February 2010



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Feb. 27th, 2010


First Days Buzz.

Who: Jeremy on his lonesome.
Where: Mystic Falls High.
When: Morning of the first day.
What: Jeremy’s first day of school and skipping class. Open to all.
Status Incomplete. 

Feb. 24th, 2010


Stefan meets Caroline

Who: Stefan running into Caroline
Where: Mystic Falls High
When: the first morning of school
What: It’s Stefan’s first day of high school at Mystic Falls and he’s looking to integrate himself into society
Status: Incomplete
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First Day of School

Who: Bonnie and Damon or maybe Stefan, Caroline can reply too!
Where: Mystic Falls High School
When: On a Monday, the first day of the school year.
What: Elena is arriving at school.
Status: Incomplete.

It had started out as any other morning. Her alarm went off at 6AM on the dot and she was in the shower but 6:05. She took a long time in the shower that morning, taking the extra time to really lather her hair and make sure the soap was out. To shave her legs and leave the conditioner in extra long. By the time she was out Jeremy was already banging on the door. Making haste she quickly pulled her hair back into two french braids and did minimal makeup. It was a plain almost fresh look. It was a look of a girl who just didn't care. The girl staring her back in the mirror was hardly the same one who had been there 4 months before.

Finally tiring of Jer's insistent door pounding she jerked it open and suppressed a laugh as he all but fell in. Not listening to his mumbling she made her way back into her room to finish dressing. Stepping into a pair of lowrise jeans she pulled a red t-shirt on and slipped her feet into her worn converse. Finally eying the time she grabbed her messenger bag and tossed her diary in among the rest of her notebooks and such. Grabbing the keys to her Ford Escape she stopped to offer her brother a ride but he was already gone.

Descending the stairs 2 at a time she called out a goodbye to her aunt Jenna and made her way out to her car. Not too much later she was pulling up into the schools parking lot. Parking she got out of the car and slug her bag strap over her shoulders. Looking both ways she finally crossed over and began her trek up towards the building.

Feb. 23rd, 2010




I thought it would be good to start the game tomorrow - February 24th. Actually, it's getting closer to being today in a matter of minutes EST. I'll be posting after work tomorrow. I'm thinking that we can start on the first day of school. Everyone will be getting situated. We'll call it Monday. I don't think that dates will be all that important, but we can use them if it turns out I'm wrong.

I added something in a text box to the community info to make starting posts easier.

Alright, see you later!

Feb. 18th, 2010


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