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[9th Jul. 2017 • 03:37]


Jumping off from the last post, so I got the Naked Heat palette awhile ago when Sephora had the one-day early release for it, but I've been interested in getting one of the regular Naked palettes for years now, but I'm not sure which one? I'm trying to decide between Naked 1 or Naked 2 (Naked 3 is pretty, but wouldn't work for my warm, possibly olive skintone), but they look really similar to me, so I'm not sure which one is better? I heard Naked 1 is warmer than Naked 2, but yeah, idk.

What about the smaller Naked Basics palettes? Are those better value if you don't wear eyeshadow that often anyway?
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[3rd Jul. 2017 • 13:31]



so, I'm craving a new eyeshadow palette AAAND the morphe ones are mostly all back in stock for the first time ever in my recent memory so I wanted to put some feelers out~. Has anyone tried them?? Are they good? Which ones would you Recommend? I know a lot of the beauty bloggers really did recommend some of them and, as a horder, I can never have too much eyeshadow bc it's not like I only have two eyes so!! opinions pls.
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[27th Jun. 2017 • 10:46]

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Hello hello! Does anyone have any recs for products that help with minimizing pores? Mine are the size of small craters and this causes a lot of distress when I try to take selfies.
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on baths and skincare! [18th Mar. 2017 • 10:40]

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hey, my fellow dudes! so, due to equal parts bitter cold and sad panda-ing throughout the winter, i've really gotten into baths right now as my ritual of self-care. and whereas before, i felt gross about it because Why Sit Around In Your Body Stews, now i'm really feeling positive about it – i can lean back, watch some seeso on my ipad while i get clean, drink a beverage that may or may not be alcoholic depending on my mood, and it gets me all cozy around the bod before sinking into dreamland. bonus: i can wear masks during the first part of just soaking and having my muscles relax, and it's just good stuff. (guys: do you have any recs for a drugstore exfoliating mask that's good? like, i'd love to say that i'm okay for getting something a lil more ulta or sephora-y, but not in the budget right now.)

so, my question for you guys: what's your favorite bath or shower-time products? i've been falling in love with anything dr. teal's lately; specifically, their pink himalayan bubble bath has been my HUGE JAM. there's also these bath truffles sold at my local coop that dissolve into these amazing oils, which kinda got me into the entire bath thing in the first place. ironically, when i was living in minneapolis and near a lush, i hated the idea of a bath – but then again, i was also sharing a bathroom with two other people and the tub was gross, so lmao of course i wasn't about that life. ulta has been shilling these faux bath bombs, but i'm really nervous about anything that might make my skin angry – such is life when you have super sensitive skin and it's getting used to a much drier climate. #yikes

i've also been chasing after a good body wash – dr. bronner's seems to be the ticket, although i've been anxious to shell out $15 for it. (I KNOW. I KNOW!! BEING CHEAP IS REAL.) i think i'm gonna go ahead and do it, though, so if anyone has any scent recommendations, i'm here for 'em. lotion after your bath is also REAL LIFE, and i'm really partial to the vaguely shea butter-y ones – st. ives's has been crushing it for me lately! before i moved, i finally finished my body shop super-duper thick shea butter one, #restinpeace. it would've been so good for this weird itchy patch/rash i had on my ribs this winter!! (from – YOU GUESSED IT – a bubble bath dude i tried that wasn't nice!!)

anyway idk, let's talk about how baths/showers make us nice in the comments?? IF YOU WANT TO, i'm not your mom. and let me know if you want any DIY bath stuff too – one of my favorite books in the whoooole world has an entire section devoted to how baths can make you beautiful all over, and i love it! weirdly, it's on the top shelf of my bookshelf right now and i regret this hugely. but yes. skin! body care! bath time! shower shit! all that jazz, let's talk it out!
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SEEKING RECOMMENDATIONS [15th Mar. 2017 • 18:37]


The dry shampoo I liked has been discontinued so I'm on the hunt to try some other ones. What dry shampoos do YOU use?
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[18th Jan. 2017 • 08:03]

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IDK if anyone still capes for American Apparel in this era -- I remember it peaking in the late-2000s when I was in university, and then all the creeper stuff -- but if you're into their clothes, the company's gone bankrupt, so they're closing down their stores and everything is on sale!

I feel like the sale has been going on for months in Canada now, so there's nothing left up here anywhere unless you want neon tights and disco~ pants in XXS, but it sounds like American stores only just started as of last Friday with the buy-out announcement? IDK. If you're not into clothes, I know they were selling wooden hangers for 2/$1 up here, along with mannequins, store fixtures, computer paper, etc. if you need any of that.
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[28th Sep. 2016 • 19:37]

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So the first Uniqlo store in Canada is opening this Friday, and I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on what they like (or, alternatively don't like) there! The only things from the brand I own so far were bought second-hand from thrift stores and I liked them enough that I'd consider buying more basics from them at least.

Is there anything there that's a 'you must get it from them and not anyone else' sort of item? Is the HeatTech stuff any good? Anything to avoid outright? etc., any opinions on anything are cool, thanks!
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Chapped/dry lips help! [18th Sep. 2016 • 13:54]

So, kind of similar to the last post, but not exactly: how do you deal with/preferably avoid chapped lips?

My lips seem to be in a constant state of dryness/chapping, and it's hugely frustrating. I know it's not that I'm dehydrated (I drink more than the recommended amount of water every day going by half my body weight in ounces or whatever, and supposedly that can be bad for you too but that's a thing for another day I guess), but I do have the bad habit of occasionally licking or biting my lips, but I don't think I do it so often that it would make my lips constantly dry. Messing with my lips too much seems to make it worse (like if I'm trying on and removing different lipstick shades, the chapping gets visibly worse).

Regular old chapstick definitely doesn't work. I exfoliate my lips using Tarte's Maracuja Lip Exfoliant, which helps for awhile. I've tried other lip products like rosebud salve, baby lips, and various others that I can't remember, and right now I'm just using plain old Blistex medicated ointment. I have used stuff in the past that's made my lips tingly/irritated (First Aid Beauty's lip balm did that to me, for example).

So this is a super-long saga, but...what do you use that works? I am willing to try just about anything, especially with winter coming.
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[7th Sep. 2016 • 23:11]


Can anyone recommend a good, moisturizing lipstick along the lines of Revlon lip butter? It's the only thing I've found that isn't too drying for everyday use, but it looks like they're discontinuing it and I am so sad. I don't need a strong color payoff, so I'd def consider products that are considered tinted lip balm or whatever as opposed to lipstick -- I just want a moderate amount of color and a lot of moisture. I don't trust products that are marketed as moisturizing bc more often than not they dry me out anyway! Help please!
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Eye Creams [2nd Sep. 2016 • 13:18]


I've got my general skin routine figured out but I haven't yet waded into the world of eye creams. According to all the beauty sites, this means I'm in danger of my eyeballs falling out of my face or something.

Anyway, do y'all have any recommendations for eye creams? Or any other eye skin related tips or tricks?
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[1st Sep. 2016 • 20:01]

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Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty starts Sunday! One day only deals almost all month from Urban Decay, Lorac, Tarte, Too Faced, Stilla, and more!

Also, there are still items left for Colour Pop's last call sale. Free shipping over $30! Their liquid lipsticks stayed on for an entire outdoor BBQ wedding I attended. Not to mention I always get compliments when I wear their products.
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[1st Sep. 2016 • 15:21]


there's also a sale over at!! up to 70%. i haven't got a good look at the deals so far bc there's a line to get in the site (it estimated ~48min for me but it's already down to half that in five minutes so not as bad as they said!
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[31st Aug. 2016 • 14:32]

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PSA: is having a 50% off sale tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST.

I can't say enough good things about their blushes, liquid lipsticks and Bahama Mama.

SEVERAL QUESTIONS [29th Aug. 2016 • 22:27]

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i need eyebrow help. where do i start?? i've never done much if anything with my eyebrows. mine are really sparse and shapeless. it's like the poor things have no sense of identity. how do you dress them up for daily wear without taking too long in the morning (ahaha)? what are nice eyebrow pencils you'd rec?

ALSO: do y'all have recs for a good rose gold lipstick/nail polish/eye shadow/anything else i can put on my face? or a coral? what are your faves. i really like these colors and want to incorporate them into my life more somehow.
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[10th Aug. 2016 • 19:58]

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Hello everyone! I've been a long time lurker and I thiiink this is my first post. Anyway, I'm after tips on how to conceal dark circles. I have Ooh La Lift from Benefit, which I use sometime, but idk, I feel like there's something about it that draws attention to my undereye area? And EyeCon is great for when I'm wearing BB cream and not much else, but if I layer eye shadow on top, it's settled into the cracks within two hours or so.

A tip of my own that one of my colleagues in Singapore got me onto: if your eyes are looking a little puffy and red, layer either a translucent gold or silver glitter eyeliner (I use Fantasy from Lush) over the top of your regular brown or black. It's a lot more subtle than you'd think and makes me look as though I've got 8 hours of sleep instead of just 4 or 5.
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skin care help! [7th Aug. 2016 • 23:42]


Hi! Cat here. I'll get straight to the point: I need skin care advice. Since I was about eighteen, I've had bad reactions to well known moisturizer/scrubs brands (Neutrogena, St. Ives, Cetaphil, & Aveeno). Typically, a bad reaction doesn't happen immediately, but when it does...ugh. Burning, itchy sensation, and, if I don't wash it off quickly, redness and scaly skin. Weirdly enough, it only happens with skin care products--eye make up and powder foundation don't do anything.

So...does anyone else on here have this problem, and if you do, how did you solve it? I know skin care is important, but I'm not really sure what to use at this point. :\
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[7th Aug. 2016 • 23:09]

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Hi friends! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing one of the Urban Decay Naked Flushed bronzer/highlighter/blush compacts in "Streak"? (ULTA has a listing for it here for more information.) It's brand new; it's only opened due to me opening it and going "awwww man that is wayyy too peach to work with my complexion." The little plastic sheet thing is even still covering the mirror (which is why that looks a bit cloudy in the pic). I really don't want for it to go to waste because it IS gorgeous; it's just personally a color combo that doesn't work for my super cool-tone vampire complexion. It retails for $32ish usually and I'd be happy to go for $20. (with the shipping included in that.) Pictures are under the cut!

Pics! )
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when you accidentally buy two bronzers :| [22nd Jul. 2016 • 20:28]


So I accidentally bought two of the same bronzer & completely forgot to return the other one, sigh. Would anybody like to take it off my hands? It's the Too Faced Sweethearts Baked Bronzer in Sweet Tea. I have not even taken it out of the box yet, so it is brand-spankin' new!

Personally speaking, I've been using the one I'm keeping nearly every day, and I find it really comparable to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting bronzer in luminous bronze light (which is amazing but also really really expensive ha ha ha). The Too Faced bronzer has two shades but I typically just swirl my brush in there when using it, and it's really nice & pigmented -- but nothing too crazy, tbh I have a bit of a tan going on atm (NC30-35ish) and I do have to layer it a bit to get it to show up. The shimmer is not really noticeable, it's more of a pseudo-"glow" to bring a little life to your cheeks. I personally love bronzer in the summer so this is perfectly in season for my fellow Northern hemisphere peeps.

I'm hoping to let this go for $30USD (which is the selling price) and I'll eat the price on shipping and tax if it's in the US, but might ask for help on shipping if going out of the country. If you would like to do your gal a favor (and please do), just let me know! I thought I'd ask here first instead of running to Reddit right away.

[29th Apr. 2016 • 23:11]

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I'm not sure who else follows Urban Decay for make-up brands, but just as a heads-up, their Revolution lipsticks (including the sheer and matte lines) are half-price now! Apparently, they're changing the packaging, hence getting rid of the current stock. I know for sure the sale is going on at Sephora in both the US and Canada (but a lot of colours are out of stock already), and I think other American stores like Ulta are doing the same.

So far, I got Anarchy, F-Bomb, and Venom from the main line, and Sheer Ladyflower and Sheer Slowburn, but I might go back and get more later.
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[31st Mar. 2016 • 23:38]

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e.l.f. Cosmetics is moving warehouses and is having a huge moving sale. Lots of items are priced only a dollar!
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