True Sin - October 1st, 2009
A True Blood-Inspired RPG

User: [info]truesin_rpg (posted by [info]dont_rush)
Date: 2009-10-01 14:10
Subject: A Man Walks Out of a Bar
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The natives were getting restless. She was the only bartender on duty and it was heading into the peak busy hour of the night. She cleaned a glass with a rag without really paying attention; she was just spreading dirt around. Jamie was worried she was starting to have a mini-breakdown. Her co-worker, an Eastern European immigrant girl with architecturally big hair, was an hour late, and Jamie was pretty certain she was at home fucking around with the new grease ball she had nabbed from this very bar a week previously.

"Hey, we asked for a pitcher over here! Step on it, will you? We're starting to get sober." A round of slurred laughter issued from a table in the center of the tavern. Jamie set down the Collins glass with a heavy sigh, grabbed a plastic pitcher and held it under one of the domestic taps. The idiots didn't care what swill they drank, as long as it counted as the three-dollar pitcher special that was currently drawing in this sophisticated set of clientele.

Muttering under her breath, she brought the beer over to the table. A backwards-cap wearing lug was currently setting fire to a cocktail napkin by holding it over one of the cheap candles in a votive jar that counted for ambiance in the place. "Hey, cut it out," she said, slamming the pitcher on the table and sloshing some onto the drunkard's lap. "You're going to set off the sprinklers."

Doing his best to keep a low profile, Jensen watched the commotion at the table from his station in the far corner of the bar. He wasn't necessarily here to drink -- though there was a half-empty beer in front of him -- Jansen was testing himself. He wanted to see how long he could last within the company of the waitresses and some of the other clientele in this dive without completely losing it. If he was to begrudgingly oblige to the sheriff's request, Jensen at least wanted to know that he could do it.

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[NPC Donald Jensen written by Jeff]

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User: [info]truesin_rpg (posted by [info]thea_thief)
Date: 2009-10-01 23:40
Subject: In the Presence of Royalty
Security: Public

Faye stretched her long legs out in the back of the plush limousine. Someone handed her a champagne glass full of warm red liquid, and she sipped it primly. "I don't dignify the rumors," she said, as if continuing a long-running conversation. "There are some who wish to discredit me. Others wish I was dead. Well, you know, more dead." She gave a tinkling laugh, a tendril slipping loose from her pinned-up hair. "The truth is, maybe I'm not the most conventional queen. But since when are vampires supposed to be conventional?"

The shimmering black car slipped through the streets of Chicago, bright lights playing off the high-gloss surface. Usually, Faye and her companions stuck to the outskirts of the city; she preferred the expanse of empty fields and the total darkness that only rural areas provided. But sometimes she liked to venture deeper into the center of things.

"I want a new recruit. Are there any good vampires in this city?"

Since becoming a vampire, Thea hadn't really had to worry about being interrupted or caught in the act of a theft. Supernatural strength and speed had its advantages, and it helped that Thea retained years of of theft expertise after her turning. Still, even as she ran through the crowded sidewalks of Chicago, a duffel bag slung over her left shoulder, trying to avoid hitting people as the owner of the pawn shop she robbed trailed after her, raining expletives into the air and shaking a baseball bat in his hairy fists.

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[NPC Faye was written by Jessica.]

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