Sep. 26th, 2011


Slight Hiatus & Plottie Goodness

Just a heads up to everyone that for the duration of the week I will be taking a slight hiatus from new scenes only. I will continue to work on the current scenes that I'm participating in. I've come to the shocking realization that many of characters have incomplete profiles or none at all (le gasp!). I'm hoping to have them all completed by the end of the week. Until then, I will not be taking on new scenes for the time being.

For my benefit and yours, here is a list of the scenes I'm currently in (to the best of my knowledge). Please let me know if I accidentally overlooked a scene you and I are working on:

Spencer » OT: Anyone
Alina » OT: Anyone, Mrs. Rose, & Sean

*Vincent hasn't been formally introduced, but his presence will be explained below.

Plot Idea: The Call of Cthulu ... Or Something Like That
The plot involving the Turner siblings, possibly their descendants, and Mrs. Rose is somewhat contained between that group of characters. I've been thinking about this Lovecraftian idea that would make for a good comm-wide plot to be involved in. For those of you who are not familiar with Johnathan Ackerman, he was a vigilante in Victorian England who was cursed with immortality by a warlock named Nathaniel Bishop for interfering with his plans one too many times. Over the years, the two have gone at it with each other (Bishop realized to complete his plans he needed to cast a spell on himself to prolong his life as well) and Johnathan has never been able to completely discern the warlock's plans.

As players, you all will know that Bishop had originally intended to gain power by summoning a greater demon to our realm. Circumstances that will later be revealed, however, changed his plans and he is now hellbent on opening a portal to release the Eldritch Gods into our plane of existence and let chaos run rampant.

How this plot will be triggered is the simultaneous theft of several books pertaining to the Eldritch Gods and the various ways of opening portals capable of expelling such creatures from them. One of the books will have been in the possession of Reynard Durant, Buffy Summers Watcher, and another would have been in the possession of Jacob Stuart, another Watcher for the Council.

After the Council realizes whats been stolen, they will dispatch two agents, Vincent Moreau and Veronica Drake, of The Order (a sub-group within the Council) to investigate and find out who stole the books and why. Due to the nature of the theft the Council, as a precaution, have authorized Vincent and Ronnie to perform a ritual that will activate the next five to 10 Slayers to be called (that means Baleigh Underwood and Molly Carter will be activated as official Slayers).

If anyone is interested in participating in this plot, please leave a comment and if you have any additional ideas feel free to share them.