True Sin - August 3rd, 2010
A True Blood-Inspired RPG

User: [info]truesin_rpg (posted by [info]dianat)
Date: 2010-08-03 22:07
Subject: Bad Decisions
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"So, what do you think? Bang Fangers tonight?"

Diana blinked, her eyes still on her Sidekick. She looked up, squinting in the bright autumn sun. "Huh? Banging what?" She rooted through her purse and pulled out her D&G sunglasses. Her eyes still hadn't adjusted, the consequence of being stuck in flourescent high school hell for eight hours.

Amanda rolled her own eyes and plucked the cell phone from her friend's hands. "The vampire bar, duh. Remember at lunch, when I told you I was tired of all these stupid clubs and they're all the same? And that I wanted to try something new, and exciting?" The brunette looked down at Diana's phone, reading the text that was still on the screen.

"You didn't tell me that your parents were still fighting."

Eye of the Storm )

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