Mar. 2nd, 2008


and the machine is bleeding to death; open

The gears of Cold War had rusted when she passed. New wars had come and fallen away, but she had been deaf to all of that. She had been dead after all and the world had forgotten her, save the slim few that still visited a stone reminder that had longed decayed in the passing of time. Time - it was a fleeting thing and she had forgotten what time was when she died.

It was the red liquid that had brought her back. She watched it through her fading sight, watching the red creep into her arm. Was this the punishment at last? She had seen dark for such much time, but it seemed the Soviets were back to poison her body and to poison her name. She couldn't have peace and she couldn't feel the touch of The Sorrow as she hoped. It was a sad fate and as her vision fell again, she couldn't help but wonder if this reality was the Hell she was supposed to face.

When she awoke, all she could do was stare at the dawn. A dawn of a new day and her life restored - it seemed impossible. But she could taste a thirst on her tongue and she could feel the warmth of a new day. All logic was out the window and as she got to her feet, she hoped she would just fall back into the darkness that her last mission had called for.

But it never came.

The Boss breathed again and placed her fingers to her skin. She couldn't feel where the needle had punctured, but there was a sense of violation beneath the skin. What it was, she didn't know, but she suspected someone would inform her in do time. But that time wouldn't come unless she figured out why she had been pulled from the eternal daydream. Eying the surroundings, The Boss took note that everything was written out in plain English, designating it Non-Soviet territory. Well, that was a good sign; that either meant the United States decided to take her back or this was a test and she was the lab rat. It would be the space projects all over again and she swallowed thickly at the thought. Used and abused by the country she loved even when she had already spilled blood for them more than once.

The surroundings were that of a town; a normal little town that seemed almost..deserted. It definitely fit the bill for a test site, but for what was the question. She touched her teeth to her lip before reaching for a knife at her chest and finding, of course, nothing. Not a knife on her, it seemed, but perhaps even that was asking for much.

She took a brave step forward, listening as her boots touched the surface of the concrete. There wasn't much sound yet, nor was there much movement. She twisted in her stance, crouching low in the CQC form she had been so in love with during her life. And, as she continued forwarded, she noted how there were small signs that someone else had been here; blood stains had been left behind by something. They weren't fresh by any means, but they were still there.

The Boss shook her head and pressed on; war brought death and death brought sorrow. But, today, she would have none of either. She needed to find someone living, someone she could gather information from. That was her priority.