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Aragorn Elessar [userpic]

Boromir is a big damn hero...dammit. [userpic]

*pincushions the comms*

lesser_jewel [userpic]

I'm going to have to say that the latest version of Untold Tales has come to an end. It was a load of fun, and we had some good storylines and some good role-playing, but all good things must eventually end. But someday, tales untold may again be woven.

I think I found the reason Imrahil fears Ivriniel.

Click if you dare!

lesser_jewel [userpic]

Things died. Don't know why. Could be general malaise and lack of desire to rp in general (at least on my part).

But I don't wanna reset, nor do I wanna give up.

So I propose a small timeskip of 18 months. Just reply here with a yea or nay. If yea, include what your characters have been up to, if nay, please include your reasoning so we can all discuss how to make things work.

Here's how mine would be XD

Aragorn is a father. Twins! A boy and a girl. Fortunately, the boy came out first.

Elphir never did solve those murders, and they eventually stopped. They resurged about 4 months ago, then stopped after a few weeks.

Faramir's negotiations didn't go as bad as expected. They didn't go as well as expected. There was a battle, and it was fought to a rough draw. Gondor and Umbar are now at an uneasy peace, and recently they've sent ambassador's to each other. The witches? No one has heard from them, and it's making some people uneasy, as that's never a good sign.

He is, however, enjoying being a father.

Celeborn has been spending a lot of time up in Mirkwood.

Khamul hasn't been let out of jail, though he was given a larger jail cell and a steady supply of candles.

Miriel has finished several road work projects.

Rodwen bought her and Eothain a house in Edoras, where they now live. She's already popped out a second kid, also a boy, who's about 4 months old.

Minulziran has finished her third voyage and is settled in Pelargir atm.

Gladharil and Hallorn STILL haven't married. Either she's skittish, or things keep stopping them, or both.

Haladreth returned to the north for a time, but is on her way back.

Caranthir and Avarian have gotten a whole lot closer. He's been way into the whole theatre thing, even acting occasionally!

Cwen has popped out a girl, and is about to pop another D:

Anybody home?

Anybody still in the land of the living over here?

Caranthir the Dark [userpic]
New Chat Rules

I meant to do this about a week and a half or two ago, but I've been lazy XD

There will be a second chat opened up when there's an Untold Tales chat going on; Untold OOC! For all your ooc chatter and commentary needs. Makes it easier to edit and less likely to see things go off on a tangent when one or more of us get excited about something =D

Aragorn Elessar [userpic]

If you read this log: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/untold_logs/72517.html#cutid1 when it was just Maglor and a fire witch, Ummie was kind enough to compile an extra log into it to be less cluttered, for your reading pleasure. If you didn't see it before it was expanded, then disregard this message XD

lesser_jewel [userpic]

I think...after having it very difficult to wake up this morning(and Steph finally admitting to me she has trouble driving to work in the morning because she's too tired), we're going to try to be IN bed by 2:30am, 'cause we usually spend 30 minutes to an hour talking anyway >.>

one week and counting!

I have about 9 days left before the start of the summer term, I'd like to RP some before school sucks my soul up again!

Some chats I'd love to do:

Aragorn and Karigan
Karigan and Hirgon
ANY OF THE FELLOWSHIP (Frodo/Boromir/Legolas/Aragorn) and Pippin
Denethor & his sons (as a ghostly visitation, may work better with Boromir)
Aergannel & anybody. really.
Pippin & Arwen
Pippin & Faramir

after the Imrahil/etc mini-plot is finished:
Imrahil and Aragorn, Boromir, and/or Faramir
Imrahil & any of his family
Amrothos & Zaira? Though I don't know if she's going to be in Minas Tirith
Amrothos & again, anybody.

Unscripted random encounters! Not sure who of mine you want to play with? Just give me a ping and I'll RP! With so many characters in Minas Tirith, the chance of running into people is very high! I also have all kinds of NPCs I can pull out of a hat for you all. All kinds. Specifically...

The Archivist and ANYBODY, REALLY, I love this guy
Elfhelm and anyone in the Rohirric manclub, whoever that is?
Nandir my wee knight and ANYBODY AT ALL. He's really friendly! He doesn't bite! He's also cute?

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
Okay then.

I'm posting this after some chats around and my other post where I went a bit insane on people.

Here's the deal. We all know that everyone else here can RP. We all know everyone else here wants to RP. Why are there no RP's?

'Cause we're all waiting around for someone else to tell us they want to RP. Well that's just silly. This isn't a high school dance, folks! No one is going to come to you and ask you for a dance. If you want to dance, you better get your ass on the dance floor. If you don't, you've got no one to blame but yourself!

This applies to me, too. If I want RP's, I can't just sit around and think RP's are gonna drop in my lap. None of you know what I'm up to over here, how are you supposed to know I want RP's? You can't know that, and I can't keep expecting you to.

Here's a few things I propose:

1. If you want an RP with someone's character, but you're having a hard time finding the balls to approach them on it, post a note here. Be like "Hey look, Frodo wants to talk to Arwen" or "Lothi really wants a chat with her dad" or "Aragorn's looking for his errand rider" or whatever. Then at least the ball is in someone else's court, yar?

2. Too many of us are scared to mess up someone else's rp plots by poking them for random RP's. To get around this, I suggest we all post some idea of where we're going with our characters. That way it's all out on the table and there'll be less conflicts and less reason to skip out on RPing with eachother.

We all want to RP. That's why we're here. I'll be the first to admit that I feel insecure and left out when no one pokes me for them. But I think I realised today that if I'm not poking anyone, they're feeling the same way I do.

And that just sucks.

Let's try and get over our fears and have some fun!

Note: New SN

Grab me at snarfblatplayer for chats and things now guys!

Aragorn Elessar [userpic]

A few things:

Those in Minas Tirith when it fell: Gandalf led them into underground tunnels and rooms beneath the city.

The archives were saved, though with some losses. I don't know how. We can ask the Archivist, he'd know!

Any other questions, just drop a line here, along with what you're going to do with each character, that you can think of. *nodnod*

For me:

Miriel will pop up half drowned in the river, to be rescued by Ilsa.
Faramir has met Eowyn and has a thing for her, but they need to interact so we see what happens. (assuming Kate isn't permanately awol, otherwise tempted to have her die from ze witchking >.>) He's still recovering from..everything XD
Eomund will dig himself out of his own grave. In front of Eothain and Eomer. ZOMBIEEEEEEEE!
Gandalf is currently in Minas Tirith, being advisory
Celeborn I need to figure out, in relation to GAladriel
Minulziran is currently in Dol Amroth or Pelargir, I haven't decided.
Khamul will return. HE won't have to sword. Jessi might come back so I wanna check with her and stuff *nodnod*
Rodwen and her sister are in Tirith
Feorcwen is demoted to NPC status and is in Edoras. She missed Wulfy!
Ivri is being a pain in Imrahil's ass. I don't know how. Or why.

Aragorn Elessar [userpic]

I'm running out of ideas of what to do with the game as is. It's why I'm been semi-out of it the past week or two. I also know that a lot of us feel constrained, either by external plots or by the messes our characters got themselves into. Thus, I propose a reset. A FULL reset. Clean character chalkboard (except whatever history you give them. Tolkien written histories taking precedent as always), to build up and get messy in brand-spanking new ways! Here's your chance to wrangle muses and start over <3

But I wanna do things a little differently this time. World is the same as Tolkien wrote it, right up to the siege of Minas Tirith.

To vote, simply reply with 'nay' or a 'yea' since I can't do polls unless I pay 9_9

Here's the concept:

Minas Tirith Falls. The Rohirrim never came because the second red arrow never arrived. Aragorn was delayed to the Paths of the dead and by the time he got to Pelargir it was too late to save Minas Tirith. The city is ransacked, most of it's buildings destroyed, leaving little more than the walls and piles of rubble where buildings once stood. For reasons unknown, the Citadel and Archives were almost untouched. Perhaps divine intervention...

Aragorn took the fighters he would have gone to Minas Tirith with (and the civilians as well) and set up shop in Dol Amroth, fighting off a massive attack by Corsairs that left most of the city in ruin and many dead.

Deciding that Gondor is weak enough to leave be for now, Sauron turns his attention to Lothlorien, Thranduil and Dale, all of which have managed to break their sieges. He unleashes the fury of Mordor, emptying the land of all forces in an effort to crush the resistance. Dale and Erebor are heavily damaged, and parts of Mirkwood burn.

Theoden prepares the best defense - an offense, and with Lorien, they distract Sauron long enough for the forces of Mirkwood, Dale and Erebor to repel their attackers.

Knowing Frodo is in Mordor, Aragorn takes those who will fight, and rides hellbent, coming behind Sauron's forces and staging raids.

The battle is long, and bloody. Aragorn , Imrahil and the remains of Gondor's armies from the south, Dale, Erebor and Mirkwood from the North, Lorien and Rohan from the East. It is merely a distraction. A thorn in Sauron's side, and even with all the combined might they have to bear, even with Anduril's glow, Galadriel's shining armour, and the battle shouts of the dwarves, it will not be enough to overcome Sauron's power.

They fight to die, rather than be enslaved. They fight for revenge, they fight because that is the only choice left to them. Even the elves choose not to flee, inspired in this 11th hour. Women join in the fray. Even children as young as 10. All the free peoples of the West rise up, rather than let darkness crush them further. Minas Tirith did not fall in vain - it became the rallying cry.

Yet still, it is but a distraction.

But the distraction is all Frodo needs. The ring is destroyed, and Sauron's army panics. At last, their hearts broken, the army is crushed, the Witchking slain at the hands of Eowyn, the Haradrim in retreat, the Easterlings killed or captured. It is not without cost. Numerous Dunedain are slain, as is Theoden King, and many, many others.

Aragorn releases those who surrendered, after extracting promises from them of mutual aide. Galadriel levels Dol Guldor and cleanses it. Eomer returns to Edoras as King - with the fields of Gondor plundered, the farms of Rohan become much more important.

The game starts six months after this battle. Gondorians, being stubborn, have set the seat of the King in the ruins of Minas Tirith, where a new-found White sapling has been planted, and already grows at a rapid pace. Aragorn has been crowned king, of a Northern Kingdom of ancient ruin, and a Southern Kingdom that shall rise from the ashes of near defeat.

The rebuilding is nearly complete. Some eyes are set to return Minas Ithil to glory, if it can be cleansed of a millenia of darkness, but there is more joy over the pending wedding of the king, and the fact that Gondor's cities have begun to recover. With the help of the dwarves, Minas Tirith and Dol Amroth shine once more, and Pelargir, while still a shadow of it's former self, is well on the way.

Still, the echoes of battle and war and destruction still haunt the alleyways at night, and there remain ruins and areas abandoned. There are shadows, in the eyes of some... And in the Halls of Mandos, the gates have swung open..


As for characters - If we do this, use this to base where they are now, and if they even survived, if they've returned, etc.


Clearing things out a bit as I realize I might need to disapeer a bit more now that graduation is looming (next weekend, omigod) and the master's exam in August, and studying for that, are going to take up a great deal of time. I also note that these muses don't seem...totally happy comfy with being played anymore or in the experiments I tried with them so...

Sar is dropping:
Devona (Probably I'll npc her as needed)
Guthlaf (See the Devvie note)

Everyone else is staying though!

beregond [userpic]

We are going to clear out characters who are on hold and characters who have been dropped (but not characters who are dead) from the PB list. (movie characters will also remain on the taken list for their respective characters as the default)

Just a heads up in case you really really want to use any of them, because they'll be fair game as of Friday.


This is Hirgon, played by Josh Groban. In canon, he delivered the red arrow to Theoden and was killed on his return to Gondor. He's been back quite a while now, just doing his job as usual. I suspect he'll see a lot of use while this is going on. He's a nice guy, kind of dorky with a tendency to get caught up in his work. He's absolutely in love with his new mare and really, with Gondor in general, is 27 and has been riding messages for twelve years and uh yeah...

Boromir is a big damn hero...dammit. [userpic]

Sar has picked up a new charrie, [info]stewardsrider, so please head on over to the [info]untold_tales user profile page to update your friends lists via the shiny candylike button, y0! Thankies and congrats! :D

Oh, and as a v. funny P.S. - scroll down to the bottom's "v. secret diary" entry, hahaha! XD

For Kari (and anyone else curious)

Period Beverage Links:

Actually florilegium is pretty damn amazing in all regards anyway. Just be careful of the frame!


Some of you remember my Devona from early on yes? Same character, different background, different age but with rife with all the plucky teenage attitude you remember and even some you don't!

Devona is sixteen (only really she's not, she's twelve, or is that thirteen? and is a boy called Daegmund and didn't run away to train to be a rider or anything like that. Nope not at all. She's also not Elfhelm's neice who was living in his house and won't probably be recognized by him at some point and this little stunt wasn't at all stupid. Nope!) and is attempting to blend in among some new rider trainees coming to Edoras. She's fairly violent, quick to fight, has problems with authority(Why someone who has those wants to become a rider is beyond me but...) and generally has a pretty big chip on her shoulder that manifests itself in her being the angriest and possibly scariest "Twelve year old boy" around.

She likes Eowyn, beating boys in dirty fights(which happens about half the time, the other half she loses spectacularly and takes pride in the bruises) swearing like a sailor, riding, her horse, lying and drinking illegally smuggled alcohol that she passes out to her little trainee friends in exchange for them keeping their mouths shut and not looking when she takes a bath. She's also probably likely to sneak into a drinking house when no one's looking, even though she's supposed to be about twelve. Explaining that one ought to be a joy...

What Devona doesn't like is getting beaten down by people who are older, smarter and better than her at some things. In her mind its hard not to be the best at something and she hates it when she finds out yet again that she's got a lot to learn. Doesn't keep her quiet that long when she finds it out though.

Her PB is Kristen Bell, so lets all pretend she looks a little more like a boy, yeah?



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