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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

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    *tumbleweeds roll through Crafty Witches' Office*
    A fellytone rings in the CW office.

    And rings.

    And rings.

    An answering tone picks up.

    “Hello! You have reached the Crafty Witch Office at the Leaky Cauldron. We can’t come to the fellytone at the mo’ as we are not in office. However, if you speak to the machine after the obnoxious beep, you may leave a message, and one of us should be able to figure out how to retrieve it. It may just be easier to catch us by owl---“ *muffled bangs and noises* *whispered conversation* “How did that sound? Do you think that will buy us some more time for our update without the Crafty Community getting upset? I mean we are planning to update later this weekend, but we want it to be a good one…Okay, yeah…okay…okay…yeah, that should work …so I do that and then…Oh, bugger…the machine is still record—“ BEEP!!!!

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