Links to a slew of my fic

We all come into fandoms at different times. It's why we read our way back through archives and scroll through different fandoms pimped on [info]crack_van.

As I have yet to archive my work on Teaspoon & as I'm not sure who still lurks back over on LJ, I thought I'd offer up links to all the Torchwood & Doctor Who fic I've written since the Doctor first met Jack. Behind the cut are links to seventeen pieces of fic - all hosted here on IJ - and fourteen or so drabbles.

Read at will. Comment if something pleases you. Poke around my IJ if the mood takes you. Nothing is locked. Fic may contain mature subject matter &/or language. Read at your discretion.

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I hope this is ok to post here. I love Torchwood and am also a fan of Highlander. There have been some great stories written lately crossing the two universes. In case people don't know, Highlander was a show (and films) about Immortals, so the idea of Immortals from Highlander meeting Jack (and the rest of the crew) is an intriguing one. How would Jack react to meeting other Immortals and what would they think of him? What would the Torchwood gang think of people going around fighting each other with swords? How far up the weird scale would they be to people who spend their days fighting Aliens?
The com is for posting stories, reccing fic and discussion of the two universes and the characters. If this interests you, come a join us at Colliding Worlds

Also, if anyone wants to contribute icons and/or banners featuring characters from both shows, they will be greatfully received.