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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

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    My Name Is Master Qui-Gon and I Treat My Padawan Like a Rock by Jedi Nic

    Original poster: bant

    Title:My Name Is Master Qui-Gon and I Treat My Padawan Like a Rock
    Author: Jedi Nic
    Rating: G

    Author's e-mail:
    Lj: [info]jedinic
    Link to story:

    I was trying to find something different and overlooked to recommend and I came across this story which I remembered as being humourous and cute. It's a quick read and I enjoy frustrated Qui-Gon and interferring Yoda stories. Lets just call it Qui-Gon goes to MA - Masters Anonymous!

    The information above may be outdated as the story was posted to the archive back in 1999.

    Qui-Gon looked down at the data-pad in front of him and scowled. All around the room, expectant eyes were on him as they awaited his next words. Yoda in particular was tapping the floor anxiously with his stick, and Qui-Gon was positive there would be a sadistic smile on the green gnome's face. He didn't know how Yoda had quite dragged him into this - he suspected a mind-whammy of sorts but one could never be too sure.

    "Read it, you will!" Yoda all but barked. Heaving a huge sigh, to show how much he was suffering and perhaps elicit some sympathy from the other Jedi Masters who'd obviously also been conned into this, Qui-Gon again scanned the words. He then looked up at the group. He opened his mouth and began to speak.

    "My name is Master Qui-Gon Jinn and I treat my Padawan like a rock."

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