February 18th, 2011

[info]bayleighcrouch in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Bayleigh and Millie
What: Bayleigh wants to see Millie and might be told about what happened on Wednesday at Azkaban
When: Friday!
Where: Millie's Place
Warnings: Maybe?

Please forgive me if I act a little strange, For I know not what I do, feels like lightning running through my veins, Every time I look at you )

[info]virtuallymad in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Romilda and David
What: A beach date of awesome!
When: Friday!!
Where: A BEACH! I think it's called Pinney's Beach or something.
Warnings: Likely.

Rambling, where to begin. I taste the summer on your peppery skin )