True Sin - October 28th, 2009
A True Blood-Inspired RPG

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Date: 2009-10-28 20:36
Subject: Special
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The firestorm over Adam's confrontation with reporter Eugene Mauk didn't get nearly the coverage he expected -- probably because of a well-timed gaffe on the part of his campaign opponent, something involving use of an ethnic slur -- which suited him just fine. Particularly as he sat in the black leather chair in his personal office at his estate, thumb and index finger resting against his left cheek.

The security tape was grainy and black and white. That made getting a solid look at the woman who somehow weaseled her way into the house and stole Nicole's fertility drugs a bit difficult. Even as he paused the video, and leaned forward with a concentrated squint, Adam couldn't make anything out other than the woman's jet-black hair and her figure-hugging business suit.

No camera angle gave a good, close-up view of the woman's face. Even the police admitted getting an I.D. from the video feed would be nearly impossible, despite the high-tech equipment at the department's disposal. Adam shook his head, pausing the video and leaning in even closer.

Still, details were elusive. Long black hair, tight suit. A female. Nothing unique to help establish identity.

What's the occasion? )

[NPC Nicole Thurston was written by Jessica.]

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