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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

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    ACK!!! The update!!! I need to write my update!!!!

    *runs into room*

    *trips over suitcases lying on the floor*

    *mutters “Bugger….stupid suitcases*

    *flips through updates*

    *sits down to type ‘em up*

    *jumps back up and removes tiara from seat of the chair*

    *checks for any other painful seatwarmers*

    *remembers important thing that needs to be packed for Terminus*

    *runs off, knocking over pile of fabric*

    *comes back a moment later with wrapped bundle of ….stuff*

    *hears tapping at the window*

    *receives owl that her Wizarding Wardrobe is ready at Madam Malkin’s*

    *packs a few more things*

    *remembers she’s supposed to be updating her Weekly Update from the Crafty Witches*

    *runs back to computer, tripping over suitcases again*

    *checks over updates*

    *remembers she needs to pack her supplies for her crocheting presentation at Terminus*

    *runs out of room again, nearly skewering herself on a knitting needle*

    *comes back with two canvas bags of supplies, and trailing yarn*

    *gets tangled up in yarn*

    *yells for help getting untangled*

    *hears sounding call for …duh, duh, daaaaaaaaaaa!!!! SUPER JENN!!!!*

    *is released from bonds and sets off to do updates again*

    *starts thinking about something with her swap stuff*

    *yells for Rowan Redmoon (aka Dragonsinger)*

    *wibbles to her minion about her presentation worries*

    *remembers needs to type up away notice for while she’s gone at Terminus*

    *goes back to updating*

    *catches note from Quietish about Craft-Along stuff*

    *is reminded by Super Jenn to do update about blog*

    *makes note to get Terminus souvenirs for Cat, Jenn, and Josée*

    *goes back to updating*


    Alright? Who gave me the klutziness potion? )

    Current Mood: busy

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