me speechless the first time I watched it! It's so artistic and I think it was the first time I realised how a "stream of consciousness" vid was supposed to work. I can't recommend this one enough! If you've yet to see it, what are you waiting for?? Go grab it now, tell her she rocks, and spread the multi-fandom awesome! \o/ Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Alias, Carnivale, Dexter, Miracles, Smallville, Life On Mars, Interview with the Vampire, Lost, The X-Files, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking, House, Rome, Due South, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Supernatural, Torchwood, Doctor Who, The 4400, The Cell, Firefly.

    [x] [some kind of title] - vid recs: 25% Sam, 75% Martha, 100% awesome: Stargate SG-1: I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker by kuwdora. All versions of Sam Carter rock. I have so much love for this video. The lyric interpretations are fantastic. Doctor Who/Torchwood: Become by in_the_bottle & jadesfire2808. The light doesn't blind you at all. It just helps you see. Martha, Martha/Doctor. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing by mischief89. Maybe you'll get what you want this time around. Oh Martha, I love you. Lost on the Battlefield by starrylizard. Now I'm tired and I want to go home. Episodic for the s3 finale (3x12/3x13). I absolutely adore this song choice for her. Martha is a soldier.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
    4:04 pm
    Vid Recs Posted in October (Part 4)

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in October, Part 4

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - A holiday-themed vid rec (Heroes): Halloween, by sol_se. Sylar and his costume. Really perceptive and spooky.

    [x] [some kind of title] - Happy Halloween & A Vid Rec!: Vid Rec: Zombie Dance by mamoru22. This is a multi-movie vid consisting of horror films I've never heard of. And it is AWESOME. Her editing has a great sense of humor. Killing zombies set to Queen music! You cannot go wrong here. I will repeat her warning, though, that it is quite gory. So, you've been warned.

    [x] kiki_miserychic: recs: danegen's Used to Love Him (Heathers)- The dark tone of the movie and the sick fun comes through in the vid. The editing is organic. destina's To Touch The Face of God (multi)- A love letter that I feel honored to have watched. greensilver's Four Seasons in One Day (Heroes)- There's so much that happened to him and in the end, I feel that he's a good man. this vid feels like it goes deeper than the surface to bring out Nathan. keewick's 32 (SGA)- Oh. The concept makes me breathless, while the editing breathes life back in. meivocis's Karma Police (Life on Mars)- Great editing to the bass and drums of the music with cool effect. millylicious's LDN (Dark Angel)- Very enjoyable vid that uses the lyrics with the perfect level of tongue-in-cheek. obsessive24's OMG! (Doctor Who/Torchwood)- Excellent framing device and editing. The facial expression and movement are pure joy. talitha78's Summer Love (The O.C.) - OMG, I can't stop laughing. There is so much geniusly funny seriousness.

    [x] cinema. sex. politics... vidding. - recs: aycheb's Silence (Minority Report)- Spectacular movement and use of source. balistik94's Pulse (Crank)- I want to go to a bar with this vid, get hammered, and regret it in the morning. bop_radar's Clint Eastwood (BSG)- Quirky editing with great musicality and character expression. buffyann's Starlight (Multi)- Spot on cutting to create interplay between the three dance movies with a structure that creates one fluid storyline. charmax's Smiley Faces (Torchwood)- Very creative credits and a vid that's sparkly fun and energetic. charmax's Tanglewood Tree (Fingersmith)- Amazing follow through of motion and tension built up with the music and the editing. cherryice's Ghosts (House)- The fractured storytelling is really brought out by the jumpcuts, reversing, and interplay within the clips. cherryice's What We Had (Doctor Who)- There's such balance in this vid, which is a counterpoint to the inbalance portrayed in the vid. counteragent's Still Alive (Supernatural)- Too awesome for words.

    [x] selenak: On doctors of all persuasions and superheroes: There are songs I connect to specific vids, and so a vid using the same song automatically has an inner hurdle to overcome. "Clint Eastwood" is such a song, because sisabet did an absolutely fantastic vid based on the Buffy episode Restless (but using the entire show for the developments of the four characters) a couple of years ago. And yet this vid about Gaius Baltar by bop_radar completely managed to overcome my viewer problem. It captures the comedy and the tragedy, the insane and oddly compelling journey of the BSG storyline I tend to call Life of Gaius throughout the show. (Gaius Baltar: least likely character to fall for - I mean, I loved Roslin right from the start, wasn't surprised to go from finding Six compelling to loving her, and given my thing for Albee-like relationships wasn't suprised to take to Tigh and Ellen, either, but I never expected Baltar to sneak up on me the way he did.)

    [x] what would nyxie do? like jesus, only with more p0rn - What Day Is It Again?: In celebration, here, have a pretty awesome Sam vid! "It's All in Your Hands", vidded by secretlytodream. It's in the spirit of Season 4, I think :) *begins countdown to show* Posted on Oct. 30th, 2008 at 11:21 am | Link | Leave a comment | Add to Memories | Tell a Friend | Track This | Flag Comments [info]iyalode Oooh. Awesome vid. Am going out tonight and so must wait *weeps*

    [x] aethel: Found: a quirky little Xena/due South vid: Found: a quirky little Xena/due South vid by f1renze. Features Fraser in drag and Joxer's flamboyantly gay brother.

    [x] wisteria_: I ain't happy, I'm feelin' glad. And lovin' Boppy!: Since I first saw BSG after the Mini, I've been nagging saying that I'd love a Baltar/Six vid to "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz. Well, the truly magnificent bop_radar finally made the vid! And it's fabulous! If I didn't already love Boppy to itty bitty pieces, this would cement that adoration. Even if you're not into the pairing, do go watch it and tell her how great it is. :)

    [x] frogspace: Recs: SPN, NCIS, Highlander, Merlin, Merlin, Merlin :-): suzvoy scheint eine Ein-Personen-Kampagne zu führen, die sich verschworen hat, mich bis Samstag von einem Wölkchen zum nächsten hüpfen zu lassen. Erst kam gestern das einfach perfekt zu Merlin/Arthur passende Vid Different Kind of Wonderful (Download-Links in zwei verschiedenen Größen). Squeeeeee!!! Sollte sich jeder ansehen, den das Fieber auch nur ansatzweise erwischt hat. (Summary: It's not the most romantic relationship in the world. But it's them.)

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - More Vid Recs: One Song, Glory by dkwilliams. Torchwood. I normally don't like vids set to show tunes - I find show tunes to be very ... obtrusive ... in a way that distracts from the visuals. But this Jack vid worked for me and really captured the many sides of his character. Trophy, by 0mindthegap0. BtVS/Torchwood. Fantastically clever crossover. Displaced, by millylicious. Heroes. Heartbreaking examination of the development of Claire's powers. Your Honor, by kiki_miserychic. Weeds. Intriguing examination of Nancy's world with a fascinating, jerky cutting style. OMG, by obsessive24. Doctor Who/Torchwood. Terrifically fun, laugh-out-loud funny ode to the companions. And speaking of obsessive24, I should long ago have rec'd her Smallville vid, Freestyler. It's an entire vid about male penis anxiety. Well, that's how I read it. (And, btw, if you're looking for penis anxiety vids, there's always the classic Detachable Penis (Pros) [by Media Cannibals] and Enormous Penis (Farscape)) [by Hank].

    [x] [some kind of title] - [vid recs]: Edward Scissorhands: New Soul by buffyann. The song choice, editing, tone--all capture this quirky movie to perfection. The Crow: Descent by aj2k. An amazing blend of comic book images & film footage. House: Can't Always by queenzulu. House/Wilson, House/Foreman. I'm a big Foreman fan, so this video made me very happy indeed. Farscape: Venus by kazbaby. Sikozu/Scorpius. Torchwood/Doctor Who: Coin-Operated Boy by mischief89. Martha/Jack YAY! Supernatural: Still Alive by counteragent. Meta vid! This video is really about the SPN *fandom* more than the show. It's really quite amazing what she's done. Multi/Meta: While I'm reccing that video, it occurs to me that I don't think I ever formally recced counteragent's fantabulous Ode to Vidding Meta masterpiece, Destiny Calling. It's like my entire love of vidding bundled into one shiny 4 minute package. VIDS = JOY!

    [x] proofpudding: Two great tastes that taste great together.: SPN: Jesus Christ by astartexx. Haunting and heartbreaking. This is my all-time favorite vid, period. Protège Moi by charmax. Stunning. This has long been a favorite of mine, and I shall never tire of it. RPS: You're My Baby & Bohemian Like You by wistful_fever. J2. SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE. The boys' genuine affection shines through. That's The Way Love Goes by wistful_fever. I don't even 'ship JC/Justin. But THIS. SO CUTE. Girls & Boys by obsessive24. Young Americans. I grin like the Cheshire cat the whole way through. Tension by wistful_fever. Life With Derek. Undeniably cute. LOVE THIS. The clips match the beat perfectly, and I adore the interlude. No Ordinary Love by foomatic. Lost&Delirious. Completely breaks my heart. The song fits so well, and the effects and edits astound me. Climbing Up The Walls by obsessive24. Unnerving and unflinching. The parallelism blows my mind. One Of A Kind by obsessive24. Heroes. Bloodshed, badassery, tick-tock watches, and confessions written in blood.

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Vid rec: You Make It Real:You Make It Real by toodelicious. (Song by James Morrison). Character Study (Sam & Dean). Apart from the fact that this is a gorgeous song and one I absolutely love, toodelicious has done an amazing job of fitting this song so perfectly to the vid she's put together. The scenes are so well chosen and it show perfectly how Sam makes life real for Dean - how actually Dean relies on Sam and needs Sam, and there's so many vids showing this relationship in reverse it was great to watch one from the other perspective and one that was so well done too.

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Vid rec: Iko Iko: Iko Iko by el1ie. (Song by Indigo Girls or Belle Stars). Because it's fast-paced action-filled damn good fun using lots of clips not generally seen lots of times already and all put together so well in a great package. Beware though - not only will you want to watch it over and over, you'll also get the song stuck in your head on loop for days =)

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Vid rec: Walk the walk: Walk the Walk by proofpudding. (Song by Poe). Yet another wonderfully made vid by [info]proofpudding and one I could watch over and over again. Her use of colours in her vids is absolutely beautiful and her editing is so spot-on and seamless it's a joy to watch. The sliding transitions near the end worked so, so well - which isn't always the case in a lot of videos you see - and she uses clips not seen in lots of other videos. Plus it's wonderfully lighthearted in that it's a simple look at the boys without all the angst and darkness - lovely video =)

    [x] Supernatural Vid Recs - Vid rec: Insomnia: Insomnia by starrylizard. (Song by Faithless). It's full of only S1 one clips which makes you nostalgic for the monster-fighting of the old days - and the blend of fast and slow motion editing suits this song perfectly. So well put together - an excellent example of why they just can't get any sleep!

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.

    I realize that you may be thinking about other things today, but I needed the distraction. :)
    8:54 am
    Vid Recs Posted in October (Part 3)

    Original poster: par_avion

    Vid Recs Posted in October, Part 3

    [x] One Woman Revolution - Some Vid Recs: Nobody Sees by seduff. It's a brilliant little coda to the fourth season of Who comprised of bits of Billie Piper and David Tennant movies/shows. Edited seamlessly and very believably. Sunrise by nessephanie. Nana meets Honey and Clover. There are so few AMVs that are true character studies and this one nails it. It draws beautiful parallels between the lives of Ayumu, Hagu, Nana. Jam Sports by atio. It's a combination of sports anime, actual sports, and Michael Jackson. I know what you're thinking right now- "I like absolutely none of those things," but trust me. I don't like them either and I like this vid. And I've seen very, very few vids that can blend live action and anime as seemlessly as this one does. And I've never seen a vid set to actual sports before. Far Away by scoobrooks. A Nodame Cantabile live action vid made from the specials. The vid is well made and sad in parts. someone has actually made a vid for the show, a good vid! This fills me with joy.

    [x] Must you pistol whip everyone, Emmett? - Vid rec: OMG!: OMG! (Doctor Who/Torchwood) by obsessive24 -- Heaps of shiny, clever fun! And she took some unwanted DJ voiceovers in the song and managed to use them so ingeniously that they make the vid even better.

    [x] Musings - Fanfic recs: Iron Man: Now that the dvd is there, we get even better vids. Check out lcsbanana's Dilaudid! It's fabulous.

    [x] Alchemy without Moles: And so does Killa, who has never made a vid I didn't like. This is a lovely throwback to my Highlander days, and it treats Duncan, Amanda, and Methos all very well. Speaking of vids, fialka posted a lovely Life vid about Dani Reese, and I highly recommend it.

    [x] superduperkc - let's break it down: Descent by aj2k, The Crow. This video is unbelievable. It combines comic book images with film footage and contrasts Eric and Shelly's beautiful relationship with the violence in the movie so, so well. The editing is out of this world. New Soul by buffyann, Edward Scissorhands. The perfect song for this offbeat fairytale and fantastic editing. (What else should we expect from her?) Just perfect.

    [x] K's Journal - Smallville vid rec: Need something to watch while you wait for Smallville to download? Feeling the need of a Clex-injection mid-Season 8? I recommend bananainpyjamas (aka dragonchic)'s Intergalactic Friends. :D It's like doing a SHOT of Clex, I swear. Or maybe 10 shots in quick succession...

    [x] What's the point of a revolution without general copulation? - I am absolutely gleeful: I am absolutely gleeful about this Smallville vid by bananainpyjamas. Clark and Lex, terrific fun.

    [x] kassrachel: Vid rec omg: If you like vids, or if you like Smallville, or especially if you like them both at once, run don't walk to see bananainpyjamas' new vid "Intergalactic Friends," which is made to a mashup of the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" and the Dandy Warhols' "We Used to Be Friends," and which totally knocked my socks off. liviapenn posted some really smart commentary on the vid, including thoughts on the impact and effect of using a comic book visual style (screen split into panels, etc.) and on how the tension between the two audio sources mirrors the tension of watching the show. One fascinating thing for me, as a watcher of this vid, is how the use of the Dandy Warhols track makes me think immediately of Veronica Mars -- another fandom with an iconic high school. But this isn't about Chloe; this is all-Clex, all-the-time, the sweet parts and the painful, and I just -- damn.

    [x] liviapenn: Two vid recs: "Stunna Glasses" and "Intergalactic Friends": Intergalactic Friends (Smallville) by dragonchic. set to a mashup of the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" and the Dandy Warhols' "We Used To Be Friends." I really love vids set to remixes and mashups-- given *even more* levels and complexity in their audio source, good vidders can do amazing things. I've seen it used before to denote POV/subject changes, like in shati's Buffy vid to "Boulevard of Broken Songs" or destina and barkley's multifandom vid to the "Boulevard of Broken Songs" dance remix, but "Intergalactic Friends" takes the remix aspect of the audio to a really different, unique place. it's just *so* deft. The way the audio ducks and weaves back and forth between the two songs is used *so* perceptively- the tension between the two songs is the everpresent stress in Clark and Lex's relationship, the push and pull between their friendship and their destiny, always lurching this way and that, always at one extreme or the other- hate and love, self-sacrifice and manipulation [MORE]

    [x] liviapenn: Two vid recs: "Stunna Glasses" and "Intergalactic Friends": Stunna Glasses (Invisible Man) by talitha78. Talitha's been branching out from Smallville lately into different fandoms, and has now posted vids for Psych, Eureka, Invisible Man and The OC-- and I hope these bring more attention & new eyes to her work, because it's just so great. If you're an Invisible Man fan, you're probably already downloading Stunna Glasses, because hey! An IMan vid! So, now I'm just going to talk about Talitha's vids in general ... she's made several vids that are very accessible to SV fans who drifted out sometime in S2. Cobrastyle (Lex/AWESOMENESS) and Faster Kill Pussycat (Chloe/Lana) ... her style is a really interesting mix of old-school and modern trends. Her vids are very reminiscent of old-school shippy vids-- very focused on the characters, few effects or transitions, predominantly close-ups or middle-ground shots. And the modern aspect is the speed, the very quick cuts and short clips-- almost creating a collage effect-- and also the song choice. [MORE]

    [x] superduperkc - she names them all herself.: I wanted to rec this Big Love video that amathela recced to me a while back. It's called They and is by xandra_ptv and it's just fantastic. If you've ever watched this show or even ever heard of it, you should check it out. It's perfect and lighthearted and serious and amazing. Lately it's probably been one of my most-watched vids from my favorite fan vids folder. And have I mentioned that I can't wait for this show to come back? Because I really can't.

    [x] superduperkc - rec: calling all bsg fans: Insta-rec: bop_radar's new Baltar vid, Clint Eastwood. So awesome. I've watched it like four times already. Every Baltar fan will love the hell out of it. Damn, so good!

    [x] Down The Rabbit Hole - Drive By vid rec: frivolity65 just posted her vidukon premiere vid, and if you love or can handle emotionally moving and visually disturbing vids, then you HAVE TO SEE IT! The vid is for Black Hawk Down and it doesn't pull any punches, it shows very clearly how ugly and devastating war and combat can be. Wonderful work!

    [x] [some kind of title] - Vid Rec: OMG! (Doctor Who/Torchwood): OMG! by obsessive24 (Doctor Who/Torchwood) This video is brilliant! She wanted to make a video about the companions, but apparently, the only version of the song that she could find had a DJ cutting in every now & then--"not to mention the American guy sounds all cocky and kinda gay, and…" HEE. The use of Jack & Torchwood is so clever. Talk about getting handed a lemon and making lemonade! I love her brain right now. So much fun. *g* This video put a huge smile on my face.

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
    Friday, October 31st, 2008
    1:20 am
    Vid Recs posted in September (Part 3)

    Original poster: par_avion

    [x] boom_queen: An insta-rec, my new obsession and some squee: Insta-rec! nicole_anell just made a gorgeous vid about Sam Anders, his character and his relationship with Kara: Electrical Storm. It's great meta for his post-cylon-awareness arc in season 4 and his devotion to his wife. BLOODY AMAZING VID y'all.

    [x] irradiatedsoup: don't let yourself be lost: Doctor (DW) vid: Handlebars by flummery; Everyone and their uncle has recced this, and with good reason. It's just so well put together, great matching of the lyrics and the clips, without being cheesy. The song gets under your skin and and I really love the awareness and meshing of the adorable, dorky doctor next to the powerful, scary, world-breaking doctor. It's just really one of those perfect vids that you kind of wish you made. Donna (DW) vid: Don't Lose Yourself by sweetestdrain; Okay, so. When I saw the last episode of the most recent season, I was too exhausted and too angry to get very upset about [spoilers]. But last night I watched this, and well, I cried my face off. Consider that a rec, and a warning.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Charmed Life: Charmed Life by tomfooltook28. Napoleon/Illya. ink_n_imp. They work so well together, don't they?

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: The Sentinel - Like Wow, Wipeout: Like Wow, Wipeout by Rhianne. I had thought that the lyrics and the style of this song fit Blair and his relationship with Jim perfectly, it's Rhianne's brilliant vidding that really brings it to life and makes it work so well. She chooses such terrific clips and edits them together so skillfully that you'd think the Hoodoo Gurus had Blair in mind when they were writing the song.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Star Wars - Ae Fond Kiss: Ae Fond Kiss by Myascarlet. Pairing: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padmé Amidala Skywalker. The pairing of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala goes as far back as The Phantom Menace, when two beauties onscreen together ought to have had ... something. But the storyline did not go that way, so Obidala was born. Padmé wed Anakin in mya_scarlet's version of events, but survived childbirth to hide with Leia on Alderaan. As the summary states, "... This is Padmé's soothing song to a battle-worn and broken-hearted Obi-Wan as they part for the final time. Alone in his desert hut, Obi-Wan hears her voice and remembers how they used to sing together, and Padmé discovers he's not quite as far away as she thinks." I liked especially the chance to hear McGregor's impressive baritenor blend with Lynch's sweet voice in song, and the scene in the Map Room. The stars were kinder in this version of Revenge of the Sith.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Harry Potter - Everytime: Everytime by Alyona/ReaSilvia. Okay, can I just assume that everybody reading this is aware of Snape's fate in the final HP book? Now, I know my view of his fate isn't shared by everybody - not even all Snape fans - but I'm fairly certain that I'm not alone in wishing that Snape's story had a different ending. When OotP came out, JKR said that when she wrote the end of Sirius's life, she cried. I'd wager (although not with money, mind you) that she felt no similar grief when it came to Snape. This vid - sentimental, but never cloying or cliched - is for anybody who harbors a secret (and possibly irrational *g*) belief that Snape warranted at least a "sorry."

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Happy Girl: Happy Girl by pipsqueaky. Hint of Willow/Tara, but mostly a gen Tara character vid. This is only Tara vid I've ever liked. It captures the self-confidence that Tara gained from becoming one of the Scoobies--and, consequently, what was lost with her death. (Although, I'm not about to start a banner-war over it.)

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Stargate SG-1 - It's My Life: It's My Life by KJ@SVALA. reminds me of some of the reasons why I love Cam so very much: he's a dork, he feels everything deeply; his heart is huuuge, he's so damn earnest, he can still feel awe, he just wants to be 'team', he's funny or at least thinks he is, he can't stay down because he doesn't know how, he hides behind the superficial southern good ole boy he projects, and he's gorgeous with the prettiest blue eyes. I think the song really embodies his philosophy. He does live his life like it's now or never; he wants to grab life by the throat and just live. I love the way the clips echo the music, how they flow into each other, and where they resonate with the lyrics. I especially love how she paired the clips with shout it loud stood their ground which totally chokes me up knowing what happens to them, going to live forever with the downed 302 which breaks my heart. And the Jack/Daniel friendship vid A Friend To Me on this site is beautiful

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Starsky & Hutch - How Can I Tell You: How Can I Tell You by Mary Van Deusen aka maidavids. This vid led me into Starsky & Hutch fandom, and ultimately into becoming a vidder myself. I had a very, very hard crush on Starsky, and who was this Hutch guy? Still, their interactions made me love them - they were tough men who had no problems with touching and comforting each other. My little romantic heart was truly was this vid that reminded me of the love between those two guys and made me want more of the S&H fandom. Mary is one of the early, classic vidders, and her style is of course representative of the vcr-to-vcr vidding days, so if you're looking for flash and effects, you won't find it here, but you will find a sweet, solid vid about how much these two fellas truly love each other.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: Popslash - "Come Back To Me": Come Back To Me by Mette aka bubbleforest. You're very hard pressed to find decent vidders in the popslash community, especially ones that are active in the fandom. I had my pick, pretty much, of any of her videos so why this one? It's the only pairing vid she's done for this fandom, and while I love gen vids, pairing based vids are my cup of tea because I love seeing how others interpret the subtext in the same videos I've been watching (that, and I'm sucker for romance!). This is a rare rec for me for two reasons: It breaks up my OTP, but it also leaves Nick out of the equation but the quality of the video is amazing (well, as amazing as you can get with some of the source material we have at our disposal). It also clearly conveys what it set out to do: Tell the story of two young men who can't live without each other.

    [x] crack_van: VID REC: NCIS - How To Save A Life: How To Save A Life by CausticQuery. Gibbs/Ducky fen are often saying that so much of the relationship we see is shown to us in looks, in the lack of personal space (the beginning of S4 aside), the touches and the overall interaction - but all that can be seen as the deep, close friendship we all (Gibbs/Ducky and non-Gibbs/Ducky fen alike) see and know they have. This video looks at that and how that was threatened at the end of S3 and the beginning of S4. As with all of Caz's videos the choice of video shot and the lyrics tie in perfectly and captivate from beginning to end. It's moving, poignant and it works so very well. And even if you aren't a Gibbs/Ducky fan, this video can be enjoyed as a deep, close friendship video - because all it consists of is what we see on the screen week in week out.

    [x] kassrachel: Sayid vid rec: One of my favorite vids is a Lost/House crossover about Jack/Cameron. You can see it here, and I just saw that there's also a sequel, which is also really good. They're vids that really make you appreciate the worldbuilding qualities of editing.

    [x] kassrachel: Sayid vid rec: ageless_aislynn has posted a Lost vid that I like a lot. It's Sayid/Elsa. The vid works well with the percussive qualities of the song ("Prelude 12/21.") It also showcases the violence in a lot of Sayid's storylines -- and the truly balletic quality of the violence, for which I give props to Naveen Andrews, because man, he makes fighting look pretty. Chock-full of S4 spoilers, so caveat viewer and all that.

    [x] bradcpu: Non-VVC vid recs, VVCish vid thoughts, Bascon, etc.: Hell of a Place by giandujakiss (X-Files). will stir up some serious nostalgia. the presentation of the relationship works in this vid because it simmers under the larger tapestry of the series. Human by sweetiejen (SPN). Extremely believable and emotional AU narrative here, sans manips. Thrown Away by leviathan101 (BtVS/AtS). A good round of kick the Spike. Love the pacing and connections. This World by buffyann (BSG). gets in my head and won't leave me alone until I watch it again. Beautiful Struggle by nightchik (Harry Potter). It's just so packed with clever lyric ties that I'm still picking up new things. 45 by bananainpyjamas (BSG). It's just plain gripping and thrilling. Handlebars by flummery (Doctor Who). Watching it over and over you gain such an appreciation for the insidious nature of the first half. Then comes the fireworks. I Want You (She's So Heavy) by kiki_miserychic (Multi). we watch this one like three straight times. Every night. dualbunny's Party Join Us (She-Ra).

    This is an inclusive newsletter: I attempt to include all of the vid recs that I find. It is not, however, exhaustive. If you have suggestions for particular communities or journals to watch (particularly ones that use tags) or are interested in helping to collect links, please let us know.
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