True Sin - July 29th, 2010
A True Blood-Inspired RPG

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Date: 2010-07-29 11:28
Subject: Crystal Clear
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She was beginning to get a headache from the flash photography. Nicole turned her back, cupped a hand over her eyes briefly, and turned back, her photogenic smile renewed, for now. The pregnant woman put a hand on her husband’s shoulder, and could immediately feel how tense it was, despite the huge victory they had just experienced two hours earlier. It was the post-election party now, and the captive audience of campaign affiliates, press and close friends were calling for Adam to speak.

Taking a quick sip of seltzer water, her green eyes scanned the packed banquet room. She was standing behind a long white-clothed table with the newly-elected mayor of Chicago. A moment they had both been dreaming of for a very long time. What Nicole wanted the most, though, was to go back home, get into bed and watch something mindless and fluffy on their wall-mounted television. However, none of that was allowed to show on her face.

Sensing that his wife was feeling less than her usual chipper self, Adam Thurston gave Nicole’s temple a soft peck of the lips, smiling and waving at the cameras and the horde of supporters behind them. The flashbulbs no longer affected the mayor-elect’s eyes, which wore purple bags from lack of sleep. A few days’ worth of stubble littered his face, long campaign hours winning the battle over the need to shave.

Red tie hung loose around his neck, Adam removed his gray blazer. Folding it over his arm, Adam handed the garment to his wife, placing a hand on her stomach and giving her a warm kiss.

We did it. )

[NPCs Nicole Thurston and Edward Reichs written by Jessica.]

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