Feb. 22nd, 2008


Homecoming [5:50pm : Wayne Manor, Gotham]

Dear Clark,

When you get this, leave the luggage and Dick with Alfred. Come out to the garden in the Eastern Field. Where the poppies are in early bloom.

I have a surprise for you.


Bruce's card is in Alfred's hand waiting for Clark and Richard's return from the grandparents.

Feb. 21st, 2008


Good Morning [8:56am : Montana]


I got your card.

I like the scenery on it, I think I might visit when classes are on break.

Be careful climbing them, it is dangerous. I hope you have a partner to make sure you don't fall.

I know you. A little anyway.

I miss you.


Leaving the town's post office, Clark's postcard is in the backpack of Bruce Wayne heading for the mountains.

Feb. 20th, 2008


Good Morning [ 3:16am : Downtown Gotham]


Sorry I couldn't stay the whole night. I had a great time at dinner and you were wonderful but the games we play... well they can be fun. Just think of this meeting and parting as incentive. I left the check for one half of the reward money on your sidetable for the return of the Diamosses diamond as the museum had been quite relieved to have it back. I have given the other half of the reward to a worthy charity of my choice.

If you wish for another meeting, please do call.


Diana's postcard is lying nicely on the empty pillow next to Selina's head waking for her to wake up.

Feb. 19th, 2008


Late Night [1983 : 8 pm New York]


Before we go home, I plan out what you wanted. Meet me tonight around 9pm and hope it meets with your standards.


Templeton's postcard is face down on the dashboard, ready for BA to see it.

Feb. 18th, 2008


Arrival [Post 1955 : 4:24 pm California]

Dear Charles,

I have arrived safely in San Francisco, California and waiting for my driver. The airport is clean and nice, we should try for a trip here someday. I know you're wondering,"A postcard so soon", but I figure I send this out to you before getting to the real work of helping BJ with the new clinic.

It will be a long month.

I'll try to call tonight if I can find some time. I think for a couple of days it's going to be reunion of sorts with the meet and greet of BJ's family and friends, so I'm preparing you now for any delay.

(I heard you smirking.)

I want to tell you all the things I want to say on this card but I won't. You know we haven't been away from each other since the beginning and I won't lie to you, I'm a little bit scared.

(Don't give me the comforting look because I can't crawl in your arms right now, even if your arms were that long. Even if I wish for it at this moment.)

Oh nevermind me, I will be fine. I'll write more and when I talk to you later you'll tell me that I am being ridiculous in your practical manner. While I haven't decided on what to tell to BJ about you, I will be very very careful. I have to go, I think I see BJ on the other side of the glass. I'm wrapping this up and posting it now.


Benjamin's postcard is wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed into an envelope and affixed with a stamp. Dropped in the mailbox near to him. In a couple of days, the envelope will arrive in Boston, Masschusetts.

Feb. 17th, 2008


Beer Run POV 2 [Post 1997 : 3.16pm : Paris]


Sorry I missed you but you're staying for a while? Right?

Anyway damn idiot sat down and drank my friend's high class beer for the contest we're holding in a couple of weeks at the bar, it was being stored here until my friend could come here to compete. Sort of promotional thing and he drank it all in one freakish sitting. It was six cases of beer.


Now I have to beg Steven to see if he has anymore but he's in Germany entering another contest so I am dragging the no good son of bitch with me to get any extra as this was to be the wow factor in the contest. It takes the man a month to perfect this beer in small batches. I don't even know why the old man touched it, the stuff tastes more like good wine than anything else. When the last time we seen him drink wine. Steven says it some process he perfecting and he wants to sell the stuff for moderately expensive price and the damn fool drank it all.


The only reason I knew about it because the bastard handed me a bottle to drink to cheer me up.

There are days, when I want to do one or the other to him...

I'm not killing him until Steven says no more, then it's good-bye to the bum.


Joe's postcard is attached to the fridge with a Le Blues Bar magnet of the same barge. Both waiting for Duncan to come home for a visit with friends.


Beer Run POV [Post 1997 : 3:07pm : Paris]


Sorry we missed you.

Joe is mad at me so we have to go to Deutschland to see his friend about some beer.

We'll be back in a few days.


Methos's postcard is attach to the inside of the front door with some duct tape he found in the refurbished barge.

Feb. 16th, 2008


Pen Pal [2006 : Arizona]

Dear Mr Fraser,

My name is Jennifer and I am seven years old and I had chosen you for my person from far away to write to. My teacher gave me a choice to write from a list or pick somebody in the law inforcment. I couldn't choose my daddy so my aunt said she knew a Canadian mountie that lives in Canada. (spelled it right?) I was going to ask daddy since he was a cop but my aunt said don't bother him and gave me the address.

Aunt Frannie said you were friends with my daddy once so can I be your penpal?

Jennifer Vecchio

Jenny's postcard is set during au post series. It's in the back of a jeep, inside a beige duffel bag; traveling its way to a Northwest Territories' station, to one Sergeant Benton Fraser.

Feb. 15th, 2008


Just Waiting [Post 1998 : 3am Chicago]

Dear Benny,

They told me you came back to this old job. New place, same situation. I don't know why you're here but here I am too.

I can't use phones, they still make me itchy. Hell everything makes me itchy these days, I'm almost agoraphobic, anthropophobic, and what other weird fears I didn't have before, but I wanted you to know that I am sorry how I left things between us and and...

You're the best friend a man could have and leaving you really killed me. I'm here for a short time as I can't seem to lay down roots anymore and now at my old age, I find myself wandering.

Maybe Garret had known something.

I do realize you might've been right about this "not being me" whole thing. I have money now but hasn't done me much good in the end. The thing is, I still need a partner.

And even though, you being a Mountie means so much to you. I still need you.

I think you might need me too.

Or was I wrong? I really need to know because I can't stay anywhere anymore and I won't can't go without you.

I'll be waiting across the street at noon.

Waiting and watching for your answer.

Always Yours,

ps. Did you think I left out autophobic, I did not. I made choices a few years ago that has created the possibility of being alone today, but I'm also choosing to tell you that I don't want that anymore. Just wanted you to know.

Ray's postcard is set during au post series. It's carefully placed in the inbox of one Benton Fraser, Deputy Liaison Officer.

Feb. 14th, 2008


The Company Dinner [Nov 1, 1992, Seacouver]

Dear Adam,

I know, I know. Why not a simple phone call. Just to tell you that I'm looking forward to seeing you again New Years.

I know that it's nearly two months away but I heard you are traveling to a place where phones has little chance of finding you and Don told me a letter will get there faster. No time No time to sit down but you know how that is?

How my life is.

It was nice actually talking on the phone in July, you were busy but wanted to know if I was fine. you were very busy with your work but wanted to know if I was fine.

I am. Thanks, it is appreciated.

I wanted you to know when you get this that it was appreciated it was appreciated by me.

[hidden in invisible ink]Got to Go! You know who bought a sword at an auction. Geeze, he paid $200,000 and I'm wondering between chicken and beef ramen. :)[hidden in invisible ink]

Yours Truly,

Joe's postcard is during Episode 5: Free Fall. Sitting a few rows behind Duncan and Tessa. The finished postcard is on Joe's lap ready for the mailbox just outside.