Jul. 21st, 2011


Character Lottery

Thank you, Lindsey, for reminding me of the Lottery drawing. XD (I had a good chuckle at my own expense for forgetting lol) Here are the results:

Alison & Skylar
Christine & Patience
Daniel & Mackenzie
Diego & Samuel
Faith & Stana
Garbhán & Lucy
James & Nathan
Johnathan & Meredith

The players for this round of the drawing are Erin, Jess, Lindsey, & Lin. If you check out the character listing for ways to get in touch with each other, you can get started on planning your scenes.


If anyone is interested in doing a character lottery, let me know by commenting with one to three of your characters to throw in the pot. Depending on who would like to participate, I'll have a drawing posted by Sunday so you all can get started on your lines. Those of you participating in the Lottery, please put in the subject line of your comment: July Character Lottery.

Lottery Example: Garbhán, Nathan Cole, & Johnathan Ackerman. These three would be thrown into the post and randomly thrown together with other characters from the game based on the drawing from the pot.

I'm also going to attempt to issue a monthly drabble challenge. I'll randomly pick a word and players will have to write a drabble for that word using the character they picked. Those of you participating in the Drabble Challenge, please put in the subject line of your comment: July Drabble Challenge

Drabble Challenge Example: Word: Conspiracy. Character: Sylvia Wilde. I would need to submit a drabble by July 30th using Sylvia Wilde and writing about conspiracy. Drabbles can be posted to character journals or, if you have a CDJ, they can be posted there as well with a link back to the specific Drabble Challenge entry. Edit: Because it was asked of me, the minimum each drabble must be is 100 words and maximum is whatever you want. Just an FYI, this might be subject to change in the future, however, for the time being the min is 100 words and max is whenever you want to stop writing. :)