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Date: 2008-06-17 21:32
Subject: Seeking Beta/Brit-picker
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I just finished a Torchwood/Dr. Who crossover fic. I have rated it PG though I guess it could be more of a G. There is no real action to say, but gay male/male relationship Ianto/Jack is alluded to, and a het Rose/Ten is acknowledged and central to plot. The word count is 4, 647 or 11 pages single spaced lines double spaced between paragraphed 11 point arial font if your prefer.
Spoilers for all of Torchwood to be on the safe side and, all of Dr.Who for the safe side here. Though it is almost definately AU, and he has not meet up with Donna Nobel yet, nor will he.

The Beta and the Brit Picker do not have to be the same person, but anyone who is willing to Brit Pick this for me please be advised I am Ameircan. I can make Jack sound like a Yank American no problem I am a Yank. The others, I am working on it. Beta work includes any obvious plot holes and errors you want to point out, but mostly I am looking for someone to SPAG check it for me, especially commas. I am in my senior year in my quest for a BA in English, and I still freely admit I suck at commas. I am getting better though. LOL.

Benefits, first readings of fics. Input into fics, that I may or may not accept. Betas are always allowed to request graphics or fics from me and baring a few I will not write/ do graphics of have a reasonably good chance of getting prompt repayment, as well as free content betaing for their graphics, fics and vids.

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