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Thursday, April 17th, 2008

    Time Event
    *let's self into Leaky*

    *hums to self while making a cuppa in the Lounge*

    *checks update tray and gathers relevant owl notices*

    *approves updated magical spiral staircase and steps up*

    *lets self into TLC Crafty Witch Craft Room/Office*

    *shrieks and spills coffee when attacked by hovering memos waiting for her*

    *bats memos away, banishing them to the desk*

    *mutters “Not funny”*

    *cleans up coffee and goes to desk to update*

    *checks messages*


      Don’t forget!  You’re supposed to mention all the places the Crafty Witches can be found.  We can’t take over the world if we don’t have minions….er… I mean, those interested should be able to find us online everywhere.

    Oh, and Princess?  If I find your tiara out again, I’m going to stick it where you …er…just put it away already.




      Make sure to mention questions/queries/corrections need to be emailed to … Okay?



    Hey Freak—

      Now that we are caught up on the backlog, I think we are ready for some new tutorials.  Maybe you should mention it in your updates for people to submit their instructions using the form and we could get some more new stuff up.   Especially if there are people who have not submitted before that maybe need some encouragement.  If we want to take over the world…you know.  Minions, think of the MINIONS….

    And by the way, don’t let Cat down from the wall.  Her work keeps trying to send her to a retreat or something that would keep her away from us.  She is stuck to the wall for her sanity.


    *looks over at wall to see Hardhat_Cat stuck to the wall in a manner reminiscent to her own times of being stuck to the wall*

    *waves*  Hullo, Cat!  How’s it going?

    Good morning, Freak—

      Could you please mention the upcoming Craft-Along?  May 1 is very soon (just two weeks from today, in fact).  Tell ‘em to keep it tuned to Leaky for word on the details.  Thanks!



    Okay, well then…

    *sorts through updates*

    Whatcha waitin' for? )

    Now for some memos and reminders:

    Coming SOON!!!  Leaky’s first Craft-Along!!!  Join up with your fellow crafters and have fun.  What is a Craft-Along?  We provide a list of supplies and instructions and everyone who wants works on the project at the same time.  This way we can share our progress, our problems, and our projects all together.  Stay tuned to Leaky and your Crafty Witches for news.  The Craft-Along starts May 1st!

    And don't forget that the Crafty Witches are always happy to accept your original Potter-themed patterns by email using the submission forms that can be found here.

    Also, if you see anything that needs correcting or wanna make a comment about it, please email us so we can do what the Crafty Witches do with it.

    Looking for all the places that the Crafty Witches are trying to take over the world?  You can find us at Leaky, HarryPotterCrafts, LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, GreatestJournal, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ravelry, Bebo, and Gaia Online.


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