Jan. 17th, 2011


Who: Lenore OT: Quinn and Samuel
Where: The Triple T Bar & Grill
When: Monday morning, January 17
Status: Incomplete

Lenore found herself in one of those mood that had her wanting to escape the whole world, or at least that tiny speck of it known as school. So it was after her first class was over that brunette vampire escaped the walls of the institution of learning to walk around Sunnydale until she happened to find herself at the doors of The Triple T, which had yet to open for the day. Of the opinion that no one was yet on the premises, Lenore let herself in to hide away for that little bit of time before the staff, and or her brothers showed up. It wasn't until she had entered the restaurant and shut the door behind her that Lenore realized she wasn't quite alone. Spread eagle out on one of the tables was a body, which the teen vamp discovered upon closer inspection, after she willed herself to move and walk across the floor, had been drained of blood by the two puncture wounds she noted in the corpse's neck. Set into motion to do the only thing seh could think of doing, Lenore started to pull the body off the table with the intent of dragging it toward the kitchen and then out the back to dispose of elsewhere. She knew who would be blamed for the killing, the one person she knew who couldn't have done such a thing. Her brother, Samuel. Lenore would rather run the risk of being caught with the body and blamed for the death than have the town pointing fingers at her brother and possibly try and drive him and Quinn from the town.