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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

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    Batter My Heart by Jedi Rita

    Original poster: emila_wan

    Title: Batter My Heart
    Author: Jedi Rita
    Rating: R
    Pairing: Obi-Wan/Bail
    Warnings: Strong angst (as if THAT needs a warning! *G*)
    Author's e-mail:
    Link to story:
    The whole series is here - - and it starts with "Perhaps," but Batter My Heart can be read alone.

    Summary: Ten years after beginning his exile on Tatooine, Obi-Wan visits Bail and Leia on
    Alderaan and deals with his inner demons.

    Reasons for recommending: This one is long, but definitely worth the time. And oh, the
    heartbreak! Obi-Wan Kenobi is a tragic figure, and never moreso than in this series. Although this is the
    final story, it was the first of the series I read (I think it was the first she wrote) and it remains my
    favorite. The writing is superb, detailed and sensual. But the most compelling thing about the story is the
    utter *reality* of it. Ten years after Anakin's turn, Obi-Wan is nearly destroyed by everything that's
    happened to him, and his reunion with a lover he's not seen in years reflects that. The sex is understated,
    but real, as are the emotions. Here are two people who love each other, who desperately want to connect, but it's not all sweetness and light. Sometimes happy endings are not possible, no matter how much one might wish it. Watching two noble characters struggle to accept that they can never have a normal life together is heart-wrenching. This is not a canned, happily-ever-after tale. Yet in the end, I think the
    reader will be satisfied. I know I was!

    Another aspect of the story that I found charming was the portrayal of young Leia. She is precocious, but
    not annoying, and she is definitely necessary to the story. Her hero-worship of Obi-Wan only exacerbates
    the Jedi's own torn self-image. And when she accuses him of not loving Bail, Obi-Wan's loss of control
    leads to a catharsis of sorts. It is Leia's forgiveness of a small thing that allows Obi-Wan to begin to forgive himself for bringing about the destruction of the Republic.

    All in all, an extremely well done story. Set aside a chunk of time and a box of tissues for this one.

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    Nature Boy by Briony

    Original poster: bant

    Title: Nature Boy

    Link to story:

    Of all Briony's stories, it is this one that I find "Nature Boy" the most unique and intriguing. It's short but the imagery and atmosphere is memorable a long with the unusual storyline.

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