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Date:2009-02-02 10:00
Subject:two new chalice works

UU chalice primary colors

acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10

pimrary colors UU chalice linoleum print

linoleum print on paper, digitally manipulated for primary colors

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Date:2009-02-01 21:41
Subject:linoleum cut print

uu chalice

Linoleum cut print on paper.
5 x 8

This is my first ever linoleum cut printing experience.

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Date:2009-01-09 18:36
Subject:Yet another intro
Mood: okay

I am a member of the CLF because one way and another, I can't get to a physical church.

I actually am (at present) a sort-of Christo-Pagan. I don't know if I even fit in the UU church, but it's the closest I can come, I guess.

I was raised nominally Christian (Protestant, middle-of-the-road, Methodist/Presbyterian). I went through a period of agnosticism after I got married and after my divorce. Then came the born-again Christian phase of my life, which wasn't the best thing in the world for me, but oh well.

ETA: Oh yes, I forgot my Roman Catholic phase. I like ritual. But the reality of Catholicism for me was not what it seemed from the outside.

After that, I got out of Christianity altogether. I was Pagan, then Wiccan/Witchy (solitary eclectic kitchen witch). But I was drawn to various ways. And then George Bush took office for the first term. I figured I'd better have a church affiliation of some sort, because I was paranoid about what might happen to those of us who were outside "the norm". The UU Church looked like the right place for me.

Unfortunately, I got onto an email list of UU's that seemed more slanted towards atheism and such. Anything supernatural was pooh-pooh-ed. I felt I didn't belong there, so bowed out.

As time has gone on, I've reclaimed, in my own way, some of the things that were comforting and useful from my early Christian upbringing. But it's an on-again-off-again thing for me.

So I don't know where I am at present. I know I believe in Something More. Some days it's Lord Ganesha, some days it's Jesus. Some days I have no idea what I believe. I do believe in prayer (which is another form of energy work and spellwork, IMO).

Okay, I've run out of things to say at present. :-P

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Date:2009-01-09 09:58
Subject:which uu is you?

Okay, I thought I'd post a few words about me, and encourage others to do the same, by way of introduction.

I was raised with one Lutheran grandmother, and the other Baptist, and brought up in both of those churches, so, not a UU by upbringing. I suppose I'm one of those "recovering christians" or something. I try not to allow resentment of said upbringing, etc. get in the way of my respecting the better aspects of said religion, and those who sincerely approach the Divine by said means. I'm interested in religions and mythologies from around the world, and deeply enjoy UU openness and reason. At this point, I am either panentheistic in thought, or swiftly falling into atheistic territory...We'll see...It's a journey, no?

I first was introduced to UUism at All Souls UU in New London, CT. All Souls was THE 1ST UU congregation, as the Universalists and the Unitarians joined forced there, something like 15 years before the UUA was even thought of. It's wonderful congregation.
Currently I am a member of UU of Greater Bridgeport, CT, even though I have been slightly out of attendance, and live in New Haven, CT, and have attended the Unitarian Society of New Haven (which is actually in Hamden) most recently.
At All Souls I served in the nursery and on the tech committee, and managed an art show of UU arts.
I am the artist responsible for UUChaliceArt.com, incidentally, and my art works appear on mugs, pillows, t-shirts, etc. in congregations around the US. I'm kind of proud of that.

I started visiting All Souls in 1997, brought by a friend, but didn't join until 2000, when I gained custody of my daughter, who was just a baby, thinking, "it takes a village..." and deciding the best "village" to raise my child in that I new was the UU community at All Souls.
Since then we've also explored Friends/Quakers, and occasionally attend a Friends Meeting, where, in all truth, I practice some form of zen meditation, in lieu of "prayer".

I'm deeply convinced that I am a committed UU, although my attendance and involvement of late don't seem to corroborate this notion. I have recently determined that I must return to services. I miss All Souls deeply, but have decided to continue attending at the UUCGB where I signed the book over a year ago.

So, tell us more about yourself...

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Date:2009-01-08 15:06

Hello fellow UUs.
Welcome to the UU insane asylum.
I look forward to exchanging ideas and getting to know you.

be well,

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