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Thursday, May 29th, 2008

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    *surveys debris and mess that was the tower location of the Crafty Witch Office
    ...last week*

    *mutters* By the Crafty Muses, are we a party lot, or what?

    *sets about straightening room*

    *lines up the numerous bottles of wine and Firewhisky*

    *admires lineup of newly framed and proudly displayed letters from JK Rowling to the Crafty Witches*

    *notices Hardhatcat’s is gone*

    *furtively looks around and takes own letter down and stuffs into her bag*

    *finishes clearing up and banishes trash to lower kitchen*

    *hesitates and wanders over to desk*

    *finds small pile of updates and letters*


               I took my letter home.  It’s a long way to Oz and I’d like to be able to see it regularly.  Great party last night, by the way.  I wasn’t aware that you were able to…er…well, it was great.  How’s Josée doing with her concussion, followed by the party?  Is she resting well?


    *remembers week of partying*

    *remembers week of hangover*

    *feels sore muscles in arms from squailing*

    *looks at rest of piled up work*

    *glances at her bag, bulging with her framed letter*

    *posts update and runs before the rest of the Crafty Witches show up*

    Well, we *did* get SOME work done.... )

    Current Mood: creative

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