Mar. 2nd, 2008


Holy Ground - Open.

Oddly enough, the first thing Henry noticed after waking up was the air; it lacked the sick, bloated, and oppressive quality he’d grown accustomed to since things had gone awry at home. So, that right there was a sign that something was up. Not to mention those guys in the suits. Had they put him here? What had that been about, anyway? For that matter, where was here? …

Henry didn’t know. He sighed softly and sat up, his hands instantaneously going to either side of his head, where his fingers rubbed lazily. It felt like somebody had taken a sledgehammer to the back of his skull, and all of the questions bouncing around in his mind weren’t helping. Instead of dwelling on things that obviously couldn’t be solved right now, he turned his attention away from his thoughts, and focused on his surroundings. Henry slowly pushed himself up and off the ground, and scanned the area. Most of the buildings in his immediate vicinity were small and boring; the only thing that really stood out was a massive church. So, he jogged off towards that. It looked interesting, for one, and for another… well, there was generally always someone in a church, right? Sure, why not. It was better than assuming all hope was lost.

“Saint Paul’s Church,” he mouthed as he passed the sign. Henry stored that away for later, in case there was a need for it. Probably not, but it’d be good to know, anyway. He wasted no time once he’d hit the top of the concrete staircase, and pushed into the building. He didn’t give the foyer of the church much attention, primarily because it was dark, and there was really nothing to be seen. The nave was lit, though. Plenty of candles were lined up on the sanctuary. This sight filled him with the thinnest sliver of hope, because someone had to have lit them. He stopped about halfway up the main aisle and leaned lightly against one of the pews. Nobody was here, at least not out front; and Henry didn’t really want to impose on the sanctuary or the sacristy. Call it superstition or something. There were other ways to get attention, though.

“Hello? Anyone here?” His words were kind of weak, but the space helped amplify the sound of his voice.