True Sin - November 11th, 2009
A True Blood-Inspired RPG

User: [info]truesin_rpg (posted by [info]running_adam)
Date: 2009-11-11 15:54
Subject: Personal Freedom
Security: Public

"Get the car," Adam said, handing his keys to Spencer and loosening his yellow tie, "and bring it around front."

Standing on the sidewalk of 57th Street, Adam gave a self-satisfied smile as his top aide disappeared around the corner. His speech to a group of donors throughout the state -- and a few special guests from Washington who were keeping an interested eye on the race -- had practically filled the staff area of the Regenstein Library on the campus of the University of Chicago. The content of the speech had revealed nothing new; Adam liked to keep his message as consistent as possible, only changing as current events dictated. Still, the point of the evening wasn't the words spoken ... it was how much money could be raised and how much support could be drummed up.

All the attendees were already supporters -- wealthy ones, at that -- but the speech served as a message for those supporters to take back to their constituents in the hopes of getting them to pledge their support as well. Though Adam was running for mayor of Chicago, he wasn't about to turn down support from elsewhere in the state of Illinois and other parts of the country. In American politics, support often equaled money.

Money also equaled influence, particularly when the press had been locked out and the message remained pure.

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