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July 2nd, 2009 9:05 pm
Hey again! Joy here to introduce my (probably) last character. :) This is Andromeda Tonks, widow of Ted Tonks, grieving mother and caring grandmother. She is a herbologist, but sold her greenhouse and retreated to Dublin when Voldemort reared his head again in 2003. She retired on that money and the money she recieved from the government as "compensation" (but was really the Black family fortune that had no heir because they already awarded the Malfoy's with their freedom) and is currently homeschooling Teddy and ignoring the wizarding world. Since she's already been through 2 wars over the same damn thing she's pretty done with it all. She's lost too many good people to the war and she's afraid to get to close to anyone again. She is extremely stubborn, but it leaves some plot open for someone to come and try to get her to move back to London and get involved in the war. It will be a hard sell, but I think someone like Harry could probably do it.

Anyway! Plot or whathaveyou?

June 30th, 2009 3:11 pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm Joy and I bring to you Luna Lovegood. :) Let's see...I'm awful at these things. I'm 23, live in California, work for Blizzard Entertainment as a Curatorial Assistant and love rolplaying. I'm actually fairly boring most of the time, and yet always incredibly busy. How that works, I have no idea...

As for Luna? She's one of the founding members of The Underground. She works as a Magizoologist and Writer for The Quibbler. Because she is self employed she has the luxury of being in hiding and releasing articles or publishing new findings under her pen name Heather Levins (which is her mother's maiden name). She has a large cottage just outside of London that is a safe house for those who are looking to learn to live like muggles. The environment is almost completely muggle and no one has suspected anything from the cottage yet! When she is not writing slander in The Quibbler or continuing her Magizoologist efforts to find new magical creatures she is training Underground Members on how to act like a muggle, and writing propaganda to gain support for their cause. can reach me via aim at Fieldz0fJoy or via email at I love plot!!!


June 26th, 2009 4:10 am

Failing at intros is fail. But since I now have a bit of time on my hands... hi everyone, I am Luis and I introduce to you the incomparable... Ron Weasley.

He's pretty much the same old Ron. While he has a certain aptitude for logic and strategy (read: Wizard's Chess), he is still obnoxiously loud and often comes off as abrasive -- even though he doesn't necessary mean it. Indeed, he can be quite judgmental, doling out his ill-tempered opinions upon people straightaway before giving them a chance. Ron is incredibly sarcastic and blunt, and as such, his threshold for being blunt is quite low. In any case, Ron is still a very courageous person and he will rush into a fight for someone, or something, he cares for. He founded the Underground with the other five, he is the strategist -- he plans attacks and draws up extensive diagrams -- and takes care of some of the dueling lessons, even though he is still an average-level duelist.

In any case, the rest of his info is HERE and you guys can IM me at externaliy at any time. Well, unless I am sleeping... I don't bite!

June 23rd, 2009 6:51 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm Bee, who is apparently amazingly incapable of doing what she's told and therefore tardy XD sorries! Anyways very short bits about me: I'm 25 computer support type-person working in the UK. As such I'm often online during the funny EU hours, except on the weekends. I has in order of horribleness:

Mandy Brocklehurst - Underground - Cursebreaker for Gringotts - Lives in London and currently dating
Terry or will be once someone gets their act in gear.
- Graduated in 1998 from Ravenclaw and was in the trio's year. She was mostly mates with former Ravenclaws and a handful of other people at Hogwarts. She was involved in the final battle on the side of the DA having joined them that last year.
- Since Hogwarts she's been in and out of the country thanks to her work, but has spent the last year or so back getting involved with the Underground. She mostly provides the connections abroad and helps getting people settled in locations outside of the UK.

Gwen Montgomery - Neutral - Paralegal and semi-actress - Lives in Diagon Alley, I think.
- Graduated in 1999 from Slytherin, a year younger than the trio. She was part of Pansy's little group thing, and pretty much idolized her and Draco.
- She's very much a purist, but doesn't support Voldemort himself because of the crap he put her family through; so she's quite pleased with the recent changes in the world because he's not in charge.
- She should be very well acquainted with most Slytherins from school, depending on their age, but although she's a pureblood her family was very poor when she was growing up, so she wasn't exactly at all the children parties and whatever.

Theodore Nott IV - DE - Head Hitwizard - lives in Knockturn Alley - Single but likely will need to find a partner at some point
- Graduated in 1998 from Slytherin in trio's year.
- He is a Death Eater but the number of people who know he's marked is less than five; he currently functions in the interrogations subsection, and very skilled in the Dark Arts.
- Standoffish, cold, quiet pretty much describe him, so he may not have very many close friendships.
- As far as anyone knows, Theodore fully backed the Ministry prior to 2004 and is not pleased with the changes

That's pretty much it now. I'm sorry it's so long, but I would love to work out connections between them as I'm sure there's something to be worked out between almost all of them. Previous relationships/friendships/future whatever would be very welcome!
Mandy's backgrounds are all up, as is most of Theo's and Gwen's but I'll be posting further details on them as soon as I have s bit of time. On another tiny note, I'll be working in Las Vegas for three weeks though in July, but until then I can be reached by PM or email if I'm not online. Oh! and I can be reached on AIM at Mandy Nott Lilly

June 23rd, 2009 12:20 pm

Hi guys! I'm Alex and am bringing you Lucius Malfoy. He's fairly canonish- cold and aloof in public, devoted to his family (will do anything to see them happy), not as loyal to the Dark Lord as he used to be though publicly he is as he knows what to do to survive. At first it was rocky as he and his family got off thanks to Harry Potter testifying for them in their trails but they managed to convince their Lord it was all a massive ploy to fool the Public. He is know back in pretty much the same standing as he was before.

You guys can catch me on AIM at moonsdreaming if you want to chat/plot or whatever.

I look forward to playing with you guys :)


June 22nd, 2009 5:56 pm

Why, hullo everyone! Would you believe that I very nearly missed the deservedly celebrated opening of the game? How dolorously :( that would have been indeed! But fear not, your resident wanker-face Malfoy (the younger carbon copy that never was, assuredly to some chagrin of the older) will still be around to make things as miserable as wizardly possible for all you little people. :p

I, myself, am Q., and it is my dearest wish to avoid being half the snooty twat that my character thrives on becoming. Which shouldn't be all that difficult since I'm perfectly easy going! Really, I am, I promise you my good friends. ;D Incidentally, I do love me some platters of plots, so feel free to pass some of those this way down the table if you please.

Think that's about all I have to say for now, really. I'm not very chattery I'm afraid, but I do consider myself a seasoned listener. So even if I don't appear to say much, please do go right ahead. This is Q. (of the non Dr. variety), I'm listening.

June 22nd, 2009 9:56 am

Hi there guys! My name is Julia and I'll be your friendly neighborhood Harry Potter. He's my only character in the game right now and I'm sure he'll be keeping my hands full since I plan to keep him as active in things as possible.

As far as Harry goes, he's still of course Harry at the core, however in present times, he's generally a little more serious and certainly more edgy and no-nonsense when it's needed to get the job done. He's still fiercely protective of his friends and determined more than ever before to give the wizarding world a sense of peace again.

My AIM is fandomobsession or you can email me at I'm CST and am usually on at nights for several hours if anyone wants to ping me to plot, figure out some back story, say "hi" or play 20 Questions or something.

I look forward to playing with everyone!

June 20th, 2009 12:12 am

Hey guys! My name is Lily. I think I know most of you, but to those I don't know hello! :D I have two characters here (and a third in the works, but we'll get to that when it comes). Both of them are Death Eaters and not the most pleasant people, but here we go.

This here is Terence Higgs. He has a lot of issues that not a lot of people know about. He would seem your typical, relatively stoic psychopath who likes to torture and sometimes kill people who are not as cool as he is. On the inside, he is a psychopath who likes to torture and sometimes kill people who are not as cool as him with daddy issues. All in all, he won't be very nice to most people, but he'll throw out the occasional, not so mean comment. Terence also likes to play mind games, so... yeah.

Over at [info]ruvido is Christian Warrington. He is not your typical pureblood, that's for sure. While everyone else he knows likes to have lavish parties in fancy dresses, he likes to dress down and work on motorcycles or do something that requires physical labor and dirt. He is one of those manly men who has no problem getting dirty. Christian sort of leads a double life, since his attitude is different in front of different people. He does know that he doesn't like Muggles, so he's got that sort of "DEATH TO MUGGLEBORNS" attitude around everyone. Don't be put off. He's really not all that mean! Except... he sort of is.

Anyway, if you'd like to plot with either of my boys, you can message me here or I'm on AIM all the time at BoxesofPearls and if I'm on away, just leave a message and I'll get back to you! Looking forward to the game starting!

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