March 9th, 2008

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What year is it?

The sound of the gun had given Matt a jolt of adrenaline but he was torn when it came to who to follow. Rain had to track the source of noise naturally but Patrick had freaked and ran off in other direction. He looked between the two different paths they had taken for a moment before coming to a decision to follow Patrick. Rain knew what she was doing, she was trained and she could handle a deadly situation. Matt doubted that Patrick would be so capable though he was impressed by how far Patrick had gotten down the hallway before Matt found him. His eyes widened as they fell upon the axe in Patrick's hands. "Careful", he cautioned from behind, no doubt startling Patrick. "You wouldn't want to accidentally hit yourself in the leg with that".

The glass lined hallway was empty with the exception of the two men but the peacefulness had Matt on edge. The Hive had seemed pretty peaceful too until the zombies started to attack them. "We have to get out of here", he advised. "Find the others and stick together". As Matt turned around to head back toward where he thought Rain was to he noticed a metal door with a plaque reading 'Security Office'. Wouldn't hurt to check it out, he mused. There could be useful information, something to clue us in as to what's going on. "Patrick, keep an eye out. I want to see what's in this room", Matt ordered over his shoulder as he grabbed the handle. It opened easily under his touch, surprising the young man. A security office would have been locked, wouldn't it? The door lead to a room full of flickering screens with black and white images of the building set above a huge desk. "Security camera's" he murmured as he moved in closer. He could see Rain on one of them with the black haired man he had seen earlier with a woman who was standing half way out the camera's vision so Matt couldn't make out who it was. Somthing about her seems familiar though... As Matt leaned in further his brushed up against a pile of video tapes near by, knocking them over. "Shit...wait, March 2008?" He read out loud. That wasn't possible! There where more tapes labeled with more impossible dates.

"Patrick", Matt called out, feeling a little sick to his stomach. "What year is it?"

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