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Jul. 15th, 2008


And so it was announced, that there was to be a wedding feast....

Papers of notice were passed around the city, notes sent to the special guests that had been waiting in town especially for this day.

Preparations were made quickly, and the day dawned as if a mere breath had passed instead of a week. Fate shined upon them in the light of the sun after 3 full days of rain. It was a gorgeous, clear day, just cool enough to be comfortable in all the finery expected for such occasions.

Lord Celeborn performed the ceremony, for a blushing Arwen - now wearing the crown of a Queen and still wearing the blush of a young maiden - and a very regal and happy looking King Elessar. It was a brief, but touching ceremony, open only to special guests, nobility, and officials of office.

Directly afterward there was feasting and celebrating for all! The happy couple made the rounds, of course ( so grab them for wedding mingling rp! ).

The celebration went on until so far into the evening that some people would have argued it was morning, and some participants were still celebrating the next day. ;)

( And so, they're married, without having to orchestrate a big chat, and all of your characters were probably there, so feel free to chat up the newlyweds or RP mid-wedding sniffles or whatever. <3 )

Jul. 1st, 2008


Celeborn stripped down, and dove into the Anduin. The current was strong, but so was he, and he fought it for a moment, until he grasped onto a boulder under the water, and let the current blow past him, buffetting his body.

His eyes were closed.

Then suddenly, he darted to the right, swimming against the current, gaining one distance slowly.

Caught on a plant, and glittering slightly, was a ring. His hand closed around it, and he shot to the surface, and swam to shore. Drying himself off, he dressed, and whistled for his horse.

As it walked over, he turned to the river, eyes thankful, and called out, "Thank you!"

Mounting up, he turned, and trotted off for Minas Tirith.


Faramir rides out of Minas Tirith with four companies of Men. Instead of crossing at Pelargir's still ruined bridges, they lay down (somewhat better) bridges at Osgiliath, and march south along the road through Ithilien.

After a day's march, he takes a large contingent of rangers and guards and rides out ahead of the marching army, in order to, essentially, forwarn the people of Harandor that they have no aims to mean them harm, and to eventually arrive at Umbar first.

He also has plans to do some diplomacy with those peoples, as he rides through.

Jun. 30th, 2008


A letter makes its way to Amrothos, in the hands of a Citadel Page

It is folded and sealed with wax, so that any tampering is evident.

Lord Amrothos,
Last evening I was called to the side of one Zaira, who let it be known to me in confidence today that you were friends. She wished you to know that the child is in fact a girl, who she has named Isilmë.

It was not an easy birth for mother, nor child, though the child is healthy and in the care of the Healers presently. She lives, and I believe she will recover. You may come visit if you wish. I believe, also, that she wished Prince Imrahil to know of her situation.

- Lord Elrond

Jun. 26th, 2008


Note to the King from a spy, that's sorta sitting on the desk, and eventually was forwarded to Boromir, with a copy to Faramir:

Umbar is in chaos. Earthquake. Palace partially collapsed. Docks destroyed. Mithrandir spotted leaving the city. Zigureth has fled, Zimraphel status unknown. Leadership uncertain, factions infighting. Ar-Pharazon injured, but sided with an Admiral named Narak.

Note to Boromir, from the king:

I am beginning to feel a little better, so I wished to state a few things, in a way that you cannot interrupt with the righteous bellowing I surely deserve.

Firstly, I am very pleased with how you and your brother have handled the city while I have been laid up, especially you. The security in the immediate aftermath was particularly well handled, and though it has been lightened since, it is still better than it was.

Unfortunately, we often do not see the errors in front of us until an event occurs. Still, I am proud of you, as my Steward and sonmy friend.

I have a few requests. Firstly, I want the wraith taken to the citadel and given a room. He is to be kept under
heavy guard, lock and key, and to remain in that room until further notice. He was not the one that stabbed me, but he still has committed crimes, and his loyalty is uncertain. He should not be in that cell, but I trust him about as far as I can throw Minas Tirith.

Make it a very small room, too. Feel free to question or interrogate him as you see fit, though do try to avoid cruelty. If the stick is used too often, it will be harder to sway him to our cause.

Secondly, I'd like preparations to be made for my wedding feast. As soon as I am capable of standing for more than five minutes, I wish to be wed. For personal and practical reasons, I'd rather not wait any longer than that, and I know the guests have been waiting overly long as well, and likely wish to return home.

Thirdly, I'd like you to choose soldiers to comprise your own personal guard and company, similar to Faramir's White Guard and his rangers, and the Grey Company that I've not sent home to the North for myself.

They report directly to you, save if you are injured or absent, in which case it will be Faramir, or myself, depending on whom is available. But they are to be at your personal command, for whatever you deem they are needed for, be it to shore up the guards in time of emergency. They will also guard your wife, whenever you are married. Who makes up the company, the size, and how they are equipped is up to your discretion. You've the keys to the armoury.

That is all I can think of at the moment, save that I understand more clearly how bored you were with nothing to do but lay in bed and heal. You may say you told me so, at any time.

Aragorn Elessar, High King of Gondor and Arnor


Dearest Eldest Brother,

I am not mad, unless you count being in love as madness, which doubtless you will, though hopefully not so cruelly harshly as Erchirion did. I fear I am dead to him, yet the stubborn part of me is still so hurt and angered at his words that it wants not to care.

I have already agreed to come to Dol Amroth for a feast, as has Eomer. He is a good man, Elphir. I love him and I will not give him up now that I have him.

I miss you too.

With love, Lothiriel


Dearest Sister,

Are you mad! Do you have any idea the grief you've caused father and I, not to mention our brothers? I care not that he is a king, only that you did so in secret! Please, reconsider this maddening course of action.

Your family loves you. You can take things slower. Let them happen properly. You can certainly do better than one of the horselords, even if he is a king.

At the very least, come back to Dol Amroth so that we can give you a proper celebration and goodbye. I miss you.

With love, Elphir.


Dear Aergannel,

I am glad to hear you've made some friends, I feared you would find it lonely and cold there. I know that things have been difficult between us of late, and once everything settles down and resembles something close to normal, I hope we can take some time off, together.

I've sent Alphros a puppy, and there is a present for you with this letter, as well. A rare gem, from far to the south. I've had it set in silver, as that compliments you better than gold.

I've also included a poem I found, that made me think of you.

With love, Elphir.


Response to Father

Dear Lord Prince Imrahil,

I appreciate your suggestion and I will seek out this Alagos. Thus far there has not been a third murder, but we've yet to find any lead as to who, or why. I will make use of them, to try to prevent this from occuring again. It is best you remain, less people start talking about what sped you and the others home. Combating the rumours would be difficult at best.

As to the rest of your news, I am deeply troubled and distressed. Dead walking? Cults? I once again reiterate my suggestion that we distance ourself further from the affairs of the eastern provinces. If they are plagued by such things, I've no wish for Belfalas to be troubled as well. We can support ourselves with the farms, and the sea, and still tithe to Minas Tirith. They do not need anything else from us, and barely deserve even that.

Regarding Umbar. I've received word from some of your spies that there was a disturbance there, recently. Some sort of earthquake. The palace is devastated, and other parts of the city were damaged, particularly the docks. They are in disarray and there is further infighting amongst the leaders. Though I am unsure as to it's validity, one report spoke of a magical battle in the palace, which is where the earthquake seemed to have originated. Elessar's spies have already likely sent word, but I do not know if he has recieved it yet, with his injury.

Regarding Arnatur, I will have forces sent out to investigate any other potential problems we might face, in the towns and villages. I can also have the gallows prepared. I might even throw the trapdoor open myself.

The news about Lothiriel grieves me, and I cannot help but think she was tricked, or seduced. To just go behind your back like that, and not even inform us? Nay, this 'King' of Rohan has tricked her. I will send her a letter, asking her to come to her senses. I will announce an engagement, but I do not have to like it. And I can scarcely believe the King did this, either.

You can still annull it, and I care not who it was that wed them, even if it was Ulmo himself. You must speak to Elessar, and express your outrage in his part in this. You are her father, and the lord and Prince of one of his provinces. That is all I will say about that.

Please tell my wife and son that I send my love, and that I've a present for him. Do not tell him this, but I've gotten him a puppy, and it will be arriving a few days after this letter.



A letter to Dol Amroth

Dear Elphir,

Your letter concerns me deeply. While in these trying and dangerous times, people will always kill others to get what they want, the tone of your letter tells me this is not a murder for money or resources, but something more vicious and sinister. Here in Minas Tirith some people have died in relation to a cult of the East -- I am advising you to use extreme caution, if you believe magic may be at hand. I am passing to you a recommendation of aid, a man named Alagos and his acquaintances, who have helped me in the past to solve other such murders and crimes.

With Elessar's injury it is not certain when he will be married. Formal invitation or not, the tedium of remaining in the city indefinitely wears on my knights, who know they have important work to be doing. Do we need to come home? I trust you to handle the situation with competence, but with the reports of the attack on the king and the other sinister news that has been abroad in Minas Tirith (including murders, the dead returned by black magic, the arrival of an Eastern cult, and bold kidnappings by Umbar), do the people need to see their prince and know I'm safe in Dol Amroth? Use your best discretion.

I would like to report happy news, but I am not sure I am capable. Your wife is well, as is your son. I believe she has made some friends here in the city, I've seen her less than is her usual. Your sister...
Several lines of text were written then scratched out and are now illegible. The letter resumes two or three lines down. Your sister has married Eomer of the Mark. They wed in secret, and Lothiriel told your wife she was staying away from the guest house before I arrived, so I did not suspect. I was not told until a surprise meeting on the street, and I almost believe had I not seen Lothiriel, she would have simply have left for Rohan without a farewell or a goodbye.

I have agreed to pretend they met in the city and are now properly engaged and shall be having a wedding feast here in Minas Tirith soon. Spread the word of your sister's engagement and when you receive my next letter, of her subsequent marriage. I chose to do this, rather than to annul their frankly appalling union because it was Elessar who wed them. I have never been so insulted in my life, and if I had known this at the time I left the city, I would have declined his wedding invitation and let people wonder. But now that he is injured, I must appear supportive, at least until I have an excuse to leave the city. It is yet more proof that in this new Gondor, we are not afforded the respect and dignity that was granted us under the reign of the stewards, and a most disturbing development to me. I can only hope the people of Belfalas do not learn of the insulting and undignified way I have been treated by Rohan, as it will result in anger and outrage we are too thin in soldiers to contain.

Aergannel sends her love, and Alphros has given me a very sticky hug I am to pass to you. I hope you are as well as you can be, under the circumstances. I continue to manage, and know you are taking good care of the city in my absence.

Your Father,
Imrahil Swanhelm
Prince of Dol Amroth, Lord of Belfalas and Dor-en-Ernil
Lord Knight Commander and Admiral of the Navy

Stamped with Imrahil's seal, the letter is delivered post-haste to Dol Amroth. Attached are several copies of the pages of Imrahil's own files, which outline what he knows about the returned, the kidnappings and power shift in Umbar, the attack on Aragorn, and the cult of Khamul, as well as a summary of the events in Belfalas involving Arnatur. Conveniently excluded are any reports of Imrahil's health.

Jun. 25th, 2008


Prince Imrahil Swanhelm,

I trust you are well? Your cough has me worried, but I know you are in capable hands. Please, follow any directions the healers give you. I trust the others are well, as well? Particularly Aergannel and Lothiriel. And I recieved the missive about the King. Give him my best wishes, please?

Now, you know me well enough to know that I generally do not write letters to be pleasant. except he used to, to his wife, when they were courting. And they were steamy. Then the war happened ;_;

There has been an unforunate incident within the city. A pair of murders so gruesome that I have taken it upon myself to personally oversee the investigation. I've kept it from public knowledge, for the time being.

No one deserves such a fate. We do not yet know these women's names, nor occupation, but we are asking questions discreetly.


Jun. 17th, 2008


A letter arrives at Boromir's office...

... in the hands of a very winded Page.


I will be brief. Aragorn is stable, though has awoken only briefly. At the time being, I feel it is safe to assume he will survive this. Since he continues to ask for Arwen upon waking, I am lifting my ban on visitors so that she may sit by his side.

Any futher company or stresses may reverse the work we have done, so I will allow Arwen, and ONLY Arwen, be present. I will make a note when it is allowable for Stewards to come berate him for so foolishly walking the streets alone.

In other news, as I hear the ranger Ithiriel works for your brother, he may wish to know that she, also, is stable, though he may wish to relieve her from duty indefinitely. I would prefer it if no one troubled her, as well. There are already enough elves in the houses to make the healers worry of a possible invasion.

I can be found here if you need anything further.

- Lord Elrond

Jun. 14th, 2008


A letter arrives at Ithiriel's place for the other residents staying there.

To Gladharil, daughter of Faranion, and whoever else resides here -

Do not be alarmed at Ithiriel's absence. She is under my care, for healing, and instruction, and shall be returned to you as quickly as I feel she is ready to. You may, of course, visit her whenever you wish. My doors are open.

- Galadriel


Letter to Amrothos

A note, really.

Captain Zaira has been having dreams of late, about her dead lover being alive. They are so real she can no longer distinguish them from reality. I'm really at my wits end. Even your father was only able to talk sense into her for a brief time, before another dream left her confused. I know you are a friend of hers. Perhaps you can help where I cannot.

Minulziran, former first mate, West Wind

Jun. 10th, 2008


A message gets sent to Aragorn.

Our business in Lorien has been completed, and we have returned to Minas Tirith.

We have much to speak about. Send me a letter, if you will, or seek us both out whenever you can.

- Galadriel

Jun. 8th, 2008


A letter makes it's way to Imrahil's desk...

I'm back in the city now, and staying at the inn near the healing houses, up on the 6th tier. In case you're looking for me, that's where I'll be. I've been rather fussed over since this whole kidnapping thing happened, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad one. I'm not allowed up and around just yet, but I'm here.

- Zaira

Jun. 7th, 2008


The rules to Strip Chess:

When player A captures a peice from player B, player B must remove an article of clothing.

Pawns are not worth anything.
Rooks correspond to cloaks, jewellry, or overcoats
Knights are shoes or boots.
Bishops are socks.
Queen is tunic or dress.
Checkmate is pants or slip

If a pawn makes it across the board, whatever piece you select it to be, you get that article of clothing back. You may have two tunics or dresses, if you have two Queens (or three socks, or what have you). You may only wear one, but offer up the extra if a Queen is taken.

Jun. 4th, 2008


Dear Steward,

I am alive, and little the worse for wear. Though we are still confused as to how we found ourselves in such dire straights, Rider Karigan can fill you in on the working theory, which is too distasteful to put down in ink.

I am sorry that I left you without an assistant, and I am sure you are quite upset at this development, as am I. If it pleases you to know, I was not accosted or otherwise abused.

In reality, it has not sunk in yet. I wear a mask, so that the others can remain calm, though this nagging bit of fear rests in the pit of my stomach, for my safety, and for others.

(the following is written hastily, at the very bottom)

I long for the warmth of your arms, and the heat of your breath upon my neck. Your lips haunt my dreams, and the memory of your body against mine keeps me strong, though we've not shared in the joys of such union.

Lay claim to me, Boromir, when I return, until the sheets are soaked through with our sweat and the echoes of our cries fall silent. Lay claim to me, until my nails have drawn patterns on your back, and your fingers have left bruises in my silky skin.


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