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[03 Apr 2008|03:55pm]

Who: Morgaine
When: Thursady afternoon
Where: common room

The fire was warm as Morgaine lay out the pattern for her weekly reading. The warmth was soothing and made her slightly sleepy.

With each card she put down, her usually open face grew more and more pensive. Once the pattern was complete, she pondered over it before giving herself the actual reading. Her analysis worried her a bit, but hopefully,if things went the way she wanted, it wouldn't be too gruesome.
cause drama

[30 Mar 2008|03:51pm]

Who: Neville and OTA (more than one character is welcome)
What: Neville mourns the death of his ex-wife
Where: The Great Hall
When: breakfast with the school
Rating: PG

Neville sat at the teachers' table, accepting his Daily Prophet from a delivery owl. He unrolled his paper, and gasped at the front page story. He couldn't believe what he was reading - Hannah had been killed, and there was a dark mark on the scene? He was numb, and in a state of shock. Though he and Hannah had divorced, he still loved her (even if it was not a romantic sort of love), and he was going to take this really hard.
cause drama

Front Page story from today's Daily Prophet [30 Mar 2008|03:33pm]

Leaky Cauldron Landlady Found Murdered, Dark Mark Left at Scene

Sunday morning, Hannah Abbott (formerly Abbott-Longbottom), landlady of the Leaky Cauldron, was found murdered at her flat above the pub.

Residents of Diagon Alley report seeing the Dark Mark above the Leaky Cauldron at 7AM on Sunday morning.

The Leaky Cauldron was in shambles, and Abbott apparently put up a fight before being struck with the Killing Curse.

Miss Abbott was a founding member of Dumbledore's Army, and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. She then returned to Hogwarts to finish her sixth and seventh years, as she was pulled out of the school when her mother was murdered by Deatheaters.

Hannah Abbott married Neville Longbottom, current Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts, in 2003, and after more than sixteen years of marriage, they divorced amicably in 2019. She has owned and operated the Leaky Cauldron since 2005.

The Ministry of Magic is investigating the murder, but currently have no leads. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Ministry of Magic - anonymity will be guaranteed.
cause drama

[29 Mar 2008|03:41pm]

Who: Morgaine
Where: halls
When: Saturday afternoon
What: heading putside

The halls were surprisingly quiet for this time of day, and on a Saturday, no less. Morgaine had never once in five years seen the school this empty. Was there a Quidditch game going on that she hadn't heard about?

Stepping up to the heavy front doors of the school, she slipped outside and smiled as a light breeze greeted her. She couldn't hear any cheers, so she assumed that the Pitch was empty. She strode across the lawn, heading for her favorite tree by the lake, her dark eyes scanning the grounds for anyone in sight.
cause drama

[12 Mar 2008|10:04pm]

Who: Morgaine
Where: Hallways
When: Wednesday evening
Rating: TBD

Done with her tea, Morgaine stood, stretching to relieve the knots caused by lolling on her bed. She picked up her Divination and Ancient Runes books and followed the staircase down to the common room, blowing a bubble as she crossed the floor.

The door slid open and she scanned the hallway for anyone, before heading off in the direction of the library.
cause drama

[12 Mar 2008|03:09am]

Who: Emerson and OTA
What: Talking in the library
Where: The library
When: Wednesday evening
Rating: TBD

Emerson sat at a corner table of the library, working on his Ancient Runes translations. He had his books spread out across the entire table, since he had gotten to the library immediately after dinner. The library was starting to get packed, and sooner or later, he would have to move his books for someone to sit at the table. Until they made the effort, he didn't mind taking up the whole table.
cause drama

[12 Mar 2008|02:58am]

Who: Jenny and OTA
What: Food and conversation
Where: A bench in the courtyard
When: Wednesday afternoon
Rating: TBD

Jenny sat on a bench in the courtyard, munching on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich that she nicked from the kitchens before going outside. She picked off the crust, eating that first, as she read through her history of magic notes, preparing for her Friday exam. She prayed for a distraction to tear her away from studying, preferably in the form of a cute boy, but any sort of conversation would be acceptable.
6 +cause drama

[11 Mar 2008|05:33pm]

Who: Morgaine
What: Drinking tea
Where: Slytherin fifth year dorms
When: Evening
Rating: g

There was a reason Morgaine rarely drank conjured tea, but she was simply too comfortable to leave her bed. She swallowed the last little bit, then swirled the dregs at the bottom. She frowned, her dark eyes puzzled as she turned the cup in her hands, unsure of what she was seeing. Her Divination class had looked at Tasseomancy again, but it was a method she hardly ever used.

She made a small 'ah ha' and turned to her book, scanning the pages for the right section. Oh, there it was, a fork.

Diversion from a goal? That couldn't be right, she didn't have any goals yet. Well, nobody ever said it was reliable.
cause drama

[09 Mar 2008|12:37pm]

Who: Ariel and Archie Vector
What: Ariel sneaking into Hogsmeade, again
Where: Three Broomsticks
When: Saturday evening
Rating: TBD

Ariel, as was her weekly tradition at this point, had snuck out to Hogsmeade, this time by herself. She sat at a corner table, sipping on a butterbeer, scouting the younger men in the bar. Hopefully some of the younger fellows who were recently in the workplace were both cute and rich. Once she saw someone she thought was attractive enough, she was going to go talk to him.
12 +cause drama

[08 Mar 2008|10:49pm]

Who: Rose and August
What: Lunch before Rose testifies later that afternoon
Where: The Kitchens
When: Backdates to last Wednesday
Rating: PG-ish unless she talks about the rape, so let's say TBD

Rose was dressed up in a nice green sweater, her skirt from her uniform, and flat but professional shoes - she was ready to give her testimony. Hermione had visited earlier in the morning to brief Rose (Rose insisted on going to class before-hand). She was too nervous to eat with the rest of the school, and the house-elves adored her (perhaps because of who her mother was), so she set up a table in the kitchen to eat lunch with August. She got to the kitchens considerably earlier than he did, so she sat, nervously playing with her hair, thinking about what would happen at the court room.
10 +cause drama

[08 Mar 2008|02:35am]

WHO: Victoria and Alex
WHAT: Sillyness!
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: Kitchen

Rating? PG-13? Hehe. We'll see!

So I've got butterbeer... )
10 +cause drama

[03 Mar 2008|08:04pm]

Who: Sienna and OTA
What: Late night wandering
Where: Kitchen
When: Evening

Sienna hummed a simple nursery song under her breath as she made her way through the kitchen, grabbing a sugar bowl, a bit of milk, standing on her toes to reach a teacup and saucer set high on a shelf. A few House Elves fussed from the other side of the kitchen, eying her warily. They didn’t seem to like it when she came down to the kitchens at night, wanting to make things for herself. She stopped her quiet hums when she looked at the teapot sitting on the stove. “Would you mind heating some water up, please?” She asked it politely. “I’d like to make some tea.” It whistled two short, high-pitched squeals. “Thank you.”

She deliberately looked away from the tea kettle (after all, a watched cauldron never boils) and proceeded to poke around through the cabinets, careful not to make too much of a mess.
2 +cause drama

[03 Mar 2008|02:22am]

WHO: Teddy and Victoire
WHAT: For realz
WHEN: Sunday night
WHERE: Faculty lounge

Teddy had left some papers in the faculty lounge-- a big stack of essays, actually. He'd actually done his grading before one in the morning and now he had lost it. When he opened the door and his eyes settled on the papers he heaved a sigh of relief. "Oh Thank God."
6 +cause drama

[29 Feb 2008|08:59pm]
Who: Lisa and OTA
What: Lisa gets caught on the library door
Where: Just outside the library
When: After classes
Rating: TBD

Lisa spent very little time in the library. She had nothing against the students who set up camp there, but she, personally, had trouble focusing in a room full of people trying to talk quietly and failing miserably with their whispers that may as well have been a shout, of dusty books, and, most notably, the pathetic groans of students who knew that no matter how much cramming they attempted, they were doomed.

Instead, Lisa had taken to making her visits to the librarian's domain nothing more than mere quickies- track down the book and get out. Little did she know, however, that the library didn't take well to being used and had already plotted its revenge. Passing through the door, Lisa was in midstep when she suddenly felt herself being jerked back. The strap of her book bag had managed to get itself stuck on the handle, and with a small yelp of surprise, Lisa tumbled rather ungracefully to the ground.

She tried to be optomistic- maybe no one had seen! But she knew better, really, as she lifted her gaze up from the floor to see who had witnessed the spectacle.
9 +cause drama

[27 Feb 2008|04:44pm]

Who: Any and All professors!
What: Chatting
Where: The staff lounge
When: Wednesday afternoon
Rating: TBD

Neville sat in the staff lounge, sipping on some hot tea before his next class. Since the morning's class with the second years had just been a lecture format and they hadn't gone out to the greenhouses, he was surprisingly clean for this late in the day. He sat on the couch, leafing through the day's Daily Prophet, looking for an interesting article to read.
cause drama

[27 Feb 2008|04:31pm]

Who: Diego and Gemma
What: Talking in the Slytherin Common Room
Where: Slytherin Common Room (I really need to stop putting the location in the "what" part)
When: Wednesday evening
Rating: TBD

Diego sat in a chair by the fire, doing some practice Arithmancy problems. The sixth years had an exam coming up, and Diego wanted to be as prepared as possible. Even if he planned on making a career out of quidditch, he knew that he had to have good NEWT levels just in case. He couldn't play quidditch forever, after all.
2 +cause drama

[20 Feb 2008|05:15pm]

WHO: Teddy and Victoire-- and then later Libby
WHAT: Night time
RATING: NC17 likely

Teddy sat in his office reading a paper. It was terrible, he couldn't even make sense of what it was about. He took out his red ink and marked a big T on it in a bold retraced letter. Someone was walking in the hall. The clicking of heals stopped and there was a knock at his door. "Come in."
39 +cause drama

[20 Feb 2008|12:21am]

Who: Jenny Jigger and Stavros Theophilus
What: Getting locked in a storage closet
Where: A storage closet...
When: Tuesday afternoon
Rating: TBD

Jenny was walking back to Ravenclaw after her Care of Magical Creatures class - as was the usual, she was in her own world when she walked, so she didn't seem to notice when Peeves put a banana peel (the oldest trick in the book, really), on the floor. As Peeves expected would happen, Jenny slipped on the peel, and slid straight into the storage closet that Filch had left open. She slammed straight into a wall, hitting her head and falling to the ground.
2 +cause drama

[16 Feb 2008|11:49pm]

WHO: Aubrey and open to Victoire
WHERE: Her office
WHEN: Sunday afternoon

Aubrey was only partly worried about the bet. He'd pretty much conceded that he'd lost. Victoire was too stubborn to get back together with Teddy within two weeks. Still, he worried about his sisters and he really liked Teddy. He just couldn't see Teddy and Nurse Hornby working out.

Aubrey had always gotten along with Victoire more than Brigitte. He missed her. He knocked on the office door.
20 +cause drama

Valentine's Ball [15 Feb 2008|01:48am]

The Great Hall was decorated brilliantly for the Valentine's Ball. The night sky twinkled, and the sky glistened from the image of snow falling overhead (despite it not actually falling to the ground).

Animated cupids adorned the walls, shooting sparkling arrows at one another. Pink and red streamers were hung haphazardly, moving with the motion of the air.

Fountains of punch (dyed pink and red for the holiday) were available on several tables throughout the room, as well as a chocolate fondue fountain. The long tables for each house were replaced by small circular tables, each with scattered pieces of candy.

Students were invited to the dance floor, while a band played covers of classic wizard and muggle songs, as well as some of their own originals.

((Keep all storylines that take place at the ball in this thread!))
10 +cause drama

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