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Thursday, June 12th, 2008

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    More Crafty Goodness!



    *digs around in Crafty Witch Office*

    *groans in frustration*

    *checks in box of decoupage tools*

    *goes down to Crafty Witch Craft room*

    *checks Craft Table for recent decoupage crafts*

    *progresses to groaring*

    *goes down to supply dungeon*

    *checks other crafty areas for decoupage medium*

    *gets tea from the lounge*

    *has a bit of a chat with others in the lounge while internally panicking*

    *returns to Crafty Witch Office*

    *flails and wibbles*

    *sends out 5 owls with Orange Alerts*


    Crafty Witch EMERGENCY!!!

     I can’t find the decoupage sticky stuff.  Has anyone seen it? 

    Orange alert!  The Princess is NOT pleased!


    *decides to add in updates while waiting for positive reply and supply*

    Updates, updates, UPDAaaaaaaaaaaaaates.... )

    Oy….we need a cleanup in the Crafty Room…

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