Mar. 1st, 2008


Waking up - Open to all players

A cool breeze blew over Patrick's face, causing him to scrunch head and become aware of his body once more. Moments ago it seemed he had been sitting at his desk, ignoring his work and now as Patrick opened his eyes he realized he had not fallen asleep at his desk. Not if his building had miraculously disappeared. The sky above him was cloudy with bits of blue peaking out as cold concrete pressed up against his back through his Valentino suit. My suit! How long had he been lying on the filthy ground?

The idea his appearance was less than perfect was more distressing then the fact that Patrick had no clue where he was to. In quick movements the young business man was on his feet and dusting himself off. "Do you have any idea how much this suit costs?" He muttered angrily to himself. Memories were starting to come back to him. Jean had been escorting men into his office, strangers clad in awful black suits. Patrick paused while brushing off his sleeve. "A needle", he muttered. The men in black had opened a case with red liquid filled needle and before Patrick could react to the strange scenario the men stuck him with the needle.

They were behind this, it was abundantly clear. Why they would have done this to him didn't cross his mind but Patrick was certain he was going to make them for the dry cleaning he would need. Then he noticed he wasn't alone. Another body laid on the ground, seemingly asleep. Patrick approached them carefully, absently noticing a scruff on his shoes before kicking the other person lightly.

"Wake up".