March 7th, 2008

[info]herearedead in [info]trapped_inside

Marching on.

It was bad enough she was in sudden shock with Alice being there, but it was even worse that they seemed to be...well... lost. "If you tell me we're lost I will throw something at you." Rain muttered since she was the one leading. "We went in circles..." now irritated with the map that the Latin beauty had ripped off of a nearby bulletin board she threw it over her shoulder after crumbling it up. "Fucking worthless." Ocampo growled and finally noticed a shadow somewhere along the wall, the kind that brought the hairs on the back of your neck on edge. However, if memory served her right. If she had died, then her body was weak...which gave her oh so much hope about future infections-no, there would be no more infections. Then again, the woman didn't think she'd get infected in the first place before either.

How did Alice's body withstand all the mutation? ... was she mutated? Was what Carlos had told her over the years real? As real as her hand had nearly gotten bitten off.