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Epic fic, or epic fail? You decide! [26 Nov 2008|09:07pm]

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Title: Angel's Song
Author: pander (doomkiri)
Beta: no beta!
Spoilers?: Maybe. Or maybe not. Nah. I don't follow anime or manga or novel storylines.
Rating: M
Pairing: IsaakxDietrich as the story progresses. At the moment, no.
Warnings: Violence, blood, gore, character death, maybe yaoi or maybe not later on.
Summary: Dietrich fails a mission in Albion. So what does this lead to? In progress. link here, to chapter one.

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[04 Nov 2008|09:20pm]

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Title: Game
Author: pander (doomkiri on
Beta: No beta!
Spoilers?: N/A
Rating: M
Pairing: IxD
Warnings: Umm...yummy thoughts of IxD? Nothing too suss, just implied.
Summary: Isaak tries to figure out what game is being played. Written during one of my verbose moods.

FF link here

Wow! I finally figured out how to put a link in like that! HUZZAH!

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FIC: If I Ever Lose My Faith In You [06 Jul 2008|08:12pm]

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Title: If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Completed)
Author: Darth Stitch </a></font></b></a>[info]darth_stitch
Spoilers: Empire Arc, manga series
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Abel / Esther
Summary: Abel and Esther get used to this whole being married thing. Caterina plays referee for their first spat and Petros gets some interesting insights. Next in the Milk Tea Series. COMPLETE. Words: 11,036

Earlier stories in the series will be posted soon or can be found on my FF Dot Net profile.

If I Ever Lose My Faith in You

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Puppet Dancer - fic [05 Jul 2008|01:51pm]

Title: Puppet Dancer
Fandom: Trinity Blood
Author: [info]chichirinoda
Pairing: Deitrich/Hugue aka Puppetmaster/Sword Dancer
Warnings: Shadings of non-con, but nothing terribly graphic
Summary & Notes: Hugue is hunting a monster, and gets captured instead. Written for [info]ladyofshadow, by her request.

( Hugue had felt a lot of pain in his life, but it was nothing compared to the pain of the Puppetmaster's strings. )
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[21 Aug 2007|12:00am]

Title: Inevitable Conclusion
Author: [info]narsus
Beta: N/A
Spoilers?: N/A
Rating: PG for implied yaoi. Fluff.
Pairing: (if needed) William/Isaak
Summary: A detour from duty. William and Isaak; an inevitable conclusion. (1200 words.)

Fanfiction as follows (offsite link)

Title: Butterflies
Author: [info]narsus
Beta: N/A
Spoilers?: Act 32/Episode 19.
Rating: G. Alluded to character death.
Pairing: (if needed) N/A
Summary: The path that led to madness. (1135 words. Characters: S├╝leyman.)

Fanfiction as follows (offsite link)
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[Fic] Mission Parameters Exceeded [17 Aug 2007|09:28am]

Title: Mission Parameters Exceeded
Fandom: Trinity Blood
Author: [info]chichirinoda
Pairing: Tres/Abel
Rating/Warnings: Sex! In a church! Spoilers for the Barcelona arc (about mid-way through the series)
Summary: Tres' mission is to find Abel and bring him back, but he finds a bit more than he expected. It was written for a [info]yaoi_challenge prompt.

( They called this phenomenon 'emotion', and it seemed terribly wasteful of resources. )
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[Fic] Personal Jesus [17 Aug 2007|09:25am]

Yay! I was glad to see this community existed on IJ. I have two offerings for you today ^_^

Title: Personal Jesus
Fandom: Trinity Blood
Author: [info]chichirinoda
Pairing: Ion Fortuna/Pope Alessandro XVIII
Rating/Warnings: R, Some violence and vampire bitings, as well as smut with a Catholic Priest. The Pope, actually. Spoilers up to and including the events in Carthage, episodes 10-12, I think.
Summary: This is a retelling of the events in Carthage, with a twist. What if Alessandro had been on the progress with Caterina when the Empire sent her messenger, and what if things had gone very badly wrong? Written for the [info]obscurefandom June 2007 challenge, for the song Personal Jesus, by Depeche Mode.

( Her last words were drowned out as a loud concussion shook the entire building. Alessandro heard a cry come to his own lips as the shaking nearly threw him out of his chair. )
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