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Friday, March 4th, 2005

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    Twilight to Knight, by Laura McEwan

    Original poster: raina_at

    Title: Twilight to Knight
    Author: Laura McEwan
    Rating: R
    Pairing: Q/O
    Warnings: none
    Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id:, [info]lauramcewan
    Link to story: Twilight to Knight
    Reasons for recommending: If I recall correctly, there's been a bit of a discussion about the element that makes this story and its sequels special - namely that you can't tell who's talking, Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan, what is said in the fic could be true for either of them.
    I've always liked this story, and I'm going to tell you why: One, because I like Laura's writing style, the scene she sets, and I particularely like the ending. Two, because it's a classic theme done with an interesting stylistic way. And three, because the style element Laura uses here totally works for me, in my opinion it expresses that with all the differences between human beings, some things, like loving and wanting to be loved in return, are just universal.

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