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    Monday, June 4th, 2007
    7:21 pm
    A long time ago in a galaxy far away...
    ...Well, actually, in a pub at the St. George’s Cross end of Great Western Road, there was a Glasgow SF fan group called the Friends of Kilgore Trout. It met weekly, for the drinking of beer and the talking of various subjects, though rarely (when I was there, anyway) actually about SF or fantasy.

    After some time (well after my contact with the group), the Trouts faded away, and there hadn’t been an SF fan group in the Glasgow area in recent years. From time to time, some of us would get together socially and say that there should be something, but it never got beyond that. At the end of 2005, following the 63rd Worldcon (held in Glasgow at the SECC), the London Tun’s problems with their venue got me thinking, again, that there was no good reason we couldn’t have a Glasgow fan group on similar lines, and those of us who joined Lucy Zinkiewicz on the Glasgow leg of her farewell tour all seemed to think it was a good idea. The bunch who showed up on our preliminary get-together in December 2005 all agreed, and so since then we have been meeting every month as follows:

    The time: the second Thursday of the month, from 7pm
    The place: the Ingram Bar, Queen Street (just south of George Square)

    Unlike some venues for some fan meets over the years and in various places, we have been made very welcome by the Ingram, where there is usually good ale on draught and always a wide selection of excellent whisky. Food is available in the early evening.

    At the preliminary test run, one person turned up and said So, is this the Resurgence of Trout? Hence the name...

    Tell your friends! Come along!
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