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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

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    My Aikani by Susan Anthony

    Original poster: gaiaeagle

    Sorry this one is a couple of weeks late, Holidays happened, and I was out of town for a bit.

    Title: My Aikani
    Author: Susan Anthony
    Raiting: NC-17
    Pairing: Obi/Xanatos
    Summery: The future is always in motion and Obi-Wan's path is not as certain as it seems.
    Warnings: Obi-Wan is seventeen in this story, Xanatos is thirty-three

    Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id:,

    Link to the story:

    Reasons for recommending: This fic is a gem. This is one of the stories that makes me see Xanatos in a completely different light. After reading most of the Jedi Apprentice series of books, I'd never thought I would actually like him. But once again, special stories like this one, helped change my feelings for him.

    Obi gets kidnapped by Xanatos (nothing new) but the reasons behind the kidnapping are. I wish I could say more, but it would give away the plot. Just read it. *smiles*

    Quote from the story:
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    Catenatus by Tem've H'syan

    Original poster: gaiaeagle

    Title: Catenatus
    Author: Tem've H'syan
    Rating: NC-17
    Pairings: Qui/Xanatos, Qui/Obi
    Summery: Companion piece to the Naming Days series, and shamelessly Qui-centric! Zine reprint from the excellent Rituals and Meditations. Here be non-con and sexual torture, and messy food sex to make up for it.
    Warnings: Non listed

    Author's e-mail and webpage:,

    Link to the story:

    Reasons for recommending: I loved this story because it gave little windows into Qui's life on some of his naming days. Every year, Qui gets a tattoo of a link that forms a chain around his body. I thought it was a unique concept to see who gives the tattoo each time, and the feelings behind it. The ending is what I remember the most. Can't tell though, wouldn't want to spoil it for those that haven't read it.

    Quote from the story:
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