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Friday, April 8th, 2005

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    A Warm Place by Jane St.Clair

    Original poster: raina_at

    Title: A Warm Place
    Author: Jane St. Clair
    Rating: R
    Pairing: Q/O
    Warnings: none
    Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id:
    Link to story: A Warm Place

    Reasons for recommending: I adore Jane St.Clair's work, and this one especially. Her style is beautiful, the meditative calm her stories exude is lovely and I just adore the way she can paint moods and scenes with language. I know I've recced her before, but it's worth reccing her again. I can't even say why I like this story so much, I just love the feel of it. There's a prequel to the story called "A Floating World", but you can read it independently.

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