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    Monday, September 3rd, 2007
    2:21 pm
    Fic: Paradise by plotbunniofdoom. Trio fic, NC-17, 1928 words.
    Title: Paradise.
    Author: [info]plotbunniofdoom
    Pairing/characters: Trio. Which in this case is Harry/Ron and Ron/Hermione.
    Rating: NC-17.
    Word Count: 1928.
    Summary: The trio are on holiday on a tropical island. Sex on the beach is the logical conclusion. :-)
    Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and I make no money from this piece. No offense is intended so please don't sue me!
    Warnings:Graphic slashy sex, rimming, het, trio, slight voyeurism, outdoor sex, massage. (You have been enticed warned)
    Beta: The wonderful [info]shes_gone beta'd this for me, and without her it would have made a lot less sense so many many thanks. :-)

    I originally wrote this for [info]bbtp_challenge and have also posted it at [info]betweenfriends so apologies if you've already seen it. :-)

    This is posted at my fic asylum here. You need to join to be able to read it and you can do that easily be clicking here.

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    Saturday, September 1st, 2007
    9:01 am
    new fic.
    not much happening over here yet!

    so i'll kick start things by letting you know about a new fic we just posted, that my lovely maple agreed to write with me. bless her. such a lovely lady. gracious, funny, creative....

    hope you enjoy it.

    Title: Breathing Through
    Authors: [info]maple_mahogany and [info]mrsquizzical
    Series : This is a part of the "All That They Had Not Lost" series. It takes place after the Epilogue of ATTHNL and before the Prologue of Evidence of Things Not Seen
    Words : 7036
    Ship : Trio
    Rating : MT (Mature Themes)
    Warnings: Contains unblushing but not graphic descriptions of childbirth.
    Summary: With Ron against her back and Harry carefully curving over her front, she felt them find each other as they kissed over her shoulder. She opened her eyes to see how they met, letting their comforting of her, comfort each other as well.

    at the quidditch pitch.

    at table for three.

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