True Sin - October 5th, 2009
A True Blood-Inspired RPG

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Date: 2009-10-05 15:38
Subject: Sunrise, Sunset
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"Where the hell is he?" Julianna checked her watch for the fortieth time, pacing back and forth in the empty gravel lot. It was night, and she was in an area where the only residents within a two-mile radius were a mechanic shop and a closed-down diner. She was supposed to have back-up, but there was no sight of him. She unzipped her black jacket, revealing a long, looping silver chain around her neck, a white tank top and a belt equipped with a holster. From the holster, she withdrew a revolver, checking the clip inside. Silver bullets. Julianna would have rather had wooden ones, but those really only worked if she had a direct kill-shot. A wooden bullet in the arm of a vampire was useless; a silver bullet would at least distract him and hopefully cause him a whole hell of a lot of pain.

The soldier took a few deep breaths. A half-hour previously, she had downed two tabs of V and it was hitting her system. Thankfully, she had been doing it long enough so that she no longer had the hallucinations. That would have gotten in the way of the main purpose.

Things were a lot easier before the Great Revelation.

Earl had been a vampire for just over 11 years, and up until three years ago, he had things pretty good. He'd stalk around at night, nab himself a nice meal or two, and nobody was ever the wiser. He could pretty much come and go as he pleased once the sun set, but now that the proverbial undead cat was out of the bag, he had to be responsible and careful.

Bullets and Stakes )

[NPC Earl written by Jeff]

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