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March 8th, 2012

[Mar. 8th, 2012|09:10 am]
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Braska, do you have your own sword?
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[Mar. 8th, 2012|10:40 am]


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This world just got a lot more awesome. Alice would freak at half the things I've done.
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[Mar. 8th, 2012|06:48 pm]


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Oi! You lot! None of you managed to blow the planet up while we were gone, did you?

That's not due for quite some time yet. Anyway, we're home!
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[Mar. 8th, 2012|10:34 pm]
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I have the maddest cherry ice lolly craving right now. I think I might be pregnant too. Cee, I hope you're not too upset you're not in your mum.
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[Mar. 8th, 2012|10:38 pm]
[Tags|, ]

... I think I fell asleep again. Sorry. I must be the only angel who's also narcoleptic. What did I miss? New arrivals? Yuki won't stop yelling at me.
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