Fic: Some Sunny Day (1/1)

Written for [info]nwhepcat's It's the Writers, Stupid!!!!! Ficathon inspired by & featuring the quote:
"We're going to know each other eventually, why not now?"

Title: Some Sunny Day (1/1)
Author: [info]boji
Summary: John Hart knew who Jack Harkness was of course.
Spoilers: 2:01 - Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang.
Word Length: 2,150 approx.
Rating: R for language and increasingly dark imagery.

Notes: I'd say this is set some twenty years prior to Kiss, Kiss Bang Bang on the original time-line as it were. Otherwise known as a glimpse into Jack Harkness's past, in some far flung 51st Century future.

Girls who ask, usually get told that I met Jack with bottle of the good stuff in one hand and my kit-bag in the other.

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Fic: A Little Death (1/1)

Summary: A little sex, a little death...
A vid-message is left on the Torchwood system.
Pairing: John H/Jack H
Spoilers: 2:01 - Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang.
Word Length: 1,500 approx
Rating: I'd say it's a hard 'R' but one flirting with NC-17.
PWP - That would be porn with plot. Dark, with a pinch of violence & a hint of kink.

This fic is utterly unsuitable for minors. Adult material lies beyond the cut. Read at your own discretion.

"...might as well leave him something to John-off to when I'm gone..."

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