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[28 Apr 2008|09:40am]

This is Sophie Giordano, one of the six sired by Marcello Giordano. She's two hundred, but she's eternally got the body and looks of a 25 year old. Sophie's originally from France, but she's very fluent in English, and rarely does her accent make an appearance. She currenly owns the vampire bar, O+, which serves both of the Vampire families, but she runs it under an alias so she can keep tabs on both of them. So, storylines? I've got her info up in her journal!
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[28 Apr 2008|08:27am]

This is Christian Giordano. He's a vampire & a hit-man for the Giordano family. He could use a few storylines. The crazier the better.
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new vamp [26 Apr 2008|07:06pm]

Hello! I'm Beth, a new player bringing in a new character. Margo is a vampire working with the Giordanos. She was turned during a particularly brutal and traumatic period of Ukrainian history: Holodomor, and while she is not ever likely to talk about her human experience upfront, it is an enormous influence on her psyche and behavior as a vampire.

Margo is somewhat young in vampire standards so she has no tolerance for any kind of sunlight and has a very difficult time of trying to control her strong urges to feed without mercy (urges made all the more intense by the desperate state of starvation in which she was turned).

She currently owns an upscale restaurant (vainly called Margo's) that caters to the dining requirements of both humans and vampires alike.

Any other information on Margo can be found here. I made up a list of some specific storyline suggestions here but those aren't strictly necessary. I'm very open to other ideas.
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[23 Apr 2008|07:37pm]

All lines are in my journal and I'm open to more.
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